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Against the Sun

(2014) Tom Felton, Garret Dillahunt, Jake Abel. A true story out of World War II of three U.S. Navy airmen who have crash landed in the South Pacific and must find a way to survive the most impossible of odds. A WWII pilot, bombardier, and radioman find themselves adrift on a lifeboat without food or water after being forced to ditch their plane during a scouting mission. Formats: DVD. Extras: Behind the scenes look, "A Plane Takes Flight," "Starving at Sea," "Working on Water," "F/X: On Set and Off." "Blisters, Burns and Bites" "Dressing the Part." (Anchor Bay).

Blood Lust

(2016) Matt Silver, C. Thomas Howell. A depressed food critic struggling to move on after the murder of his wife is lured to an isolated island by his new online girlfriend, but as the other guests of the estate begin to disappear, he suspects that he or her monstrous sisters may have a gruesome menu planned for dinner. Formats: DVD. (Inception Media).


photo for Bob the Builder: Construction Heroes

Bob the Builder: Construction Heroes

(2016) Six new-to-DVD episodes. Kids can grab their tools and get ready for teamwork time with Bob the Builder and his trusty crew. Spring City is abuzz with new construction and Bob the Builder and his team are there for all the action -- from constructing the amazing new "Spring City Splash" water park to developing an exciting motocross course, Bob and his team prove that with a positive attitude and whole lot of laughter, there's nothing this talented builder and his team can't fix. Formats: DVD, Digital. Extras: "Welcome to Bob's World" sing-along music video, "Things Go Wrong" sing-along music video, "Site Works With Bob." (Universal).

The Brokenwood Mysteries, Series 2

(2015) In a seemingly quiet country town in New Zealand, Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd photo for The Brokenwood Mysteries, Series 2(Neill Rea) finds that murder can happen anywhere. After transferring from a big city to the small town of Brokenwood, Shepherd has settled into the relaxed rhythms of country life. His methodical young assistant, Detective Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland), has adapted to Shepherd's unconventional ways -- and even tolerates listening to country music in his 1971 "classic" car. Despite the growing accord between the mismatched pair, all is not well in Brokenwood, where passions simmering beneath the sleepy surface regularly erupt into gruesome crimes. In these four feature-length mysteries, Shepherd and Sims contend with a potential serial killer, a group of egocentric thespians, a family of territorial fishermen, and the mysterious death of Shepherd's favorite singer. Formats: Four-disc DVD, two-disc Blu-ray. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette. (Acorn Media).

The Choice

(2016) Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer, Maggie Grace Alexandra Daddario, Tom Welling, Tom Wilkinson. Travis and Gabby first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by life's most defining events. From novelist Nicholas Sparks, the author of "The Notebook" and "Dear John." Read more about "The Choice" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Deleted scenes, "Cinematic Choices: Making The Choice" featurette, "Choosing Home: Nicholas Sparks and North Carolina" featurette, "Nicholas Sparks with ..." featurette, "Molly & Moby: Choice Dogs," audio commentary with director Ross Katz and actor Benjamin Walker. (Lionsgate).
photo for The Club

The Club

(2015 -- Chile) Alfredo Castro, Alejandro Sieveking, Jamie Vadell, Alejandro Goic, Marcelo Alonso. A taut, blackly comic drama that revolves around a group of priests that are exiled to a small village to atone for the sins of their pasts. Their fragile stability is disrupted by the arrival of an emissary from the Vatican, who seeks to understand the effects of their isolation, along with a former victim of the priests' abuse. Both bring with them the outside world from which the men have long been removed, and the secrets they had thought were deeply buried. An insightful commentary on individual responsibility and organized religion, as well as an artfully relevant examination of what happens when those two combustible elements are combined. A Golden Globe nominee for Best Foreign Language Film and Chile's official selection for the 2016 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: An interview with director Pablo Larraín and a booklet of artwork and essays. (Music Box Films).

Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors

(2015 -- TV) Jennifer Nettles, Ricky Schroder, Gerald McRaney, Alyvia Alyn Lind. Based on the inspiring true story of Dolly Parton's remarkable upbringing in rural Tennessee. TV drama takes place inside the tight-knit Parton family as they struggle to overcome a devastating tragedy and discover the healing power of love, faith and a raggedy patchwork coat -- vividly described in the well-known song of the film's title -- that helped make Parton who she is today. Set in the Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains in 1955; Parton introduces the film and serves as narrator. Formats: DVD. Extras: "Coat of Many Colors: Bringing the Song to the Screen" featurette, deleted scenes. (Warner).

East Side Sushi

(2015) Diana Elizabeth Torres, Yutaka Takeuch. Single mom Juana can slice and dice anything with great speed and precision and. after working at a fruit-vending cart for years, she decides to take a job at a local Japanese restaurant. Intrigued by the food, she learns to make a multitude of sushi on her own and eventually attempts to become a sushi chef ... but she's the "wrong" race and gender. Against all odds, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, determined to not let anyone stop her from achieving her dream. Formats: DVD, Digital. Extras: "Behind the Sushi" making-of featurette, "Behind the Music" featurette, two deleted scenes. (Samuel Goldwyn Films/Sony).

Easy Rider

(1969) This is the definitive counterculture blockbuster. The down-and-dirty directorial debut of former clean-cut teen star Dennis Hopper, "Easy Rider" heralded the arrival of a new voice in film, one pitched angrily against the mainstream. After the film’s cross-country journey -- with its radical, New Wave–style editing, outsider-rock soundtrack, revelatory performance by a young Jack Nicholson and explosive ending -- the American road trip would never be the same. Restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised by director of photography Laszlo Kovacs, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Alternate 2.0 and 5.1 surround soundtracks, presented in DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Two audio commentaries, one from 2009 featuring actor-director-writer Dennis Hopper, and the other from 1995, featuring Hopper, actor-writer Peter Fonda, and production manager Paul Lewis; "Born to Be Wild" (1995) and “Easy Rider: Shaking the Cage" (1999), documentaries about the making and history of the film; television excerpts showing Hopper and Fonda at the Cannes Film Festival in 1969; interview from 2010 with BBS Productions co-founder Steve Blauner; theatrical trailers; an essay by film critic Matt Zoller Seitz. (The Criterion Collection).


(2015) Sarah Bolger. A couple's replacement babysitter turns out to be more than they bargained for when she subjects their kids to a series of twisted activities after the kids realize that their caretaker may not be who she claims to be. Soon it's up to big brother Jacob to protect his siblings from the increasingly nefarious intentions of a very disturbed woman whose weapon is trust, and whose target is innocence. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. (Dark Sky Films).
photo for The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave

(2016) Chloe Grace Moretz, Liev Schreiber, Nick Robinson, Alex Roe, Maika Monroe, Maggie Siff, Maria Bello, Ron Livingston. Four waves of increasingly deadly alien attacks have left most of Earth decimated. A young woman is on the run, desperately trying to save her younger brother before the 5th wave of attacks. Read more about "The 5th Wave" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, 4K Ultra HD, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Commentary with director J Blakeson and Chloe Grace Moretz, two featurettes: "Inside The 5th Wave" and "Sammy on the Set." Blu-ray adds gag reel, deleted scenes, three additional featurettes: "The 5th Wave Survival Guide," "Training Squad 53" and "Creating a New World." (Sony).

400 Days

(2016) Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Dane Cook, Ben Feldman, Tom Cavanagh, Grant Bowler. Sci-fi thriller centering on four astronauts who are sent on a simulated mission to a distant planet to test the psychological effects of deep space travel. Locked away for 400 days, the crew's mental state begins to deteriorate when they lose all communication with the outside world. Forced to exit the ship, they discover that this mission may not have been a simulation after all. Formats: DVD. (Universal).

The Haunting of Alice D

(2014) Juan Riedinger, Aaron Massey, Megan Hensley, Al Snow, Kane Hodder. In the late 1890s, Davenport House was a famously successful brothel, until a young prostitute, Alice, virtually imprisoned inside the walls, took murderous revenge on her captors and tragically ended her own life. More than a century later, the latest Davenport heir is hosting a decadent bash in the newly renovated mansion -- complete with drugs, prostitutes and just one rule: anything goes. But the legend of Alice's tormented ghost proves to be very real as the guests discover firsthand that vengeance never rests in peace.Formats: DVD, Digital. (RLJ Entertainment).
photo for Hostile Border

Hostile Border

(2015) Veronica Sixtos, Julio Cedillo, Roberto Urbina, Jorge A. Jimenez, Jesse Garcia. Raised in the U.S., Claudia is an undocumented immigrant living beyond her means in a twisted version of the American dream. When she's arrested by the FBI for credit card fraud, she's quickly deported to Mexico. Speaking no Spanish and lost in her foreign "homeland," she reluctantly takes refuge at her estranged father's cattle ranch. As she clashes with her unyielding father, her attempts to return home to the U.S. thrust her into a dangerous bond with a foreign smuggler, Ricky. Caught between her father's sermons, Ricky's promises, and the encroaching military, Claudia must navigate a tightrope of impossible choices. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Samuel Goldwyn/Sony).

Hyena Road

(2015) Rossif Sutherland, Paul Gross, Christine Horne. Inspired by true events, the war thriller follows troops stationed in Afghanistan who must protect the construction of a road through the heart of the Taliban. Formats: DVD. Extras: Four featurettes: "Going Down Hyena Road: Inspired by 1,000 Stories," "The Realism of Hyena Road: Military Advisors," "Special Effects," "Constructing the Sets." (Samuel Goldwyn Films/Sony).
photo for Independence Day -- 20th Anniversary Edition<

Independence Day -- 20th Anniversary Edition

(1976) The sci-fi epic that launched a new era in blockbuster filmmaking. Director Roland Emmerich, producer Dean Devlin and an all-star cast including Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman join forces to deliver the ultimate encounter between powerful aliens and the human race. When massive spaceships appear in Earth's skies and blast destructive beams of fire down on cities all over the planet, a determined band of survivors must unite for one last strike against the invaders before it's the end of mankind. The DVD features a newly restored theatrical cut while the two-disc Blu-ray set includes restored extended and original theatrical cuts. There's also an Attacker Edition with the Blu-ray discs packed inside a limited edition 3D Alien Ship with a collectible booklet. Released just in time for the June 24 theatrical debut of "Independence Day: Resurgence." Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Digital. Blu-ray extras: New 30-minute documentary "Independence Day: A Legacy Surging Forward." (Fox).
  • Pre-order here.
  • Joy

    (2015) The story of Joy Mangano, a self-made millionaire who created her own business empire. Mangano was a divorced mother with three children in the early 1990s when she invented the Miracle Mop and became an overnight success. Read more about "Joy" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Blu-ray extras: "Joy, Strength and Perseverance" featurette, Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell "Times Talk" with Maureen Dowd, photo gallery. (Fox). Pre-order "Joy" here.
    photo for Kingdom of Blood

    Kingdom of Blood

    (2015 -- Hong Kong) Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Chao Deng, Collin Cho. When an Emperor vanishes after an attempt on his life, the only warriors that can rescue him are the now-disbanded Divine Constabulary. Little do they realize that one of their own is holding the ruler hostage. Can they convince her to free the Emperor, rejoin the team, and battle a deadly conspiracy lurking within the palace walls? Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. Extras: Three featurettes: "Bye-Bye the Four," "Coldblooded & Emotionless" and "Confession of Love." (Lionsgate).

    The Last Ship

    (2015) Three-disc set with all 13 episodes of the TNT cable TV series based on William Brinkley's popular novel that chronicles a global catastrophe that nearly decimates the world's population. Because of its positioning, the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James avoided falling victim to the devastating tragedy. But now, Captain Tom Chandler (series star Eric Dane) and his crew must confront the reality of their new existence in a world where they may be among the few remaining survivors. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: "The Making of Season Two," "Inside the Episodes," "The Navy" featurette, "Season 1 Recap," "Vulture Team" exclusive look at the making of Season 2, character pieces on Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Rhona Mitra, John Pyper Ferguson, Bren Foster. (TNT/Turner Home Entertainment).
    photo for Ladybug & Cat Noir

    Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

    (2015-16) Seven episodes from the Nickelodeon TV series. Marinette and Adrien live what appears to be a normal life: going to school and dealing with friends, family and growing up. But when the evil Hawk Moth threatens their beloved city of Paris, they transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, using super powers gained with the help of their magical pets. Hawk Moth is using his evil energy to transform normal people into super villains, so Ladybug & Cat Noir need to use all their skills to defeat him. And if that wasn't enough for this super-powered pair to deal with, each of them also has a secret crush on the other ... though neither knows the other’s secret identity. Formats: DVD. Extras: Episode animatics, sing-alongs, cast and crew interviews. (Shout! Kids).

    Mojin: The Lost Legend

    (2015 -- China) Shu Qi Chen Kun, Angelababy, Huang Bo. Action/adventure fantasy thriller photo for Mojin: The Lost Legend follows three retired tomb raiders lured back to their original vocation by a mysterious, businesswoman/cult leader who wants them to find the ancient tomb of a Mongolian princess. They eventually learn that what she really wants is to possess a famed artifact known as the Equinox Flower that allegedly has the power to raise the dead. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Digital. Extras: Making-of featurette, behind-the-scenes interviews. (Well Go USA).


    (2015) Director: Atom Egoyan. Stars: Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, Bruno Ganz, Jurgen Prochnow, Heinz Lieven, Henry Czerny. Suspense-filled story of Zev (Plummer), an Auschwitz survivor who discovers that the Nazi guard who murdered his family some 70 years ago is living in America under an assumed identity. With the aid of a friend (Landau), Zev sets out on a gripping cross-country journey that tests both his will and his fading memory as it brings him closer to the retribution he seeks. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Audio commentary with director Atom Egoyan, producer Robert Lantos and writer Benjamin August; "Performances to Remember" featurette, "A Tapestry of Evil: Remembering the Past" featurette. (Lionsgate).

    A Royal Night Out

    (2015) Saerah Gadon, Bel Powley, Rupert Everett, Emily Watson, Jack Reynor. Inspired by true events. Romantic comedy recounts the glorious celebration of the end of World War II in Europe -- and the singular evening when Princess Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and Princess Margaret (Bel Powley) leave the confines of Buckingham Palace to join the festivities; the young royals venture out into London for a whirlwind adventure filled with excitement, danger and the flutters of first love. Formats: DVD, Digital. Extras: "The Making of A Royal Night Out." (Fox).

    Scherzo Diabolico

    (2015) Francisco Barreiro, Daniela Solo Vell. Tired of his nagging wife and his dull existence as an underappreciated employee, seemingly mild-mannered Aram snaps after he is passed over for a well-deserved promotion. Suddenly and menacingly asserting his long-reserved power, he devises a plan to kidnap a schoolgirl and keep her tied up in an abandoned warehouse in order to finally get what he feels he is owed. But what seems like the perfect plan soon unravels into his worst nightmare in this twisted thriller. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Dark Sky Films).
    photo for Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

    Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

    (2015) Dominique Swain, Traci Lords, Cindy Lucas, Christine Nguyen, Amy Holt. High-camp, creature-feature from exploitation master Jim Wynorski. When a fracking mishap accidentally rips apart the earth's crust, the resulting hole opens up a gaping underground waterway leading to a vast and mysterious subterranean ocean somewhere deep below. Instantly, giant prehistoric sharks begin wending their way upward toward a murky bog in the heart of the Arkansas bayou. Unfortunately for a group of female prisoners on a work detail in the swamp, the deadly sharks attack without warning – pinning a hapless group of potential victims in a small deserted cabin in the heart of the wetlands. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital. Extras: Commentary with director Jim Wynorski and actresses Cindy Lucas and Amy Holt. (Scream Factory).

    Sesame Street: Sing It, Elmo!

    (2016) Two hours of music with the red furry friend. Elmo and Rosita have planned a play date, but they keep missing each other, so they search the neighborhood for each other, singing along the way. Through songs, kids can appreciate music, learn about friendship, and even practice math skills such as number recognition and counting. Preschoolers will love singing and dancing along with Elmo, Zoe, Grover and Rosita and their new band, "The Cute and Furry Four." Formats: DVD: $14.98. Extras: "Elmo's Got the Moves!" music video. (Warner).

    Sniper: Special Ops

    (2015) Steven Seagal, Rob Van Dam, Tim Abell, Dale Dye. When the mission to rescue a U.S. Congressman who has been kidnapped by the Taliban goes sideways, Army Sniper Jake Chandler (Seagal) and his partner are left behind. Now on their own, they must survive in enemy territory and wait for their unit to come back for them. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). (Lionsgate).

    May 6

    Janis: Little Girl Blue

    (2015) Musician Cat Power narrates this documentary on Janis Joplin's evolution into a star from letters that Joplin wrote over the years to her friends, family, and collaborators. Directed and written by Academy Award-nominated documentarian Amy Berg ("Deliver Us From Evil," "West of Memphis"). The film features musicians Pink, Kris Kristofferson, Melissa Etheridge, Juliette Lewis, and Bob Weir, TV presenter Dick Cavett, producer Clive Davis, counterculture filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker, and more. Joplin is one of the most revered singers of all time, a tragic and misunderstood figure who thrilled millions of listeners and blazed new creative trails before her untimely death in 1970 at age 27. "Janis: Little Girl Blue" examines her story in-depth for the first time on film, presenting an insightful look at this complicated, driven, often beleaguered artist with rare personal and performance footage and interviews with friends and family. The Joplin family provided unfettered access to their vaults for the first time, through which Berg unearthed previously unreleased letters, photos, audio and footage of Joplin. The singer's own words tell much of her story through a series of letters she wrote to her parents over the years, never before seen by the public (read by Cat Power). Joplin was a powerhouse when she sang, and her surprising rise and sudden demise changed music forever. Formats: DVD. Extras: An a capella performance from Janis's first band, Big Brother and the Holding Company; footage from Janis's posthumous Walk of Fame ceremony; a fascinating look at Janis's early venues, The Avalon and the Fillmore; a rare interview with Chan Marshall aka Cat Power. (FilmRise/MVD Entertainment Group).

    May 10

    Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti

    (2016) Jeri Ryan, Ella Ballentine, John Paul Ruttan, Ashley Dowds. Dove-family approved film about two kids and their dog who must use all their skills to survive in the African bush photo for Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs after a plane crash. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Anchor Bay).

    Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs

    (2015) In the sixth installment of the Alpha & Omega franchise, Kate, Humphrey, and their three pups are forced to relocate their den, where they discover Amy, a friendly raptor that magically came to life after being uncovered during a big dig. The pups and their forest friends show Amy the wonders of their new world, and must work together and try to stop the diggers from unearthing the dangerous T-Rex before it is too late. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. (Lionsgate).

    Beauty & the Beast: Third Season

    (2015) Four-disc set with all 13 episodes of the last season. As Season Three begins, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) are able to focus on their love, finally free from Muirfield, manhunts and beasts. Formats: DVD. Extras:photo for Beauty & the Beast: Third Season "Season in Review: The Beast Strikes Again," "A Day in the Life of the Writers' Room," deleted scenes, gag reel. (CBS/Paramount).

    Bob Hope: Entertaining the Troops!

    The legendary Bob Hope, one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th century, was best known for his Christmas specials. Traveling with special guests, he visited U.S. troops in dozens of locations around the world, performing on battleships and battlefields -- and sometimes even accompanied by the sound of fighter jets overhead. His missions were often dangerous, his schedule brutal, yet for thousands of servicemen and women far from home there was no one like Hope for the holidays. This single disc brings together three TV Christmas Specials: a rare, never-before-released 1951 special from The Korean War Era, along with shows from 1970 and 1971 -- two of the most-watched shows in TV history. The specials include Bob's unforgettable monologues, hilarious comedy sketches, classic music performances, and guests Neil Armstrong, Johnny Bench, President photo for Bob Hope: Entertaining the Troops! Lyndon Johnson, Ursula Andress, Connie Stevens, Lola Falana and many more. Chesterfield Sound Off Time (Airdate: December 23, 1951): This rare, never-before-released special was filmed during the Korean War aboard the aircraft carrier the USS Boxer. Highlights include Hope and Connie Moore crooning "I Wanna Go Home (With You)", the Nicholas Brothers performing their acrobatic style of tap dancing, and Hope, in an extended comedy sketch, taking command of the ship and sailing it on a secret mission. The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the World with the USO (Original Airdate: January 15, 1970): Hope and company embark on another Christmas tour to entertain the troops, starting with a send-off from the White House. The 16-day tour then continues through Germany, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Guam, and on-board the USS Ranger and the USS Sanctuary. The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the Globe with the USO (Original Airdate: January 14, 1971): Hope visits U.S. military bases to entertain the troops and bring them Christmas cheer, starting with rehearsals at West Point and with stops in England, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Alaska, and to the USS John F. Kennedy in the Mediterranean, and the USS Sanctuary in the South China Sea. Formats: DVD. (Time Life).

    The Boy

    (2016) Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell, Jim Norton, Diana Hardcastle. An American nanny is shocked that her new English family's boy is actually a life-sized doll. Read more about "The Boy" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). (Universal).

    Bubble Guppies: Fun on the Farm

    (2016) New collection explores the world of farming as the Bubble Guppies meet new animal friends like Bubble Kitty and Spring Chicken, and join in exciting farm events like the Cowgirl Parade. In the five featured episodes, the Bubble Guppies meet new friends that oink, moo and buzz, having tons of farming fun along the way. Formats: DVD. (Nickelodeon/Paramount).

    Creative Control

    (2015) Benjamin Dickinson, Nora Zehetner, Dan Gill, Alexia Rasmussen, Reggie Watts, Gavin McInnes, Jake Lodwick. In a near-future Brooklyn, an advertising executive working on a campaign for augmented reality glasses uses the glasses to create a life-like avatar of his best friend's beautiful girlfriend -- whom he's obsessed with -- but is not prepared for what happens when the line between reality and virtual reality begins to blur. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Deleted scenes, Reggie Watts music video, Phalinex commercial, Augmenta commercial. (Sony).

    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel Goes to the Doctor

    (2016) Features nine stories from the hit PBS KIDS series. Preschoolers can climb aboard Trolley and join Daniel Tiger as he goes for a checkup, gets a shot, and helps Mom Tiger when she's not feeling well. Formats: DVD: $12.99. (PBS Distribution).
    photo for Deadpool


    (2016) Ryan Reynolds, Karan Soni, Ed Skrein, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Gina Carano, Michael Benyaer, Stefan Kapicic, Brianna Hildebrand.. Wade Wilson (Reynolds), a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary, has his world come crashing down when evil scientist Ajax (Ed Skrein) transforms him into Deadpool. The rogue experiment leaves Deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. Read more about "Deadpool" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, 4K Ultra-HD/Blu-ray, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Blu-ray extras: Deleted and extended scenes; commentary with Ryan Reynolds and writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese; gag reel; galleries of conceptual art, storyboards, costumes, and more; "From Comics to Screen to Screen"; commentary with director Tim Miller and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld; "Deadpool's Fun Sack." (Fox).

    I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman

    (2015) Documentary explores some of the Belgian filmmaker's 40 plus films, and charts the sites of her peregrinations from Brussels to Tel Aviv, from Paris to New York. An photo for I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman experimental filmmaker and nomad, Chantal Akerman shared with director Marianne Lambert her cinematic trajectory, one that never ceased to interrogate the meaning of her existence. And with her editor and long-time collaborator, Claire Atherton, she examines the origins of her film language and aesthetic stance. The documentary includes excerpts from many films made throughout Akerman's career, including "Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai Du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles" (1975), "News from Home" (1976), "The Rendez-vous of Anna and Je, Tu, Il Elle" (1974), "South" (1998), "From the East" (1993), "From the Other Side" (2002), "Down There" (2006), and what would be her last film, "No Home Movie" (2015). Formats: DVD. (Icarus Films).

    I Know a Woman Like That

    (2016) Having reached the age when many people are expected to retire or simply slow down, the remarkable women in this documentary are proof that being a senior citizen is no reason to stop living a full, energetic life. Directed by Emmy Award-winner Elaine Madsen and executive produced by Oscar-nominee Virginia Madsen, this critically acclaimed documentary provides a portrait of women between the ages of 64 and 94 and the extraordinary lives they lead at a time when the world expects women of this generation to be reclining in rocking chairs. Director Elaine Madsen (the mother of actress Virginia Madsen and "Reservoir Dogs" actor Michael Madsen) sits down with more than a dozen women, including Eartha Kitt, Lauren Hutton, Gloria Steinem and Rita Moreno, to reflect on the many challenges they faced while pursuing their dreams. Many of the interviewees, including a competitive water skier in her 90s, writers, artists and businesswomen, proudly proclaim life to be better now than when they were younger. Formats: DVD. (Virgil Films).

    In a Lonely Place

    (1950) When a gifted but washed-up screenwriter with a hair-trigger temper -- Humphrey Bogart, in a revelatory, vulnerable performance -- becomes the prime suspect in a brutal Tinseltown murder, the only person who can supply an alibi for him is a seductive neighbor (Gloria Grahame) with her own troubled past. The emotionally charged "In a Lonely Place," freely adapted from a Dorothy B. Hughes thriller, is a brilliant, turbulent mix of suspenseful noir and devastating melodrama, fueled by powerhouse performances. An uncompromising tale of two people desperate to love yet struggling with their demons and each other, this is one of the greatest films of the 1950s, and a benchmark in the career of the classic Hollywood auteur Nicholas Ray. New 2K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc.


    New audio commentary featuring film scholar Dana Polan; "I’m a Stranger Here Myself," a 1975 documentary about director Nicholas Ray, slightly condensed for this release; new interview with biographer Vincent Curcio about actor Gloria Grahame; piece from 2002 featuring filmmaker Curtis Hanson; radio adaptation from 1948 of the original Dorothy B. Hughes novel, broadcast on the program "Suspense"; trailer; an essay by critic Imogen Sara Smith. (The Criterion Collection).

    The Jim Gaffigan Show Season One

    (2015) Two-disc set with 11 episodes. Inspired by Gaffigan's real life, this TV Land series explores one man's struggle to find balance between fatherhood, stand-up comedy and an insatiable appetite. Includes guest appearances by Alec Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, Janeane Garofalo, Jimmy Fallon and others. Formats: DVD. (Paramount).
    photo for LEGO Scooby-Doo!: Haunted Hollywood

    LEGO Scooby-Doo!: Haunted Hollywood

    (2016) The Scooby-Doo! characters come to life in LEGO form in this brand new animated film in which the gang heads to the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood, where they take a tour of the legendary Brickton Studios, a historic Hollywood movie studio. that has fallen onto hard times. Neglected and in disrepair, Brickton, which has lost its luster, now faces threats of closure and an impending sale to greedy developers who want to tear it down. To top it off, the Mystery Inc. gang discovers that the studio's backlot is haunted by the ghost of Boris Karnak, a famous, oldtime movie actor who has been making ghostly appearances in the roles he once made famous – including the Headless Horseman, the Mummy and the Zombie. The ghostly sightings have frightened away the cast and crew of Brickton's latest film production, which was the studio's final effort in trying to save the company from going under. Will it be a wrap for Brickton or will Scooby and the gang find a way to help the studio achieve box-office success? Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, Digital. Extras: Three bonus episodes: "LEGO Scooby-Doo!: Knight Time Terror," "Headless Horseman of Halloween" and "Creepy Kreeper ('Jeepers, It's the Creeper'). (Warner).
    photo for Manson's Lost Girls

    Manson's Lost Girls

    (2015 -- TV) Jeff Ward, MacKenzie Mauzy, Eden Brolin, Greer Grammer. Lifetime original movie based on the chilling crimes of Charles Manson, one of the most infamous criminals of the 20th century. Told through the eyes of real Manson girl Linda Kasabian, this biodrama takes viewers on a month-long journey with the women who were drawn to the sisterhood and communal lifestyle founded by the charismatic Manson. As Manson's dark and twisted preoccupations come to the fore, free love turned into burglary and, ultimately, mass murder. Formats: DVD, Digital. (Lionsgate).


    (2015 -- Turkey) Gunes Sensoy, Nihal G. Koldas, Doga Zeynep Doguslu. A bracing and timely story about vibrant young women living in a world of sexual repression. It's the last day of school in a coastal village in modern-day Turkey, and five orphaned sisters celebrate their summer freedom by innocently frolicking in the surf with some boys. But a stern neighbor reports their supposedly lewd behavior to their grandmother. Fearful that the sisters' marriage chances have been harmed, the grandmother holds them as virtual prisoners in their home and brings in a parade of potential husbands. It falls to the youngest sister, 13-year-old Lale, to engineer the girls' escape from their increasingly oppressive new existence. Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo. Extras: "A Drop of Water," a short film by director Deniz Gamze Erguven; interview with the cast; collectible booklets; more. (Cohen Media Group).
    photo for Newhart: Season Five

    Newhart: Season Five

    (1986-87) Three-disc set with all 24 episodes. Dick and his lovely, forever sweater-clad wife Joanna (Mary Frann) are joined as always by their off-kilter crew of friends and colleagues: hilarious handyman George (Tom Poston), yuppie-in-training Michael (Peter Scolari), spoiled and sassy Stephanie (Julia Duffy) and that wacky woodsman Larry (William Sanderson), not to mention his brother Darryl (Tony Papenfuss)... and his other brother Darryl (John Voldstad). Formats: DVD. (Shout! Factory).


    (2015) Dir.: Alejandro Amenába; Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson, David Thewlis, Dale Dickey, Devon Bostick. A detective and a psychoanalyst uncover evidence of a satanic cult while investigating the rape of a young woman. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital. (Dimension Films/Anchor Bay).

    Scream: The TV Series Season 1

    (2015) Ten episodes of MTV's popular teen slasher series adapted from the late Wes Craven's iconic film "Scream." What starts as a YouTube video going viral soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town's troubled past. Formats: DVD. Extras: Never-before-seen footage, gag reel, deleted scenes, promotional gallery. (Anchor Bay).
    photo for Sheep Skin

    Sheep Skin

    (2013) Jamie Lyn Bagley, Michael Schantz, Bryan Manley Davis. A gritty and realistic take on the werewolf sub-genre. The film centers around a group of friends in a punk rock band who kidnap a business man because they believe he's actually a werewolf hiding in plain sight. The group takes him to a nearby warehouse, where they have one night to prove that their suspicions are true. As the night goes on, tensions mount and the group begins to question their own motives. Are they right about the man's true identity, or have they made a terrible and deadly mistake? Includes B&W and color versions of the film. Formats: DVD. Extras: Behind the scenes featurette, deleted scenes, audio commentary, trailers, stills gallery, werewolf reference guide, original short film. (Unearthed Films/MVD Entertainment).
    photo for Synchronicity


    (2015) Chad McKnight, Brianne Davis, Michael Ironside. After brilliant physicist Jim Beale (McKnight) invents the world's first time machine, he quickly finds himself fighting to prevent a takeover from his largest benefactor, Klaus Meisner (Ironside). To keep the rights to his groundbreaking invention, he must journey back in time himself to prove that it works. On his travels he meets a beautiful, mysterious woman, Abby (Davis), yet he believes she may be working with Klaus to gain control of his life's work. What he discovers in the past may not only destroy his reality but also his future. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Digital. Extras: Commentary with writer-director Jacob Gentry; interviews with actor Chad McKnight, actress Brianne Davis and writer-director Jacob Gentry; "Synchronicity" music video: "Time Travel"; theatrical trailer. (Magnolia Home Entertainment/Magnet Label)


    (1986) Orly Benyar, Duane Jones, Jackie James. With a unique spin on the vampire genre, full of camp, heavy synth music and thought-provoking horror, "Vampires" is the perfect timestamp of '80s schlock cinema. Eager young student Ione is awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious art school at the Abadon estate in New England an estate which happens to have a distant history of working with the criminally insane. Soon after arriving on campus, she begins to realize something is amiss with the student body, and when some classmates go missing, she decides to investigate. During her investigation. she encounters Dr. Charles Harmon, who tells her about Madeline Abadon and her quest to suck the youthful energy from students in order to gain immortality. Originally filmed as the second part of the 1989 cult anthology classic "Fright House," this would be the last film of Len Anthony ("Murderous Intent," "Document of the Dead"). Principal cinematographer Ernest Dickerson went on to shoot Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" and direct several episodes of AMC's iconic horror series "The Walking Dead." Formats: DVD. (Film Chest Media Group).

    Where to Invade Next

    (2015) An expansive, rib-tickling, and subversive comedy in which Michael Moore, playing the role of "invader," visits a host of nations to learn how the U.S. could improve its own prospects. The creator of "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Bowling for Columbine" is back with this hilarious and eye-opening call to arms. Turns out the solutions to America's most entrenched problems already existed in the world -- they're just waiting to be co-opted. Read more about "Where to Invade Next" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). (Anchor Bay Entertainment).
    photo for You'll Like My Mother BLU-RAY DEBUT You'll Like My Mother BLU-RAY DEBUT (1972) Patty Duke, Richard Thomas, Rosemary Murphy, Sian Barbara Allen. When her husband is killed in Vietnam, Francesca Kinsolving (Duke) finds herself alone ... and pregnant. She makes her way to Minnesota in order to meet her late husband's mother, certain that she'll be greeted with open arms. But Francesca soon discovers that there may be more to the Kinsolving family than she ever imagined ... and that this simple family reunion is only the beginning of a waking nightmare. Extras: Interview with actors Richard Thomas and Sian Barbara Allen, photo gallery, original theatrical trailer. (Scream Factory).

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    May 17

    Angie Tribeca: The Complete First Season

    (2016) Two-disc set with all 10 episodes from the first season of the offbeat police procedural comedy that follows a squad of committed LAPD detectives who comprise the RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes Unit). Together, they investigate some of LA’s most intriguing cases, which range from the murder of a ventriloquist to a rash of baker suicides. The cable TV series -- Already renewed for a second season -- stars Rashida Jones as lone-wolf detective Angie Tribeca Season One included guest appearances by Lisa Kudrow, Bill Murray and many other stars. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: "Inside the Episodes," "Inside Look at Angie Tribeca," "Andree Vermeulen," "Andree's Dilemma," "Meet Jagger," production design featurette, stunts featurette. (TBS/Turner Home Entertainment).
    photo for Carol + 2: The Original Queens of Comedy

    Carol + 2: The Original Queens of Comedy

    Carol Burnett was born ready for prime time, but the last major step before "The Carol Burnett Show" began its incredible run in 1967 occurred a year earlier. CBS promised Burnett her own special, provided she could deliver a major star for the show. She phoned Lucille Ball and the rest is history. "Carol + 2" aired in 1966, uniting two zany redheads with the always unpredictable Broadway dynamo Zero Mostel for an hour of comedy and song. Also included is the 1972 CBS television movie version of "Once Upon a Mattress," in which Carol reprises her 1959 Tony-nominated Broadway debut role as Princess Winnifred the Woebegone. Joining her are Ken Berry, Bernadette Peters and Jack Gilford. And, finally, the DVD includes Burnett on the origins of the "Charwoman," in which she introduces the first appearance of the Charwoman character in the television special "Carol & Company" (original air date February 24, 1963). Formats: DVD: $12.95. (Time Life).
    photo for Cop Rock: The Complete Series

    Cop Rock: The Complete Series

    (1990) Part singing. Part dancing. All COP. Steven Bochco ("Hill Street Blues," "NYPD Blue") produced this short-lived bold take on the police procedural genre, which lasted 11 episodes. Combining the gritty, character-driven drama Bochco fans expected with flourishes from musical theatre (including songs composed by Grammy-, Emmy-, and Oscar-winner Randy Newman), "Cop Rock" followed the lives of detectives and officers who didn't just walk the beat ... but had the moves to keep a beat as well. Originally airing on ABC in 1990, the series centered on the LAPD and featured an ensemble cast that mixed musical numbers and choreography throughout storylines. Formats: DVD. Extras: New interviews with Steven Bochco, star Anne Bobby, others. (Shout! Factory).

    Dirty Grandpa Unrated

    (2016) Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza, Zoey Deutch, Julianne Hough, Jason Mantzoukas, Danny Glover, Dermot Mulroney. Read more photo for The Facts of Life: The Final Seasonabout "Dirty Grandpa" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: "The Filthy Truth: The Making of Dirty Grandpa" featurette, "Daytona Heat" featurette, "Filthy Filmmakers Who Have No Shame" audio commentary. Blu-ray adds "Lessons in Seduction" featurette, "I Got Nothin' to Hide: A Look at Daytona's Most Vibrant Drug Dealer" (Lionsgate).

    The Facts of Life: The Final Season

    (1987-88) Three-disc set with all 24 episodes. Blair (Lisa Whelchel), Natalie (Mindy Cohn), Tootie (Kim Fields) and Jo (Nancy McKeon) launch into adulthood in this ninth and final season of the long-running spin-off from "Diff'rent Strokes." The "girls" from Eastland are girls no longer. Facing the challenges of young adulthood -- including marriage, work, and their very different future goals -- it seems the four ladies are destined to go their separate ways and leave their longtime home in Peekskill. But when Eastland School for Girls is threatened with closure, Blair takes steps to save the place where their unshakeable friendship all started. Formats: DVD. (Shout! Factory).

    Fidelio: Alice's Odyssey

    photo for Fidelio: Alice's Odyssey(2015 -- France) Arianne Labed, Melvil Poupaud, Anders Danielsen Lie. Thirty-year-old Alice is a sailor about to embark on a journey she will not soon forget. Leaving her fiancé Félix ashore, she joins the crew of an old cargo ship, the Fidelio, as a mechanic. Once on board, Alice discovers that she is replacing a man who has just died and that Gaël, the first great love of her life, is the ship's captain. Lulled by life aboard the ship and entranced by the limitless horizon of the wide open ocean, Alice succumbs to desire and begins an affair with Gaël. But she soon faces a difficult choice about what will make her truly happy: an unfettered life at sea, or grounded happiness at home? Formats: DVD. (First Run Features).

    The Films of Maurice Pialat

    A collection of films by director Maurice Pialat, the iconoclastic photo for The Films of Maurice PialatFrench auteur often called "the French Cassavetes," for the first time in HD. Volume One includes the family drama "The Mouth Agape" with Nathalie Baye, the slice-of-life film about teenagers in suburban France "Graduate First," and "Loulou," a tale of tortured love of which Andrew Sarris wrote "A masterpiece of subtlety and eroticism. Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert just happen to be the sexiest couple in the history of the cinema." Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Four hours of bonus material, including the 2007 documentary "Maurice Pialat: Love Exists", narrated by Gérard Depardieu. (Cohen Film Collection).

    Hired to Kill

    (1990) Starring legendary actors Oliver Reed and George Kennedy, this entertaining action flick features guns, girls and a plethora of budget-busting explosions for good measure. Action movie staple Brian Thompson (whose brief turn in 1984's "The Terminator" led to a starring role in the 1986 Sylvester Stallone vehicle "Cobra") stars as Frank Ryan, a mercenary sent to track down a rebel leader in hostile territory. Posing as a fashion designer, he's aided by a posse of beautiful -- but deadly -- women. While the photo for Hired To Kill opportunity to see Oliver Reed chewing up the scenery behind an elaborate moustache is worth the price of admission alone, "Hired to Kill" is also noteworthy as being co-directed by Nico Mastorakis, the man behind such cult favorites as "Island of Death" and "The Zero Boys." Brand new 4K restoration of the film, approved by writer-director Nico Mastorakis. Original Stereo 2.0 and 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio options. Formats: Blu-ray/DVD Combo. Extras: New audio commentary with editor Barry Zetlin; "Hired to Direct" new interview with director Nico Mastorakis on the making of "Hired to Kill"; "Undercover Mercenary" new interview with star Brian Thompson; original theatrical trailer; stills gallery; original screenplay, entitled "Freedom or Death"; reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys; fully-illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic James Oliver. (Arrow Video/MVD Entertainment).

    I Saw What You Did BLU-RAY DEBUT

    (1965) Joan Crawford, John Ireland, Leif Erickson, Sara Lane, Andi Garrett. Teenagers Libby and Kit have found a new way to entertain themselves: by calling up random strangers and tormenting them with a warning: “I saw what you did, and I know who you are.” But when a man who has recently murdered his wife becomes their latest victim, the tables are quickly turned ... and this wrong number may mean that their number is up. Directed by the great William Castle. Extras: "Special World Premiere Announcement" featuring William Castle, original theatrical trailer, photo gallery. (Scream Factory).
    photo for Kindergarten Cop 2

    Kindergarten Cop 2

    (2016) Dolph Lundgren, Fiona Vroom, Aleks Paunovic, Sarah Strange, Bill Bellamy, Darla Taylor. Assigned to recover sensitive stolen data, a gruff FBI agent goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher, but the school's liberal, politically correct environment is more than he bargained for. Formats: DVD, VOD, Digital. Extras: Deleted scenes, gag reel, "Kindergarten Cop 2: Undercover." (Universal).

    Mr. Selfridge: The Final Season

    (2016) Three-disc set with all 10 episodes. The clock nears closing time as mercantile genius Harry Selfridge faces creditors, swindlers, mob bosses, irate relatives, and spurned mistresses in the farewell season once again starring three-time Emmy winner Jeremy Piven as the man who revolutionized the world's retail experience. Making new trouble for Harry this season are Jimmy Dillon (Sacha Dhawan), an Anglo-Indian entrepreneur specializing in too-good-to-pass-up business deals; press magnate Lord Wynnstay (Robert Pugh), who exploits Harry's shocking private life to sell newspapers; and the blonde bombshells of their era, Dolly sisters Rosie and Jennie (Emma Hamilton, Zoe Richards), American twin dancers who appeal to Harry's wicked streak. "Mr. Selfridge" airs on MASTERPIECE March 27--May 22. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. (PBS Distribution).

    The Naked Island

    (1960) Director Kaneto Shindo’s documentary-like, dialogue-free portrayal of daily struggle is a work of stunning visual beauty and invention. The international breakthrough for one of Japan’s most innovative filmmakers -- who went on to make such other marvelous movies as "Onibaba" and "Kuroneko" -- "The Naked Island" follows a family whose home is on a tiny, remote island off the coast of Japan. They must row a great distance to another shore, collect water from a well in buckets, and row back to their island -- a nearly backbreaking task essential for the survival of these people and their land. Featuring a phenomenal modernist score by Hikaru Hayashi, this is a truly hypnotic experience, with a rhythm unlike that of any other film. New, high-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray.Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Video introduction by director Kaneto Shindo, recorded for a 2011 retrospective of his work; audio commentary recorded in 2000, featuring Shindo and composer Hikaru Hayashi; new appreciation of the film by actor Benicio Del Toro; new interview with film scholar Akira Mizuta Lippit; trailer; an essay by film scholar Haden Guest (The Criterion Collection).
    photo for A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    (2015) Benicio Del Toro, Tim Robbins, Olga Kurylenko, Mélanie Thierry, Fedja Stukan. It's just another day on the job for a band of badass combat zone rescue workers as they defy death and confront war's aftermath -- all to make innocent victims' lives bearable. The setting is 1995, somewhere in the Balkans. Over the course of 24 breathless hours, aid worker Mambrú (Del Toro) leads his team of humanitarians, including a hard-bitten, wisecracking veteran known as B (Tim Robbins) and new recruit Sophie (Mélanie Thierry), as they deal with a range of crises, both large and small. But their central mission is simply to find a good length of rope. They need it to haul a decaying corpse out a well before the water becomes contaminated, which would be devastating to the local population already reeling from military attack. But their quest for rope brings them up against layers of bureaucratic red tape, odd and ingrained local practices, dead cows blocking their way and the reappearance of Mambrú's old flame (Olga Kurylenko). Through it all, the group handles the less-than-glamorous realities of life in a combat zone the only way they know how: with selfless bravery and a healthy dose of irreverent humor. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. (IFC Films).


    (2015) Kate Beahan, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Mather Zickel. From the creators of the popular "V/H/S" trilogy, the horror anthology follows the fates of a group of weary travelers -- two men on the run from their past, a band on their way to the next gig, a man struggling to get home, a brother in search of his long-lost sister and a family on vacation – who are forced to confront their worst fears and darkest secrets in a series of interwoven tales of terror and remorse on a desolate stretch of desert highway. Formats: DVD. Extras: Commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, photo gallery. (Sony).
    photo for Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art

    Troublemakers: The Story Of Land Art

    (2015) This documentary unearths the birth of land art in the late 1960s and early 1970s when a cadre of renegade artists sought to transcend the limitations of painting and sculpture by producing earthworks on a monumental scale in the desolate desert landscape of the American southwest. Today these works, which include Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, Michael Heizer's Double Negative, and Walter De Maria's Lightning Field, continue to astound and amaze us for their breathtaking audacity. Formats: DVD. Extras: Troublemakers director James Crump and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles director Philippe Vergne engage in discussion at the historic Theatre at Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A. (First Run Features).

    The Witch

    (2016) Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Lucas Dawson, Ellie Grainger. A devoutly Christian family in 1630s New England, struggles to survive living along the edge of a vast wilderness. When one of their five children goes missing and their life-sustaining crops fail, they fall victim to paranoia and fear as they begin to turn on one another. Read more about "The Witch" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Audio commentary with director Robert Eggers, "The Witch: A Primal Folklore" featurette, "Salem Panel Q&A," design gallery. (Lionsgate).

    Xena: Warrior Princess - Season Six

    (2000-01) Five-disc set with 22 epiosdes. Lucy Lawless returns one last time to her iconic role in this pop-culture phenomenon. With the ever-loyal Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) by her side, Xena (Lawless) has confronted immortals, armies and even motherhood with an unwavering warrior's composure. But as she sets out to kill the beast Grinhilda and recover the Rheingold ring, Xena will face one of her most formidable obstacles ever: the dark secrets of her past. Formats: DVD. (Universal).

    Xena: Warrior Princess - The Complete Series

    (1995-2001) Thirty-disc set, $129.98. She has outwitted gods, defeated massive armies and found redemption through conquering insurmountable tasks. Lucy Lawless is unforgettable as the mighty warrior princess in the cult TV favorite. For the first time, all six seasons are now available together, uninterrupted and back-to-back for adventure-seekers everywhere. Join Lucy Lawless as she and her faithful friend, Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), confront immortals, villains and monsters alike in the ultimate quest to protect the innocent and find redemption for Xena's wicked past. Formats: DVD. (Universal).

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    May 24

    Bad Influence BLU-RAY DEBUT

    (1990) Dir.: Curtis Hanson; James Spader, Rob Lowe, Lisa Zane, Marcia Cross. Quiet, unassuming financial analyst Michael Boll (Spader) lives a successful-yet-timid life, lacking in risks or rewards. When he crosses paths with the enigmatic Alex (Lowe), the two form a friendship based on ever-increasingly bold behavior. When Michael's new pal pushes things too far, however, Michael wants out… but the mysterious Alex has no desire to set him free from the seductively dangerous lifestyle he's dragged him into. Extras: "Under the Influence With David Koepp" interview with writer David Koepp, theatrical trailer. (Shout! Factory).


    (2015) John McGlothlin, Ford D'Aprix, Juliana Harkavy, Todd Litzinger. John Whitmore (McGlothlin) wakes one morning to find himself in the midst of a real-life nightmare. His wife, Anne (Juliana Harkavy), disappeared from their bed during the night and a recorded ransom message now remains in her place. Whitmore is instructed to contact a man named David (Ford D'Aprix), who will escort John and his life savings to a cabin deep within the woods, where he will be reunited with his wife. Naturally, things don't go as expected. Formats: DVD. (Monarch Home Entertainment).
    photo for Eleventh Hour

    Eleventh Hour

    (2006) Patrick Stewart brings his commanding presence to the role of Ian Hood, scientific troubleshooter for the British government. A brilliant professor with a taste for danger, Hood is the ideal expert-on-call in a crisis. Backed by his tough-minded bodyguard, Rachel Young (Ashley Jensen), he takes on rogue cloners, ruthless polluters, resurgent viruses, and other menaces. Made for British television. Two-disc set with four episodes. Formats: DVD, VOD. (Acorn Media).

    The Finest Hours

    (2016) Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Eric Bana, Holliday Grainger, Ben Foster, John Ortiz. The Coast Guard makes a daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a storm in 1952. Read more about "The Finest Hours" in the May Calendar. Extras: "Brotherhood," in which cast members reflect on the bonds they forged during the shoot; "The Finest Inspiration: The U.S. Coast Guard" featurette. Blu-ray adds "Against All Odds: The Bernie Webber Story," "Two Crews" featurette, "What Is Your Finest Hour?" in which a Coast Guard member recounts an incredible rescue. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). (Disney).

    How to Be Single

    (2016) Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Damon Wayans Jr., Anders Holm, Alison Brie, Nicholas Braun, Jake Lac, Jason Mantzoukas, Leslie Mann. Read more about "How to Be Single" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Deleted scenes. Blu-ray adds "The Pros and Cons of How to Be Single," "Rebel Rabble: A Look at Rebel Wilson," "The Best Idea Wins! The Humor of How to Be Single," gag reel, Rebel Wilson outtakes. (New Line Cinema/MGM/Warner).
    photo for Killer Dames: Two Gothic Chillers By Emilio P. Miraglia

    Killer Dames: Two Gothic Chillers By Emilio P. Miraglia

    Four-disc limited edition box set containing "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave" (1971) and "The Red Queen Kills Seven Times" (1972). At the height of the Italian giallo boom in the early 1970s, scores of filmmakers turned their hand to crafting their own unique takes on these lurid murder-mystery thrillers. This limited edition double pack features two distinctive offerings by Emilio P. Miraglia, which meld twisty whodunit narratives with gothic chills. "In The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave," troubled aristocrat Alan Cunningham (Anthony Steffen), haunted by the death of his first wife Evelyn, tries to move on by marrying the seductive Gladys (Marina Malfatti). Marital bliss is short-lived, however, as various relatives meet untimely and gruesome deaths, prompting speculation that a vengeful Evelyn has risen from the grave. In "The Red Queen Kills Seven Times," an age-old family curse hits sisters Kitty (Barbara Bouchet) and Franziska (Marina Malfatti) following the death of their grandfather Tobias (Rudolf Schündler). Every hundred years, so the legend goes, the bloodthirsty Red Queen returns and claims seven fresh victims. Was Tobias just the first ... and are Kitty and Franziska next? Both films make their worldwide Blu-ray debuts in stunning new 2K restorations. Formats: Blu-ray/DVD Combo. Extras: Original Italian and English soundtracks in mono audio (lossless DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray Discs); limited edition 60-page booklet containing new writing by James Blackford, Kat Ellinger, Leonard Jacobs and Rachael Nisbet; reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Gilles Vranckx. The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave: New audio commentary by Troy Howarth; exclusive introduction by actress Erika Blanc; Writer Stephen Thrower on "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave"; "The Night Erika Came Out of the Grave" interview with Erika Blanc; "The Whip and the Body" archival interview with Erika Blanc; "Still Rising from the Grave" archival interview with production designer Lorenzo Baraldi; original Italian theatrical trailel. The Red Queen Kills Seven Times: new audio commentary by Alan Jones and Kim Newman; new interview with actress Sybil Danning; writer Stephen Thrower on "The Red Queen Kills Seven Times"; archival introduction by production/costume designer Lorenzo Baraldi; "Dead à Porter" archival interview with Lorenzo Baraldi; "Rounding Up the Usual Suspects" archival interview with actor Marino Masé; "If I Met Emilio Miraglia Today" archival featurette with Erika Blanc, Lorenzo Baraldi and Marino Masé; "My Favorite ... Films" archival interview with actress Barbara Bouchet; alternative opening; original Italian theatrical trailer. (Arrow Video/MVD Entertainment).
    photo for Lou Grant Season One

    Lou Grant: Season One

    (1977-78) Five-disc set with all 22 episodes. Ed Asner reprises the indelible character he made famous on the classic sitcom "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Having lost his job at WJM-TV’s news department, Grant leaves Minneapolis for the West Coast, where he takes over as the city editor for the Los Angeles Tribune. There, Grant guides his team of journalists through the constant challenges of the newspaper business. Exploring both the inner workings of the Tribune and the societal issues that influenced its readers, "Lou Grant" was an acclaimed program throughout its five seasons on network television. Notable for being a rare instance of a comedic television character making the transition to a dramatic series, Season One of "Lou Grant" showcases a powerhouse ensemble and writing staff that made the show one of the most intelligent and noteworthy programs of its era. The show won 13 Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes; Asner was the first person to win Emmys for both lead actor in a drama series and supporting actor in a comedy series. Co-starring Mason Adams, Robert Walde and Nancy Marchand ("The Sopranos"), the riveting "Lou Grant" ran for five seasons from 1977 to 1982 and set a high standard for all topic-oriented, serial dramas to come. Formats: DVD. Extras: Interview with Asner. (Shout! Factory).

    Mack & Moxy: The Great Helpee Heroes

    (2016) "Mack & Moxy," which is currently airing on PBS stations nationwide, was created to inspire the next generation of humanitarians. With support from national charities including Save the Children, American Red Cross, Feeding America and World Wildlife Fund, the "Mack & Moxy" shows combine state-of-the-art 3D animation and live action puppets with celebrity guests including Josh Duhamel, Kal Penn, Eva LaRue and series regular, Hank Azaria. Each episode celebrates the joy of helping others and teaches kids life-long lessons of charity and compassion. Episodes include "A Ty-Grrrr's Tale," "A Friend Who Reads Is a Friend Indeed," "Feeding Rainbow" and "Always be Prepared." Formats: DVD: $9.99. Extras: A sing-a-long with each episode. (NCircle Entertainment).

    Major Crimes: The Complete Fourth Season

    (2015-16) Four-disc set with all 23 episodes. The squad of detectives is put in charge of solving a series of intriguing new cases. The unit investigates a double homicide that's related to an ongoing string of home invasions in the Hollywood Hills; a dead body that comes out of the trunk of a crashed car at the end of a police chase; the murder of a super model; a YouTube video of a bloody, partially naked man walking down a street which goes viral; the deaths of four wealthy people who are killed during a high-stakes poker game; a murder that happens during the taping of a reality competition show; the death of a young man who was pushed off the top of a parking structure and several other fascinating cases. Formats: DVD. Extras: Deleted scenes, gag reel. (Warner).
    photo for Manhunter Collector's Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT

    Manhunter Collector's Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT

    (1986) Dir.: Michael Mann; William Petersen, Brian Cox, Tom Noonan, Joan Allen, Dennis Farina, Kim Greist, Stephen Lang. The first film to feature the iconic character Hannibal Lecktor, "Manhunter" follows former FBI profiler Will Graham (William Petersen) as he reluctantly returns to his old job to track a horrific serial killer known as the "Tooth Fairy." But in order to get into the mind of this maniac, Graham must face another: Lecktor (Brian Cox), the imprisoned psychiatrist whose own insanity almost cost Graham his life ... and whose insights into the "Tooth Fairy" could prove as dangerous as the killer himself. Extras: Disc 1: Theatrical version; new "The Mind of Madness" interview with William Petersen; new "Courting a Killer" interview with actress Joan Allen; new "Francis Is Gone Forever" interview with actor Tom Noonan; new "The First Lecktor" interview with actor Brian Cox; new "The Eye of the Storm" interview with director of photography Dante Spinotti; new "The Music of Manhunter" including interviews with composer Michel Rubini, Barry Andrews (Shriekback), Gary Putman (The Prime Movers), Rick Shaffer (The Reds) and Gene Stashuk (Red 7); theatrical trailer; still gallery. Disc 2: Director's Cut (HD with Standard Definition inserts): commentary by writer-director Mann; "The Manhunter Look" conversation with cinematographer Dante Spinotti; "Inside Manhunter" with William Petersen, Joan Allen, Brian Cox and Tom Noonan. (Scream Factory).
    photo for A Married Woman

    A Married Woman

    (1964) An often overlooked masterwork from Jean-Luc Godard's most productive period. The plot appears to be simple: Charlotte (Macha Méril) is a young bourgeoise married woman having an affair with an actor. When she discovers that she's pregnant, she must decide which man is the father and which man she will stay with. In Godard's hands, however, the film, described as "a film about a woman's beauty and the ugliness of her world," is also a biting critique of consumer culture and the media constructed obsession with image. Subtitled "Fragments of a Film Shot in 1964," in black and white, Godard creates a modernist collage that is beautifully shot by the director's longtime cinematographer Raoul Coutard. Presented for the first time in the U.S., in a stunning new HD restoration from the original negative. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. (Cohen Film Collection).

    The Player

    (1992) A Hollywood studio executive with a shaky moral compass (Tim Robbins) finds himself caught up in a criminal situation that would fit right into one of his movie projects, in this biting industry satire from Robert Altman. Mixing elements of film noir with sly insider comedy, "The Player," based on a novel by Michael Tolkin, functions as both a nifty stylish murder story and a commentary on its own making, and it is stocked with a heroic supporting cast (Peter Gallagher, Whoopi Goldberg, Greta Scacchi, Dean Stockwell, Fred Ward, Lyle Lovett) and a lineup of star cameos that make for an astonishing Hollywood who’s who. This complexly woven grand entertainment (which kicks off with one of American cinema’s most audacious and acclaimed opening shots) was the film that marked Altman’s triumphant commercial comeback in the early 1990s. New 4K digital restoration, with DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 surround soundtrack on the Blu-ray. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc.


    Audio commentary from 1992 featuring Altman, writer Tolkin, and cinematographer Jean Léepine; interview with Altman from 1992; new interviews with Tolkin and production designer Stephen Altman; Cannes Film Festival press conference from 1992 with cast and crew' "The Player at LACMA," a short documentary about the shooting of the film’s fund-raiser scene; "Map to the Stars," a gallery dedicated to the cameo appearances in the film; deleted scenes and outtakes; the film’s opening shot, with alternate commentaries by Altman, Lepine, and Tolkin; trailers; an essay by author Sam Wasson. (The Criterion Collection).
    photo for Rise of the Legend

    Rise of the Legend

    (2014 -- Hong Kong) Sammo Hung, Eddie Peng, Wang Luodan, Jing Boran, Jin Zhang. A powerful martial arts master returns to the town where his father was murdered to take on a ruthless crime boss in this origins story of the revered folk hero Wong Fei Hung, a martial arts master whose life has passed into Chinese folklore. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Five-part "making-of" featurette: characters, Eddie Peng, injuries, cinematography, stunts. (Well Go USA).


    (2016) Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Cliff Curtis, Peter Firth, Leonor Watling. In 33 AD, a Roman Tribune in Judea is tasked to find the missing body of an executed Jew rumored to have risen from the dead. Read more about "Risen" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Three featurettes: "The Mystery of the Resurrection: Making Risen," "A.D. Jerusalem," "Script to Screen"; commentary. Blu-ray adds deleted scenes, a fourth featurette: "The Battle of the Zealots Deconstructed." (Sony).

    Sex, Love & Therapy

    (2014 -- France) Sophie Marceau, Patrick Bruel, Andre Wilms, Sylvie Vartan. Sexy romantic comedy about Lambert (Patrick Bruel), an ex-sex addict turned marriage counselor who hires the sultry, sex-crazed Judith (Sophie Marceau) as his assistant. Lambert's self-imposed celibacy is sorely tested by Judith's determination to romance him. Will her unbridled sexuality derail Lambert's newfound realization that love must come before sex? Formats: DVD. Extras: Theatrical trailer. (Strand Releasing).

    Wim Wenders: The Road Trilogy

    In the 1970s, Wim Wenders was among the first true international breakthrough artists of the revolutionary New German Cinema, a filmmaker whose fascination with the physical landscapes and emotional contours of the open road proved to be universal. In the middle of that decade, Wenders embarked on a three-film journey that took him from the wide roads of Germany to the endless highways of the United States and back again. Starring Rudiger Vogler as the director’s alter ego, "Alice in the Cities," "Wrong Move" and "Kings of the Road" are dramas of emotional transformation that follow their characters’ searches for themselves, all rendered with uncommon soulfulness and visual poetry. Four-disc DVD and three-disc Blu-ray sets, with new, restored 4K digital transfers of all three films, commissioned by the Wim Wenders Foundation and supervised by Wenders.

    "Alice in the Cities" (1974): The first of the road films that would come to define the career of Wim Wenders, the magnificent "Alice in the Cities" is an emotionally generous and luminously shot journey. A German journalist (Rudiger Vogler) is driving across the United States to research an article; it’s a disappointing trip, in which he is unable to truly connect with what he sees. Things change, however, when he is forced to take a young girl named Alice (Yella RottlAnder) with him on his return trip to Germany, after her mother (Lisa Kreuzer) -- whom he has just met -- leaves the child in his care. Though they initially find themselves at odds, the pair begin to form an unlikely friendship.

    "Wrong Move" (1975): Wenders updates a late-18th-century novel by Goethe with depth and style, transposing it to 1970s West Germany and giving us the story of an aimless writer (Rudiger Vogler) who leaves his hometown to find himself and befriends a group of other travelers. Seeking inspiration to help him escape his creative funk, he instead discovers the limits of attempts to refashion one’s identity. One of the director’s least seen but earthiest and most devastating soul searches, "Wrong Move" features standout supporting performances from New German Cinema regulars Hanna Schygulla and Peter Kern and, in her first film appearance, Nastassja Kinski.

    "Kings of the Road" (1976): A roving film projector repairman (Rudiger Vogler) saves the life of a depressed psychologist (Hanns Zisschler) who has driven his Volkswagen into a river, and they end up on the road together, traveling from one rural German movie theater to another. Along the way, the two men, each running from his past, bond over their shared loneliness. "Kings of the Road," captured in gorgeous compositions by cinematographer Robby Muller and dedicated to Fritz Lang, is a love letter to the cinema, a moving and funny tale of male friendship, and a portrait of a country still haunted by war.


    Audio commentaries for all three films, featuring Wenders and actors Rudiger Vogler, and Yella Rottlander on "Alice in the Cities," and featuring Wenders on "Wrong Move" and "Kings of the Road"; new interview with Wenders, directed and conducted by filmmaker Michael Almereyda; new interviews with Vogler, Kreuzer, Rottlander, and actors Hanna Schygulla and Hanns Zischler; outtakes and Super 8 home movies; "Restoring Time," a 2015 short about the restoration work done by the Wim Wenders Foundation; "Same Player Shoots Again" (1967) and "Silver City Revisited" (1968), two newly restored early short films by Wenders; plus a book featuring essays on the films by filmmaker Allison Anders, author James Robison and critic Nick Roddick. (The Criterion Collection).

    The Wonder Years: The Complete Fifth Season

    (1991-92) Four-disc set with all 24 episodes of the series that perfectly captured the angst of growing up in suburban middle-class America in the late 1960s as seen through the life photo for The Wonder Years: The Complete Fifth Season and times of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage). After a brief stint at the lake and equally brief summer romance in the season premiere, "The Lake," Kevin returns home to start school at McKinley High. Between Driver's Ed drama, love triangles, a controversial English teacher, R-rated movie, and an unforgettable double date there's plenty of excitement at McKinley. Meanwhile, the Arnolds throw an epic Christmas party and Wayne and Wart decide to join the Army. David Schwimmer continues his guest-starring role as Michael, demonstrating his love for Karen on the Arnolds' front lawn in a very romantic scene in the pouring rain. In addition to the extras, the set includes over four dozen songs as they were featured in the original broadcast, with classics by Jackson Browne, The Byrds, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Sonny & Cher, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band, James Brown, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Percy Sledge, Sly & the Family Stone, Linda Ronstadt, Traffic and many more, plus Joe Cocker's unforgettable rendition of The Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends." Formats: DVD. Extras: "That's A Wrap! Mark B. Perry's Farewell Set Tour Season 5," "Will You Love Me Tomorrow: The Wonder Years' Love Stories" featurette, interviews with Olivia d'Abo (Karen Arnold), David Schwimmer (Michael). (Time Life).

    Zoolander 2: The Magnum Edition

    (2016) Dir.: Ben Stiller. Stars: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Ferrell, Justin Bieber, Billy Zane, Olivia Munn. Derek and Hansel are lured into modeling again, in Rome, where they find themselves the target of a sinister conspiracy. Read more about "Zoolander 2" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Blu-ray extras: "The Zoolander Legacy," "Go Big or Go Rome," "Drake Sather: The Man Who Created Zoolander," "Youth Milk." (Paramount).

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    May 31

    photo forBlood Bath

    Blood Bath

    (1966) The films of Roger Corman are often as well-known for their behind-the-scenes stories as they are the ones unfolding on the screen. He famously made "Little Shop of Horrors" in just two days using sets left over from "A Bucket of Blood" and shot "The Terror" over a long weekend because bad weather prevented him from playing tennis. But none of these tales is quite so complex, or quite so extraordinary, as the making of "Blood Bath." The saga began when Corman invested in a Yugoslavian Krimi-like picture entitled "Operation Titian" just prior to it going into production. Insisting it be filmed in English, he sent actors William Campbell and Patrick Magee, and uncredited story editor Francis Ford Coppola (all fresh from "Dementia 13"), to Dubrovnik to make a U.S.-friendly movie but wasn't satisfied with the end results. First it was re-cut and re-scored to create "Portrait in Terror," a film more in line with drive-in tastes, then it was handed over to Jack Hill ("Spider Baby"), followed by Stephanie Rothman ("Terminal Island"), each undertaking reshoots that resulted in a vampire picture by the name of "Blood Bath." One final twist was provided when a TV version was required, chopping scenes and adding others to create "Track of the Vampire." For this release, Arrow Video has searched through the vaults to bring you all four versions of "Blood Bath," newly restored from the best materials available to provide a definitive release of one of Corman's craziest ventures. Brand new 2K restorations of "Portrait in Terror," "Blood Bath" and "Track of the Vampire" from original film materials. Brand new reconstruction of "Operation Titian" using original film materials and standard definition inserts. Formats: Blu-ray. Extras: "The Trouble with Titian Revisited" new visual essay in which Tim Lucas returns to (and updates) his three-part Video Watchdog feature to examine the convoluted production history of "Blood Bath" and its multiple versions; "Bathing in Blood with Sid Haig" new interview with the actor, recorded exclusively for this release; archive interview with producer-director Jack Hill; outtakes from "Track of the Vampire," scanned from original film materials; stills gallery; double-sided fold-out poster featuring original and newly commissioned artworks; reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Dan Mumford; limited edition booklet containing new writing on the film and its cast by Anthony Nield, Vic Pratt, Cullen Gallagher, and Peter Beckman. (Arrow Video/MVD Entertainment).
    photo for City of Women

    City of Women

    (1980) In a railway coach Snàporaz (Marcello Mastroianni) wakes from a nap and seduces a beautiful stranger. Then he follows her through a forest to a weird hotel where a feminist convention is being held. He is so unnerved by the vociferous hostility of the militants that he hides in the mansion of a female killer who has wooed and won a thousand hearts. Snàporaz will be forced to run the gauntlet before waking up and realizing that his adventure was only a crazy nightmare. Federico Fellini's surrealistic and over the top fantasy earned him four Silver Ribbons by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc. (Cohen Film Collection).

    Gods of Egypt

    (2016) Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Brenton Thwaites, Geoffrey Rush, Rufus Sewell, Abbey Lee, Chadwick Boseman, Emma Booth, Courtney Eaton, Bryan Brown. Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the merciless god of darkness, who has usurped Egypt's throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous empire into chaos and conflict. Read more about "Gods of Egypt" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD Combo, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: "The Battle for Eternity: Stunts," "A Window into Another World: Visual Effects" featurette.Blu-ray adds deleted storyboards, "A Divine Vision: Creating a Cinematic Action Fantasy" featurette, "Of Gods and Mortals: The Cast" featurette, "Transformation: Costume, Make-up & Hair" featurette, "On Location: Shooting in Australia" featurette. (Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate).
    photo for The Last Panthers

    The Last Panthers

    (2015) Two-disc set with four episodes. A daring diamond heist in the south of France bears the hallmarks of the supposedly retired "Pink Panthers," a gang famed for their bold daylight raids and movie-style getaways. It seems like the perfect crime -- until a young girl is killed in their escape. This sets a British insurance-loss adjuster (Samantha Morton), a former MI-6 officer (John Hurt), a French-Algerian cop (Tahar Rahim), and a Serbian soldier-turned-thief (Goran Bogdan) on a dangerous collision course across Europe. What starts with diamonds leads to guns, drugs, high finance, and corruption at the heights of power. Shot in seven countries and five languages, this reinvention of the heist drama was inspired by the real-life Pink Panthers, who terrorized Europe's jewelers for a decade. It features the theme music "Blackstar," written and performed by David Bowie especially for the series. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurettes, photo gallery. (Acorn Media).
    photo for The Life of Verdi

    The Life of Verdi

    (1982) Famed for his beloved operas, Giuseppe Verdi endured a lifetime of personal turmoil and popular acclaim. Marked from childhood by his musical talent, Verdi rose to become the preeminent composer of his era amidst family heartbreak, societal upheaval, and a scandalous love affair. In this biographical miniseries seen on PBS, Ronald Pickup gives a captivating performance as Verdi, and ballerina Carla Fracci dazzles as his second wife, opera star Giuseppina Strepponi. Filmed on location in Italy, London, and Paris, the seven-episode series is narrated by Burt Lancaster and features clips of Verdi's music, including the perpetual favorites, "La Traviata" and "Aida." Formats: Four-disc DVD. (Acorn Media).

    Pride + Prejudice + Zombies

    (2016) Lily James, Sam Riley, Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote, Douglas Booth, Matt Smith, Charles Dance, Lena Headey. Read more about "Pride + Prejudice + Zombies" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra/Blu-ray, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Two featurettes: "Courtship, Class and Carnage: Meet The Cast" and "From Austen to Zombies: Adapting a Classic." Blu-ray adds two additional featurettes, "The Badass Bennet Sisters" and "Creating the Unmentionables," deleted scenes, Mr. Collins line-o-rama, gag reel. (Sony).


    (2016) Stephan James, Jeremy Irons, Jason Sudeikis, Carice van Houten, William Hurt. The incredible true story of Jesse Owens, the legendary athletic superstar whose quest to become the greatest track and field athlete in history thrusts him onto the world stage of the 1936 Olympics. Read more about "Race" in the May Calendar. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: "The Making of Race," "Becoming Jesse Owens," "The Owens Sisters." (Universal).

    12 Sci-Fi Cult Classics Collection

    Three-disc set with "Metropolis" (1927), "Phantom From Space" (1953), "The Attack of the Giant Leeches" (1959), "The Giant Gila Monster" (1959), "The Killer Shrews" (1959), "Teenagers From Outer Space" (1959), "The Wasp Woman" (1959), "The Amazing Transparent Man" (1960), "The Phantom Planet" (1961), "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" (1962), "The Atomic Brain" (1963) and "Destroy All Planets" (1969). Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray/DVD Combo, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: (Film Chest Media Group).

    Teen Titans Go!: Eat. Dance. Punch! Season 3 Part 1

    (2016) Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy are back in 26 all-new adventures of DC Comics crime-fighting Teen Titans. Formats: DVD. (Warner).

    Triple 9

    (2016) Woody Harrelson, Anthony Mackie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet. A bank robbery is just the tip of the iceberg when two cops in Atlanta start suspecting members of their own team are involved. Not knowing who to trust and how deep the corruption goes, time is ticking for them to uncover the truth -- before they become the target for the next deadly job. Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VOD, Digital, UltraViolet (cloud). Extras: Deleted scenes, "Under the Gun" behind-the-scenes featurette, "An Authentic World" featuette on the film's gritty, authenic look and feel. (Universal).

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