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November 1

Brideshead Revisited: 30th Anniversary Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT (1981) Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews, Diane Quick, John Gielgud, Claire Bloom, Laurence Olivier. "Revisiting Brideshead" documentary, four commentaries, new photo galleries, outtakes, viewer's guide, more.(Acorn Media).
Californication The Fourth Season (2011) Two-disc set with 12 episodes, $42.99. (CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount Home Entertainment).
Cars 2 (2011) Voices of Larry the Cable Guy, Owen Wilson, Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Eddie Izzard, John Turturro, Brent Musburger, Joe Mantegna, Thomas Kretschmann, Bonnie Hunt, Franco Nero. Read more about "Cars 2" in the November Calendar. Available as a Blu-ray/DVD and DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack, 3D Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, and DVD. Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack includes commentary by director John Lasseter; "Hawaiian Vacation," the animated short that accompanied the film in theaters, and "Air Mater," a sky-high flying adventure with Mater. Five-disc Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack (3D disc, two Blu-ray discs, a DVD and digital copy) adds an interactive "World Tour" map that takes viewers through nine different locations, including those featured in the film and more. (Disney).


Confessions of a Dangerous Mind BLU-RAY DEBUT (2002) Dir.: George Clooney; Sam Rockwell, Drew Barrymore. Extras: Commentary by George Clooney and cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel, deleted scenes, six behind-the-scenes featurettes, Sam Rockwell screen test, "Gong Show" acts, "The Real Chuck Barris" documentary, stills gallery. (Lionsgate).
Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon, Marisa Tomei, John Carroll Lynch, Josh Groban, Analeigh Tipton, Jonah Bobo, Joey King, Beth Littleford. Read more about "Crazy, Stupid, Love." in the November Calendar. Available on DVD, Blu-ray and as a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy Combo Pack. Extras: Deleted scenes. Blu-ray adds two featuettes and an UltraViolet (cloud) digital copy. (Warner).
Dear Santa (2011) Amy Acker, Gina Holden, David Haydn-Jones, Emma Duke. Just when a spoiled, careless and irresponsible shopaholic gets cut off by her parents at Christmas time, she meets a little girl and her widowed father -- who runs a soup kitchen -- and finds a new life. Extras: Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Image Entertainment).
The Essential Daffy Duck Collection Contains 21 classics that define Daffy's vast career, from his breakthrough cartoons through classic clashes with co-stars Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and Porky Pig. His creation was made possible by the combined efforts of Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Frank Tashlin, Fritz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Art Davis and Robert Cannon. Daffy Duck has been involved in almost every era of Warner Brothers animation. $26.99. (Warner).
The Fugitive: The Most Wanted Edition All four seasons on 33 discs with a bonus disc with exclusive content, including an audio CD with 70 minutes of music, $218.99. (CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount Home Entertainment).
His Way (2011) Documentary about legendary film producer and personal manager Jerry Weintraub, featuring interviews with friends, family and colleagues, including former president George H.W. Bush, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, Ellen Barkin, James Caan, Elliott Gould, Andy Garcia and others. (HBO).
Hollywood Party (1934) The screen's great Schnarzan (Jimmy Durante) wants to wow the visiting Baron Munchausen (Jack Pearl, reprising his familiar vaudeville and radio character) by throwing him a big, bustling Tinseltown bash. "Hollywood Party" -- eight directors and eight writers (two credited) strong -- is the wild, wildly inconsistent but ever fun musical-novelty result, packed with kicky dance montages offering pre-Code chorines and Berkeley-like kaleidoscopic shots, spiked with a color cartoon insert from Walt Disney, muscled up with Schnarzan's lion-wrasslin' and thronged with notables (including Mickey Mouse, Ted Healy and his Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy, who put an egg in Lupe Velez's shoe and are duly repaid). (Warner).
An Invisible Sign (2011) Jessica Alba, Sophie Nyweide, Chris Messina, J.K. Simmons, Sonia Braga, Bailee Madison, John Shea. Alba plays Mona Gray, a quirky young woman who has retreated into a private world of numbers ever since her beloved mathematician father became mentally ill 10 years earlier. Now, as an elementary school math teacher, she introduces the students to her numerical obsession and inspires their own love of numbers, bonds with the kids and even entering in a romantic relationship with the school science teacher. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (MPI Media Group).
The Last Mountain (2011) David vs. Goliath documentary as a coal mining corporation and a tiny community vie for the last great mountain in Appalachia in a battle for the future of energy that affects us all. $29.95. (Docurama).
The Legend of Billie Jean (1985) Helen Slater, Christian Slater, Keith Gordon, Peter Coyote, Yeardley Smith, Dean Stockwell. A young girl and her friends become fugitives after an accidental shooting. Extras: Commentary. (Sony/Columbia Classics).
The Liam Neeson Film Collection Ten-disc set with "The Bounty," "A Prayer for the Dying," "High Spirits," "Shining Through," "Nell," "Rob Roy," "Kinsey," "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Taken." (Fox).
Magic Trip (2011) In 1964, Ken Kesey, the famed author of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," set off on a legendary, LSD-fuelled cross-country road trip to the New York World's Fair. He was joined by "The Merry Band of Pranksters," a renegade group of counterculture truth-seekers, including Neal Cassady, the American icon immortalized in Kerouac's "On the Road," and the driver and painter of the psychedelic Magic Bus. Kesey and the Pranksters intended to make a documentary about their trip, shooting footage on 16MM, but the film was never finished and the footage has remained virtually unseen. Oscar-winning director Alex Gibe and Alison Ellwood were given unprecedented access to this raw footage by the Kesey family. They worked with the Film Foundation, History Channel and the UCLA Film Archives to restore over 100 hours of film and audiotape, and have shaped an invaluable document of this extraordinary piece of American history. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).
Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon (2011) Documentary includes all-new interviews with Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, as well as siblings Tito and Rebbie Jackson, family, friends and music legends such as Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick and many more. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Universal).
The Nutcracker: The Untold Story (2011) Elle Fanning, Nathan Lane, Frances de la Tour, John Turturro. Modern take on the famous story, with eight new songs by Oscar-winning lyricist Tim Rice ("The Lion King," Evita). Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Universal).
Rawhide The Fourth Season, Volume Two (1961-62) Four-disc set with 15 episodes, $42.99. (Paramount).
Rejoice & Shout (2011) Documentary traces the evolution of Gospel through its many musical styles, from the spirituals and early hymns, the four-part harmony-based quartets, the integration of blues and swing into Gospel, the emergence of Soul, and the blending of Rap and Hip Hop elements. Exploring how gospel music walked in step with the story of African-American culture, the movie takes viewers through important moments in history such as slavery, hardscrabble rural existence and plantation work, the exodus to major cities, the Depression, World War II, civil rights and empowerment. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).
The Santa Incident (2011) Ione Skye, Greg Germann. Dove approved Hallmark Original family film. After his sleigh is shot down while flying through restricted military airspace, an earthbound Santa is sought for questioning by a pair of overzealous Homeland Security agents. The fate of Christmas is in the hands of the disbelieving by-the-book duo, unless their faith in Santa can be restored by two children and a trio of elves who have arrived from up North to help out a friend in need. (RHI Entertainment/Vivendi Entertainment).
Scrooged BLU-RAY DEBUT (1988) Dir.: Richard Donner; Bill Murray, Karen Allen, John Forsythe, John Glover, Bobcat Goldthwait, David Johansen, Carol Kane, Robert Mitchum, Michael J. Pollard, Alfre Woodard. (Paramount).
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011) Dir.: Wayne Wang; Bingbing Li, Gianna Jun, Russell Wong, Vivian Wu, Archie Kao. Read more about "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" in the November Calendar. Extras: The Sworn Sisterhood of the Secret Fan. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Fox).
Strawberry Shortcake: Bright Lights, Big dreams (2011) Strawberry and her friends spin and twirl in the annual dance-off. Extras: Printable coloring pages, music video. (Fox).
The Super Hero Squad Show: The Infinity Gauntlet Season 2, Volume 2 (2011) Second seven episodes from the second season, $14.93. (Shout! Factory).
Tabloid (2010) Latest documentary from renowned filmmaker Errol Morris. Thirty years before the antics of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney made her mark as a tabloid staple. In the late 1970s, McKinney kidnapped her former beau, Kirk Anderson, who had become a Mormon missionary in the U.K., and tied him to a bed to "deprogram" his religious beliefs -- by having nonstop sex with him. Morris follows the salacious adventures of this beauty queen with an IQ of 168 whose single-minded devotion to the man of her dreams leads her across the globe, into jail and onto the front page. On the way, Morris visits a surreal world of risque photography, magic underwear and celestial sex. Funny, strange and disturbing and complete with new interviews with McKinney, "Tabloid" is a vivid portrait of obsession, delusion and scandal sheet notoriety. (IFC Entertainment/MPI Media Group).
TCM Greatest Classic Films: Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland "Girl Crazy" (1943), "Strike Up the Band "(1940), "Babes in Arms" (1939), "Babes on Broadway "(1941), $27.92. (TCM/Warner).
TCM Greatest Classic Films: The Thin Man "The Thin Man" (1934), "After the Thin Man" (1936), "Another Thin Man" (1939), "Shadow of the Thin Man" (1941), $27.92. (TCM/Warner).
TCM Greatest Classic Films: Astaire & Rogers, Vol. 2 "Flying Down to Rio" (1933), "Follow the Fleet" (1936), "The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle" (1939), "Roberta" (1935), $27.92. (TCM/Warner).
Trespass (2011) Dir.: Joel Schumacher; Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet, Liana Liberato, Ben Mendelsohn. Home invasion thriller has Cage fending off cold-blooded criminals, bringing his family together despite everyone being tangled up in betrayal, deception, temptation and scheming. Extras: "Trespass: Inside the Thriller" featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Millennium Entertainment).
Victorious: Season One, Volume Two (2010) Two-disc set with nine episodes, $19.99. (Nickelodeon/Paramount).
Water for Elephants (2011) Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz, Paul Schneider, Jim Norton, Mark Povinelli, Richard Brake, Hal Holbrook. Read more about "Water for Elephants" in the November Calendar. Extras: "Robert Pattinson Spotlight," "Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon," "The Traveling Show: From Page to Screen," commentary by director Francis Lawrence and writer Richard LaGravenese. Also available on Blu-ray Disc, which adds "Working Without a Net: The Visual Effects of Water for Elephants," "The Star Attraction," "Raising the Tent," "Secrets of the Big Top," digital copy. (Fox).

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November 8

Alleged (2010) Nathan West, Ashley Johnson, Brian Dennehy, Fred Dalton Thompson, Colm Meaney. A romantic story of a young reporter and his fiancee and of moral responsibility and journalistic opportunity set against the whirlwind of fundamentalism and sensationalism that was the 1925 Scopes "Monkey Trial" that pitted William Jennings Bryan against Clarence Darrow. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Image Entertainment).
Amazonia: Healing With Sacred Plants" (2011) Alberto Villoldo, psychologist, medical anthropologist and best-selling author has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and the Andes for over 25 years. In this documentary, Villoldo explores secrets of the jungle's sacred plants and the healers who administer them in the deep Amazon rainforest, revealing how they are a central part of the philosophy of health and wellbeing. $19.98. (True Mind).
Arthur: Hooray For Health Eight episodes with the world's most famous aardvark as he learns about chicken pox, eating right and more. $12.99. (PBS Distribution).
Arthur: The Good Sport Eight episodes with Arthur as he learns good sportsmanship, good citizenship and other important lessons. $12.99. (PBS Distribution).
Atlas Shrugged -- Part 1 (2011) Taylor Schilling, Matthew Marsden, Grant Bowler, Edi Gathegi, Graham Beckel, Jsu Garcia, Michael Lerner. Read more about "Atlas Shrugged -- Part 1" in the November Calendar. Extras: "Road to Atlas Shrugged," "I Am John Galt," "The John Galt Theme" slideshow, commentary by writer-producer John Aglialoro, Brian Patrick O'Toole and Harmon Kaslow. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Fox).
Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011) Latest in the direct-to-video franchise. A Christmas elf accidentally takes off in Santa's sleigh, crash lands in a small town, and loses Santa's magic toy bag. Beethoven must rescue the elf, recover the bag from greedy crooks, and return the sleigh to Santa in time to save Christmas. (Universal).
A Better Tomorrow (2010 -- South Korea) Jin-mo Ju, Seung-heon Song. Remake of John Woo's 1986 cult classic. Extras: Interview with John Woo, deleted scenes, actor and director interviews, photo gallery. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Well Go USA).
Blue Velvet BLU-RAY DEBUT (1986) Dir.: David Lynch; Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern, Hope Lange, Dean Stockwell. 25th Anniversary Edition. Extras: Over 50 minutes of never-before-seen lost footage, "A Few Outtakes." (Fox).
Boy Wonder (2011) Caleb Steinmeyer, Bill Sage, Zulay Henao. Urban psychological-thriller about a young boy who witnesses the brutal murder of his mother during a Brooklyn car-jacking who grows up to be a loner, obsessed with finding his mother's killer -- as a straight-A student by day and a self-appointed hero at night. (Inception Media Group).
The Change-Up (2011) Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde, Mircea Monroe, Alan Arkin, Dax Griffin, Sydney Rouviere, Jeanine Jackson, Ed Ackerman, TJ Hassan. Read more about "The Change-Up" in the November Calendar. Extras: Commentary by director David Dobkin, delted scenes, gag reel, "Time for a Change" cast and crew featurette, "Family Matters" behind-the-scenes featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Universal).
Doctor Who: Ep. 58 -- Colony in Space The Time Lords discover that the Master has stolen secret information about a device called the Doomsday Weapon and realize they need the exiled Doctor's help. They send the TARDIS, along with the Doctor and his assistant Jo Grant, to the bleak planet Uxarieus in the middle of the 25th century where all is not well. (BBC/Warner).
Doctor Who: Series Six, Part Two (2011) The six-episode conclusion to Series 6, $24.98. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Warner).
Fanny and Alexander BLU-RAY DEBUT (1982) Through the eyes of 10-year-old Alexander, we witness the delights and conflicts of the Ekdahl family, a sprawling bourgeois clan in turn-of-the-20th-century Sweden. Ingmar Bergman intended "Fanny and Alexander" as his swan song, and it is the legendary director's warmest and most autobiographical film, a four-time Academy Award–winning triumph that combines his trademark melancholy and emotional intensity with immense joy and sensuality. The Criterion Collection presents both the theatrical release and the original five-hour television version of this great work. Also included in the box set is Bergman's own feature-length documentary "The Making of “Fanny and Alexander," a unique glimpse into his creative process. (The Criterion Collection).
Frankenhooker (1990) James Lorinz, Patty Mullen, Louise Lasser, Jennifer Delora. From Frank Henenlotter, the creator of the "Basket Case" trilogy and "Brain Damage," comes this gory horror-comedy twist on the Frankenstein legend. When Jeffrey Franken's fiancee is chopped to pieces by the blades of a remote-controlled lawnmower, he uses his dubious medical knowledge to try to bring her back to life. He reassembles his beloved Elizabeth using the body parts of New York City's finest prostitutes, and resurrects her during a heavy lightning storm. Unfortunately for Jeffrey, Elizabeth's brain is scrambled and she runs amok on 42nd Street, turning tricks and bringing high-voltage death to her customers. Extras: Commentary by Henenlotter and make-up effects designer Gabe Bartalos; "A Salad That Was Once Named Elizabeth" Patty Mullen featurette; "A Stitch in Time: The Make-Up Effects of Frankenhooker"; "Turning Tricks: Jennifer Delora Remembers Frankenhooker"; Jennifer Delora's Frankenhooker photo scrapbook. (CAV Distributing/Synapse Films).
In My Sleep (2009) Philip Winchester, Lacey Chabert, Abigail Spencer, Kelly Overton, Michael Badalucco, Beth Grant, Tony Hale A man with a rare sleep disorder, parasomnia, wakes up with blood on his hands and fears he may be a killer while sleepwalking. Extras: Commentary, gag reel, "The Making of in My Sleep." Also available on Blu-ray Disc, which adds "Sleepwalking Stories," "Stories From the Set" featurette, gag nightmare, deleted scenes, extended scenes, alternate ending, music video. (Freestyle Digital Media).
Law & Order: The Complete Series (2010) 104-disc box with 456 episodes, $699.99 ($489.99 at Amazon). Extras: Episode guide, interview with creator Dick Wolf, "Homicide: Life on the Street" crossover episodes, a tribute to Jerry Orbach, "America's Top Sleuths" featurette, deleted and extended scenes, preview of "Law & Order" interactive game, cast profiles. set tour with Jerry Orbach, more. (Universal).
Little Big Man DVD Reissue and BLU-RAY DEBUT (1970) Dir.: Arthur Penn; Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway, Chief Dan George, Martin Balsam, Richard Mulligan, Jeff Corey. (Paramount).
Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story (2011) Poppy Montgomery, Emily Holmes, Antonio Cupo, Janet Kidder. Lifetime Original Movie that chronicles the British author's struggle to bring the beloved wizard fantasy to life -- while a single mother on welfare -- eventually becoming one of the world's wealthiest women. (A&E Network).
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure (2011) Full-length intergalactic adventure that takes the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang -- Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy -- into outer space on a search for the ultimate space treasure. Two-disc DVD/Digital Copy Combo Pack, $19.99. Extras: "Goofy's Thinking Cap" episode; glow-in-the-dark space-themed stickers. (Disney).

Mr. Magoo -- The Television Collection (1960-1977) photo Eleven-disc set with more than 30 hours of content, including 26 episodes of "The Mr. Magoo Show" (1960-61); the primetime TV Movie, "Uncle Sam Magoo" (1970); and for the first time on DVD, 26 episodes of "The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo" (1964). In addition, 16 episodes of "What's New Mr. Magoo?" (1977), as well as all-new DVD extras. Mr. Magoo first appeared in 1949 in the theatrical short cartoon "The Ragtime Bear." Voiced by Jim Backus, Quincy Magoo was a wealthy, short-sighted retiree who got into a series of sticky situations as a result of his nearsightednes and his stubborn refusal to admit the problem. An instant hit, Mr. Magoo went on to become a classic animated character starring in two Academy-Award-winning theatrical shorts, two TV series and two TV specials. Extras: "Oh, Magoo ... You've Done It Again!" featurette; commentaries by animation historians Jerry Beck, Darrell Van Citters, others; photo gallery with storyboards and drawings. (Shout! Factory).
The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll (2009) Kevin Zegers, Jason Ritter, Taryn Manning, Lukas Haas, Peter Fonda, Lauren Holly, Kelly Lynch, Aimee Teegarden. A rock star retreats to his hometown after his sophomore album flops, reunites with his estranged partner, and head out on the road in the hopes of salvaging their long lost dream. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette, "Turn Me On" music video, outtake performances, deleted scenes. (Entertainment One).
The River Why (2010) Zach Gilford, Amber Heard, William Hurt, Dallas Roberts, Kathleen Quinlan, William Devane. A young man leaves the city to find himself through his love of fishing, encountering a group of eccentrics who change his life. Extras: Cast and crew interviews. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Image Entertainment).
The Sacred (2009) Jordan Wall, Lauren Brown. A group of university students travel to sacred Native American land in Florida to finish their thesis project and encounter the supernatural. (Osiris Entertainment).
The Sleeping Beauty (2011 -- French) Clara Besnainou, Julia Artamonov, Kerian Mayan, David Chausse. A twisted retelling by French provocateur Catherine Breillat ("Fat Girl," "Bluebeard") that ends far from "happily ever after." Cursed at birth by an evil fairy, Anastasia is destined to prick her finger and die at the age of 16. When three fairy sisters discover this, they hatch a plan to alter the curse: Rather than die, Anastasia will sleep for 100 years and live in a world of dreams. Through her active dream life, Anastasia will find love, loss, and possibly a waking life. (Strand Releasing).
13 (2011) Jason Statham, Alexander Skarsgard, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mickey Rourke, Michael Shannon, 50 Cent, Ray Winstone, Gaby Hoffmann, Ben Gazzara. Remake of the award-winning 2005 international sensation "13 Tzameti," about a man who assumes a dead man's identity and finds himself embroiled in an underground world of power, violence, and chance where men gamble behind closed doors on the lives of other men in an underworld Russian roulette competition. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Anchor Bay).
The Wild Thornberrys: Season 2, Part 1 (1999) Two-disc set with the first 11 episodes of Season 2, $19.93. (Shout! Factory).

November 11

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Tom Felton, Michael Gambon, Matthew Lewis, Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith. Read more about "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in the November Calendar. Extras: "A Conversation With JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe," "The Goblins of Gringotts" featurette, "The Women of Harry Potter" featurette, "WB Studio Tour London -- The Making of Harry Potter," deleted scenes, digital copy. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Warner).
Harry Potter: The Complete Eight-Film Collection Eight-disc sets, available on DVD for $98.92 and Blu-ray for $139.99. (Warner)

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November 15

Bedlam: Season One (2011) Two-disc set with six episodes of the British supernatural series that aired October on BBC America. (BBC/Warner).
Beginners (2011) Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Melanie Laurent, Goran Visnjic, Mary Page Keller, Jodi Long. Read more about "Beginners" in the November Calendar. Extras: Commentary by writer-director Mike Mills, "A Short Film About Making Beginners." Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Universal).
Being Human: The Complete First Season (2011) Four-disc set with 13 episodes, $49.05. Extras: "Making-of" featurette, cast and crew interviews, Comic Con 2011 Panel. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Entertainment One).
Bellflower (2011) Evan Glodell, Jessie Wiseman, Tyler Dawson, Rebekah Brandes, Vincent Grashaw. Best friends Woodrow and Aiden spend all of their free time building "Mad Max"-inspired flamethrowers and muscle cars in preparation for a global apocalypse. But when Woodrow meets a charismatic young woman and falls hard in love, he and Aiden quickly integrate into a new group of friends, setting off on a journey of love and hate, betrayal, infidelity, and extreme violence more devastating and fiery than any of their apocalyptic fantasies. Written, directed by and starring Glodell, the film is a heartfelt story of obsession, friendship, young-love gone awry and an angst-ridden critique of -- and from -- Generation Y. Filmed using Glodell's custom-built cameras and showcasing his real-life creations: homemade flamethrowers and a fire-spewing 1972 Buick Skylark, Medusa. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette, "Medusa Rundown" in-depth look at the hand built, fire-breathing car, outtakes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Oscilloscope Laboratories).
Crime Story: The Complete Series (1986-88) 25th anniversary edition includes the two-hour pilot, $29.98. Set in the 1960s, "Crime Story" is the story of the Chicago Police Major Crime Unit headed by Lieutenant Mike Torello (Dennis Farina), a man driven by his obsessive pursuit of Ray Luca (Anthony Denison), a ruthless hood who is rapidly ascending the underworld's corporate ladder. As Luca murders, steals, and extorts his way to the top, Torello, backed by his dedicated team of detectives, pursues him from the grit of Chicago to the glitz of Las Vegas, their paths clashing again and again. Features a supporting cast that includes Darlanne Fluegel, Stephen Lang, Bill Campbell, Ted Levine, Joseph Wiseman. Guest stars include David Caruso, Julia Roberts, Gary Sinise, Kevin Spacey, Ving Rhames, Lorraine Bracco, Michael Madsen, Pam Grier, Stanley Tucci, David Hyde Pierce, Andrew Dice Clay and Deborah Harry -- as well as an appearance by jazz legend Miles Davis. (Image Entertainment).
Dora the Explorer: Celebrate With Dora (2011) Three-disc set with "Dora's Halloween," Dora's Christmas" and "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure," $29.99. (Paramount).
photo Farscape: The Complete Series Blu-Ray Edition Twenty-disc set with all 88 episodes, $199.99. Bonus features: "Memories of Moya: An Epic Journey Explored," featuring new interviews with creators Brian Henson and Rockne O'Bannon, writer Richard Manning, and stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black as they look back at the legacy of the sci-fi series. In addition, the set also includes all of the bonus material from the DVD release: more than 15 hours of commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, trailers, promos and more. Read more here. (A&E).
Flypaper (2011) Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd, Jeffrey Tambor, Mekhi Phifer, Curtis Armstrong, Tim Blake Nelson. A nervous customer protects the bank teller he has a crush on when two gangs of robbers -- a high-tech trio, who plan to break into the vault, and two dumb hicks whose idea of a big score is knocking off the ATMs -- descend on the same bank. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (IFC Films).
Frontline: Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero (2011) Explores how the spiritual lives of both believers and nonbelievers have been challenged since the 9/11 attacks, $24.99. (PBS Distribution).
Griff the Invisible (2010) Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody, Patrick Brammall, Toby Schmitz, Marshall Napier, Heather Mitchell. Griff, a shy and awkward office worker by day, finds escape from his ordinary, "invisible" life by assuming the identity of a fantastic superhero each night. Griff's secret is jeopardized when he meets Melody), a cute but unconventional daydreamer who quickly becomes fascinated by his idiosyncrasies, which are equal only to her own, and who takes it upon herself to rescue "Griff the Invisible" for the sake of herself, Griff and their newfound love for each other. Extras: "Behind the Scenes Featurette," "Anatomy of a Scene," deleted scenes, "Appear Calm: Diary of a First Time Director," "Rain Stops Play," "Patrick's Set Tour" and the music video "Don't Give Yourself Away" by The Shadow Bureau. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Indomina/Vivrndi Entertainment).
Highway Patrol Man (1991) Dir.: Alex Cox; Roberto Sosa, Bruno Bichir, Vanessa Bauche. First time available in North America on DVD. Against his father's wishes, Pedro -- a naive kid from Mexico City -- joins the Federal Highway Patrol. His simple desire to do good rapidly comes into conflict with the reality of police work in a lonely rural environment populated by poor farmers, rich drug dealers, beautiful women, and his father's ghost. (Microcinema International).
photo It Takes a Thief: The Complete Series Eighteen-disc set containing all 66 digitally remastered episodes, $199.98. Fusing the heist and espionage genres, "It Takes a Thief" was an action-adventure series that aired on ABC for two-and-a-half seasons between Jan. 9, 1968 and March 24, 1970. Marking the TV debut of Robert Wagner, the cult classic series was inspired by Hitchcock's 1955 Cary Grant film, "To Catch a Thief," and was among the last of the 1960s spy television genre. The premise: Stealing to finance his life as a playboy and sophisticate, Alexander Mundy (Wagner) was the world's greatest cat burglar ... until the day he got caught. But thievery skills are an asset in the world of espionage, so Mundy is pardoned when he agrees to use his wily ways to help steal for the SIA, an American espionage agency. Extras: Extended feature-length version of the pilot episode, "The King of Thieves: Interview With Robert Wagner," "A Matter of Larceny: Interview With Glen A. Larson," limited edition senitype (reproduced 35mm film frame), "It Takes a Thief" exclusive four-piece coaster set, collectible booklet with retrospective essay. (Entertainment One).
Larry Crowne (2011) Dir.: Tom Hanks; Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Cedric the Entertainer, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Bryan Cranston, Wilmer Valderrama, Taraji P. Henson, Maria Canals-Barrera, Malcolm Barrett, George Takei, Nia Vardalos, Jon Seda. Read more about "Larry Crowne" in the November Calendar. Extras: "The Making of Larry Crowne," "Fun on Set" featurette, deleted scenes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Universal).
The Littlest Angel (2011) Animated version of the 1946 kids book about a little boy who arrives in heaven before his time and must return to Earth to earn his wings. $19.98. (Anchor Bay).
Looney Tunes Platinum Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT photo Three-disc digipak with 50 of the greatest Looney Tunes cartoons, $59.96. Includes a Digibook with rare images and cartoon guide by historian Jerry Beck. Disc 1 features 25 classics from Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Road Runner, and Wile E. Coyote and more; Disc 2 contains 25 shorts featuring "One-Shot Classics" and the complete collection for each of the following characters: Marvin the Martian, Tasmanian Devil, Witch Hazel, Marc Anthony & Ralph Phillips; Disc 3 contains over five hours of content saluting animator Chuck Jones, insightful documentaries and rare shorts from Jones and others. An Ultimate Collector's Edition adds a character collectible glass featuring Bugs Bunny, souvenir tin sign magnet featuring an image of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, framed litho-cel featuring your favorite Looney Tunes characters and a certificate of authenticity, for $79.98. (Warner).Read the complete press release.
Main Street (2010) Orlando Bloom, Colin Firth, Amber Tamblyn, Patricia Clarkson, Ellen Burstyn, Andrew McCarthy. Follows the close-knit residents of Durham, North Carolina as they meet a newcomer with a controversial plan to save their town from economic decay. The final screenplay by acclaimed writer Horton Foote. Extras: Making-of featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Magnolia Home Entertainment).
My Fair Lady BLU-RAY DEBUT (1964) Dir.: George Cukor; Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Stanley Holloway, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Gladys Cooper, Jeremy Brett, Theodore Bikel, Mona Washbourne. Extras: Vintage footage and audio taken from the film's original shoot, alternate vocals from Hepburn, featurettes, galleries, more. (CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount Home Entertainment).
Rio Sex Comedy (2010) Charlotte Rampling, Bill Pullman, Irene Jacob, Jean-Maric Roulot. A mixed group of tourists and visitors on a working trip find themselves footloose and under the sway of the Brazilian city's erotic spell, including a prominent British plastic surgeon, a U.S. ambassador who slips away from his handlers into the city's wildest favelas, and a French couple shooting a documentary who find their proper reserve whittled down by the city's monokini-ed beachgoers. (FilmBuff/MPI Media Group).
The Rules of the Game (1939) Considered one of the greatest films ever made, "The Rules of the Game" (La regle du jeu), by Jean Renoir, is a scathing critique of corrupt French society cloaked in a comedy of manners, in which a weekend at a marquis's countryside chateau lays bare some ugly truths about a group of haute bourgeois acquaintances. The film was a victim of tumultuous history -- ­it was subjected to cuts after premiere audiences rejected it in 1939, and the original negative was destroyed during World War II; it wasn't reconstructed until 1959. That version, which has stunned viewers for decades, is presented here. High-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition. Extras: Introduction to the film by director Jean Renoir; commentary written by film scholar Alexander Sesonske and read by filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich; comparison of the film's two endings; "Olivier Curchod Presents The Rules of the Game," a 2005 documentary comparing today's 106-minute edit with Renoir's original script; scene analysis by Renoir historian Chris Faulkner; excerpts from "Jean Renoir, le patron: La regle et l'exception" (1966), a French television program by filmmaker Jacques Rivette; Part One of "Jean Renoir," a two-part 1993 BBC documentary by film critic David Thompson; video essay about the film's production, release, and 1959 reconstruction; 1965 interview from the French television series "Les ecrans de la ville" in which Jean Gaborit and Jacques Durand discuss their reconstruction and re-release of the film; interviews with set designer Max Douy, Renoir's son, Alain, and actress Mila Parely; booklet featuring writings by Jean Renoir, Francois Truffaut, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Bertrand Tavernier; an essay by Sesonske; and tributes to the film and Renoir by J. Hoberman, Kent Jones, Paul Schrader, Wim Wenders, Robert Altman, and others. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (The Criterion Collection).
Sea Rex 3D: Journey to a Prehistoric World (2011) An imaginative look -- via state-of-the-art ultra-photo realistic imagery -- at the larger-than-life creatures who ruled the oceans 200 million years ago. (Universal).
Smallville: The Complete Series Sixty-two disc set with 218 episodes, $339.98. Includes two discs with more than five hours of bonus material. (Warner).
Smallville: The Final Season (2010-11) Six-disc set with 22 episodes, $59.98. Extras: Commentaries, featurettes, unaired scenes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Warner).
SpongeBob SquarePants: Holidays With SpongeBob Three-disc set with "SpongeBob SquarePants: Christmas," "SpongeBob SquarePants: Halloween" and "SpongeBob SquarePants: To Love a Patty," 26 episodes in all, $29.99. (Nickelodeon/Paramount).
Superheroes (2011) Documentary explores the world of real-life caped crusaders and chronicles the lives of these dedicated crimebusters as they protect and support their local communities all over America -- from New York to Seattle to Orlando to San Diego. These everyday citizens don masks, homemade costumes and elaborate utility belts in an attempt to bring justice to evildoers everywhere. Forget the fictional comic books and their fancy high-budgeted adaptations. Throughout the nation, real, true superheroes exist among us bravely battling crime and other contemporary maladies including homelessness and bullying. (Docurama).
Three Colors: Blue, White, Red (1993-1994) This boldly cinematic trio of stories about love and loss from Krzysztof Kieslowski ("The Double Life of Veronique") was a defining event of the art-house boom of the 1990s. The films were named for the colors of the French flag and stand for the tenets of the French Revolution -- ­liberty, equality, and fraternity -- ­but this hardly begins to explain their enigmatic beauty and rich humanity. Set in Paris, Warsaw and Geneva, and ranging from tragedy to comedy, "Blue," "White" and "Red" (Kieslowski's final film) examine with artistic clarity a group of ambiguously interconnected people experiencing profound personal disruptions. Marked by intoxicating cinematography and stirring performances by such actors as Juliette Binoche, Julie Delpy, Irene Jacob and Jean-Louis Trintignant, Kieslowski's "Three Colors" is a benchmark of contemporary cinema. New high-definition digital restorations, with DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray editions. Extras: Three cinema lessons with Kieslowski; new interviews with composer Zbigniew Preisner, writer Krzysztof Piesiewicz, and actors Julie Delpy, Zbigniew Zamachowski, and Irene Jacob; selected-scene commentary for "Blue" with actress Juliette Binoch; Kieslowski's student short "The Tram" (1966) and his fellow student's short from the same year, "The Face," which features Kieslowski in a solo performance; two short documentaries by Kieslowski: "Seven Women of Different Ages" (1978) and "Talking Heads" (1980);" Krzysztof Kieslowski: I'm So-So ..." (1995), a feature-length documentary in which the filmmaker discusses his life and work; two multi-interview programs, "Reflections on Blue and Kieslowski: The Early Years," with film critic Geoff Andrew, Binoche, filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, cinematographer Slawomir Idziak, Insdorf, Jacob, and editor Jacques Witta; interviews with producer Marin Karmitz and Witta; behind-the-scenes programs for "White" and "Red," and "Kieslowski Cannes 1994," a short documentary on "Red's" world premiere; original theatrical trailers; booklet featuring essays by critics Colin MacCabe, Nick James, Stuart Klawans, and Georgina Evans, an excerpt from "Kieslowski on Kieslowski," and reprinted interviews with cinematographers Idziak, Edward Klosinski, and Piotr Sobocinski. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (The Criterion Collection).
The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls (2011) Amazing story of Jools and Lynda Topp, the world's only yodeling country singing and comedy lesbian twins, known for their politically-charged comedy. Doubly funny and enormously powerful singers, their story takes a somber turn when one of the twins is diagnosed with breast cancer. Their brave outlook and inspirational story endeared them further to their fans. $19.98. (The Disinformation Company).
Walk a Mile in My Pradas (2010) Nathaniel Marston, Tom Archdeacon, Tom Arnold, Mike Starr, Dee Wallace, Kirsten Lea. Two weeks before his wedding, a homophobic young man is turned gay -- and his ridiculed gay co-worker turned straight -- by a magical Christmas tree ornament. (Osiris Entertainment).
The Warring States (2011 -- China) Sun Honglei, Kim Hee-seon, Jing Tian. Gorgeous looking but complicated story that centers on a rivalry between brothers and military strategists -- and concomitant epic battles -- in the third and fourth centuries B.C. (China Lion/New Video).
The Wavy Gravy Movie: Saint Misbehavin' (2009) Documentary look at the seminal hippie leader, activist, and founder of the SEVA foundation, which is dedicated to helping relieve poverty around the world. (Docurama).
photo West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT 1961) Dir.: Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise. Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn, Rita Moreno, George Chakiris, Simon Oakland, Ned Glass, William Bramley, Tucker Smith. Five decades after its historic debut, a timeless classic returns to dazzle audiences young and old. Based on the hit Broadway musical of the same name, the iconic film "West Side Story" returns in Hi-Def. With a record-breaking 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Directing and Best Original Score, the film took home more awards than any other movie-musical in the history of cinema. This monumental production not only featured the timeless lyrics from master American composer Stephen Sondheim, but a brilliant score from Leonard Bernstein, and beautiful direction from Robert Wise. "West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition" boasts hundreds of hours of restoration, new 7.1 digital audio, and a collection of bonus features spotlighting the harmonious songs and elaborate dances of the original film. Available as a two-disc Blu-ray set and a limited edition Blu-ray Gift Set with the two-Disc Blu-ray, newly restored DVD and tribute CD along with photo book and other collectibles. Bonus features: "Pow! The Dances of West Side Story": Cast members, contemporary filmmakers, dancers and choreographers analyze and illuminate the film's famous dance sequences; "A Place for Us: West Side Story's Legacy": A look back at the iconic film and the impact it has had all over the world; song specific commentary by lyricist Stephen Sondheim; "Music Machine," which allows viewers to go straight to their favorite musical numbers; "West Side Memories"; storyboard to film comparison montage; trailers: original theatrical trailer, original issue trailer, reissue trailer, animated trailer. (Fox/MGM).
What Women Want (2011 -- China) Andy Lau, Gong Li. Romanic comedy based on the Nancy Myers-directed film starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. (China Lion/New Video).
When Strangers Click: Five Stories From the Internet, (2011) From Robert Kenner, director and producer of the Oscar-nominated documentary "Food, Inc." comes this provocative examination on how the search for intimacy has changed in today’s Internet-centric world: Over 122 million people worldwide log monthly into dating sites; 14 million people use mobile dating services; an estimated one in five heterosexual couples in the U.S. met online. $19.98. (The Disinformation Company).
Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns (2011) The streets of Whitechapel are awash with blood as a murderer stalks the night, picking off vulnerable women and leaving them brutally butchered. But this is not the 19th Century, this is not Jack the Ripper, but a copycat killer in modern-day London, and once again the police remain clueless. This three-episode arc launched the series in the U.K. and premiered on BBC America's Dramaville in October. Extras: "Peeling Back the Layers" making-of featurette. (BBC Worldwide Americas).

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November 22

Action Double Feature (1974) "The Nickel Ride," abut the "key man" who manages the mob's warehouses of solen goods, starring Jason Miller, Linda Haynes and Bo Hopkins; and "99 and 44/100% Dead," in which rival gangsters battle it out in a future where the laws of reality have been suspended, starring Richard Harris, Edmond O'Brien, Bradford Dillman and Chuck Connors. (Shout! Factory).
The Adventures of Tintin: Season One (1991) Two-disc set with 13 episodes of the classic series, first time on DVD, $19.93.. Adapted from the long-running French comic strip and graphic novels (begun in the 1920s) by the late cartoon artist Herge (a.k.a. Georges Remi), the animated TV series "The Adventures of Tintin," chronicles the young and intrepid investigative reporter Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy, along with Captain Haddock, the muddled genius Professor Calculus, and the bumbling detectives Thompson and Thomson as they embark on incredible globe-trotting adventures full of excitement, mind-boggling mystery and fun. Timed for the release of the Steven Spielberg-directed animated "The Adventures of Tin Tin," due Dec. 23. $19.03. (Shout! Factory).
Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Special Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT (1997) Belle prepares the castle for Christmas against Beast's wishes, trying to bring him happiness for the season. (Disney).
Beauty & The Beast: Belle's Magical World Special Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT (1998) Direct-to-video sequel. (Disney).
Becoming Santa (2011) Humorous documentary that follows one mans journey to regain his Christmas spirit. After Jack Sanderson's parents died, he realized he was not looking forward to the holidays and in a dominant commercial culture, avoiding Christmas seemed impossible. So with that, Jack decided that the best way to get through the Christmas Season was to become Santa Claus. Director Jeff Myers followed Jack on his journey, which entailed getting a custom Santa suit from Adele Saidy of Adele's of Hollywood, attending the American Events Santa School taught by Susen Mesco in Denver, Col., and ultimately booking Santa jobs. Wrapped around Jack's journey into Christmas are interviews with professional Santas, Santa aficionados and historians. $19.95. (Cinema Libre Studio).
Caldecott Favorites (2011) The Caldecott Medal was named in honor of 19-century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott, and it is awarded annually by the American Library Association, to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children. This three-disc set features adaptations of some of the 20th Century's best loved children's literature, 20 tales across the three volumes: "The Ezra Jack Keats Collection," "Make Way for Ducklings ... And More Delightful Duck Tales" and "Antartic Antics ... And More Hilarious Animal Stories." $24.95. (Scholastic Storybook Treasures).
Carjacked (2011) Maria Bello, Stephen Dorff, Joanna Cassidy, Catherine Den, Gary Grubbs. During a routine stop at a gas station, Lorraine (Bello), a vulnerable single mom, and her 5 year-old son (Connor Hill) are carjacked by Roy (Dorff), a vicious bank robber on the run who forces her to drive him to meet up with his accomplice. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Anchor Bay).
Conan the Adventurer: Season Two, Part 1 Two-disc set with 13 episodes of the animated version of the pulp hero, $19.93 Extras: Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Shout! Factory).
Conan the Barbarian (2011) Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, Rose McGowan. Read more about "Conan the Barbarian" in the November Calendar. Available as a 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, Blu-ray and DVD. Extras: Two audio commentaries, a history of the Conan franchise featurette, "The Man Who Would Be Conan: Robert E. Howard" featurette that looks at the creator of the famous character, two behind-the-scenes featurettes. (Lionsgate).
The Devil's Double (2011) Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier, Philip Quast, Mem Ferda, Raad Rawi, Jamie Harding, Nasser Memarzia Read more about "The Devil's Double" in the November Calendar. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. Extras: Interview with the real "Devil's Double," Latif Yahia; commentary by director Lee Tamahori, two making-of featurettes. (Lionsgate).
photo Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series (2011) Six-disc set with all 13 episodes of the new season (which included a two-part premiere set in the U.S. and an episode penned by long-time Doctor Who fan and award-winning writer Neil Gaiman) as well as the 2010 Holiday Special, "A Christmas Carol." $79.98. Extras: Five "Night and the Doctor" specially recorded scenes exclusive to the DVD release; five specially recorded episode prequels; two sketches recorded for the UK's Comic Relief charity event; four "Monster Files" that allow you to get under the skin and inside the minds of the Doctor's most challenging opponents; "Doctor Who Confidential" inside look at each episode; commentary on select episodes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc, $89.98. (BBC Worldwide).
The Family Tree (2011) Hope Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Max Thieriot, Brittany Robertson. When a bizarre accident leaves desperate housewife Bunnie with a case of amnesia, her dysfunctional family -- consisting of husband, Jack and twin 17-year-olds Eric and Kelly -- gets an unexpected second chance at happiness in this offbeat comedyExtras: "Making-of" featurette cast and crew interviews. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Entertainment One).
Giving Thanks ... And More Stories to Celebrate American Heritage (2011) Teaching American history and friendship skills, this DVD includes four stories to help celebrate what makes our country great, including the recent Parent's Choice Award winner "Lincoln & Douglass: An American Friendship" by Nikki Giovanni, narrated by Danny Glover. Other stories include "Giving Thanks," narrated by Native American Mohawk leader Chief Jake Swamp and offering an alternative language track in the Mohawk language, "Hiawatha," and Marcia Sewall's "The Pilgrims of Plimouth," which dramatically chronicles the arrival of the Pilgrims in the New World. $14.95. (Scholastic Storybook Treasures).
Helldriver (2010 -- Japan) Yumiko Hara, Eihi Shiina, Kazuki Namioka. After a meteorite crashes into Japan, releasing a toxic ash that turns inhabitants in the northern half of the country into bloodthirsty zombies, the economy has gently withered away ... until Kika (Yumiko Hara) arrives. A stunning high school girl armed with an artificial heart-powered chainsaw sword, she leads a motley crew of desperadoes on a secret mission into the zombie-infected wilds to exterminate zombie queen Rikka (Eihi Shiina) -- who also happens to be her mother -- and put an end to the plague of the living dead. Extras: Three exclusive short films set within the "Helldriver" universe: "Helldriver Dokata," "Catch Me If You Can!" and "Bailout!"; interview with director Yoshihiro Nishimura; "Sushi Typhoon: Tokyo Invasion!" featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Well Go USA).
Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven (2007) An intimate portrait of Le Cirque restaurant founder Sirio Maccioni and his three sons -- Mauro, Marco and Mario -- to whom he will one day leave his formidable cultural and culinary legacy. $24.95. (First Run Features).
The L Word: The Complete Series Twenty-five-disc set with all six seasons plus a never-before-seen 2011 cast reunion, $144.99. Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurettes, "Playing With the Girls: L Word Shorts," "Wardrobe Closet," "The L Word Style Show," Sundance diaries with Kate & Leisha, "The L Word" photos from Jennifer Beals, fan mail, music videos, biographies, photo galleries. (Showtime Networks/CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount Home Entertainment).
Making the Boys (2010) Documentary explores the enduring legacy of Mart Crowley's stage play "The Boys in the Band," which changed everything as the first ever gay play to successfully reach a mainstream audience. With Edward Albee, Mart Crowley, Dominick Dunne, William Friedkin, Carson Kressley, Tony Kushner, Terrence McNally, Robert Wagner and more. $29.95. Extras: "Relationship Time With Dan Savage," "Dominick Dunne's Hollywood," "The Missing Scene", "Malibu '65," "A Perfect Match." (First Run Features).
Perry Mason Season 6, Volume 2 (1963) Four-disc set, $54.99. (CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount).
Prep & Landing (2009) Animated holiday short about a high-tech team of elves who work in the North Pole's Prep and Landing elite unit to ensure homes around the world are properly prepared for their visit from Santa. (Disney).
Rushmore BLU-RAY DEBUT (1998) The dazzling sophomore film from Wes Anderson is equal parts coming-of-age story, French New Wave homage and screwball comedy. Tenth grader Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) is Rushmore Academy's most extracurricular student -- ­and its least scholarly. He faces expulsion, and enters into unlikely friendships with both a lovely first-grade teacher (Olivia Williams) and a melancholy self-made millionaire (Bill Murray, in an award-winning performance). Set to a soundtrack of classic British Invasion tunes, Rushmore defies categorization; it captures the pain and exuberance of adolescence with wit, emotional depth, and cinematic panache. New high-definition digital transfer of the director's cut, supervised by director Wes Anderson, with DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. Extras: Commentary by Anderson, co-writer Owen Wilson and actor Jason Schwartzman; "The Making of Rushmore," an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary by Eric Chase Anderson; "Max Fischer Players Present: Theatrical 'adaptations' of Armageddon, Out of Sight, and The Truman Show," staged for the 1999 MTV Movie Awards; episode of "The Charlie Rose Show" featuring Anderson and Murray; cast audition footage; Anderson's hand-drawn storyboards, plus a film-to-storyboard comparison; props, posters, behind-the-scenes photos, and other graphic ephemera; original theatrical trailer; collectible poster; booklet featuring an essay by film critic Dave Kehr. (The Criterion Collection).
Sarah's Key (2011 -- France) Kristin Scott Thomas, Melusine Mayance, Niels Arestrup, Frederic Pierrot, Michel Duchaussoy, Dominique Frot, Gisele Casadesus, Aidan Quinn. Read more about "Sarah's Key" in the November Calendar. Extras: "The Making of Sarah's Key." Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (The Weinstein Co.).
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (2011) Dir.: Robert Rodriguez; Jessica Alba, Mason Cook, Rowan Blanchard, Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Danny Trejo, Ricky Gervais (voice). Read more about "Spy Kids: All the Time in the World" in the November Calendar. Extras: Interview with director Robert Rodriguez, a "Spy Kids Passing the Torch" featurette, a "Spy Gadgets" clip, deleted scenes.Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Dimension).
Super 8 (2011) Dir.: J.J. Abrams; Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Gabriel Basso, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, A.J. Michalka, Riley Griffiths, Jessica Tuck, Joel McKinnon Miller. Read more about "Super 8" in the November Calendar. Available as a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and DVD. Blu-ray extras: Commentary by writer-director J.J. Abrams, producer Bryan Burk and cinematographer Larry Fong; behind-the-scenes featurettes: "The Dream Behind Super 8," "The Search for New Faces," "Meet Joel Courtney," "Rediscovering Steel Town," "The Visitor Lives," "Scoring Super 8," "Do You Believe in Magic?" "The 8mm Revolution," "Deconstructing the Train Crash"; deleted scenes. (Paramount).
These Amazing Shadows: The Movies That Make America (2011) Documentary tells the history and importance of The National Film Registry, a roll call of American cinema treasures that reflect the diversity of film, and indeed, the American experience itself. Documents the passage of the National Film Preservation Act of 1988 and how this law set in motion a system to identify notable films. The Librarian of Congress, with input from the public and advice from the National Film Preservation Board, selects films each year to add to the Registry. The film includes interviews with the Librarian of Congress (Dr. James Billington), famous directors (including Christopher Nolan, John Lasseter, Rob Reiner, Julie Dash, John Singleton and John Waters), producers (Gale Anne Hurd and James Schamus), archivists and actors and actresses. Extras: "Lost Forever," a companion piece looking deeper into the worlds of film restoration and film preservation; "Live From Prague -- Recording the Score," a behind the scenes look at the recording of the score for this film; and "These Amazing Shadows at Sundance," a look at the production crew of the film at the Sundance Film Festival. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (PBS Distribution).
ˇThree Amigos! 25th Anniversary Edition BLU-RAY DEBUT (1986) Dir.: John Landis; Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short. Extras: Twenty minutes of never-before-seen footage. (HBO).
Timmy Time: Go Kart Timmy (2011) Timmy and his barnyard buddies get involved with a brand new go-kart, soccer games, riding tricycles and more in five adventures, $14.98. (HIT Entertainment/Lionsgate).
Trigger (2010) Tracy Wright, Molly Parker. Two female rockers reunite 10 years after their band's dramatic breakup for a benefit concert ... with the hope of recapturing their once-magical connection. Toronto International Film Festival 2010 Official Selection. (Wolfe Video).
12 Angry Men (1957) "12 Angry Men," by Sidney Lumet, may be the most radical big-screen courtroom drama in cinema history. A behind-closed-doors look at the American legal system as riveting as it is spare, the iconic adaptation of Reginald Rose's teleplay stars Henry Fonda as the initially dissenting foreman on a jury of white men ready to pass judgment on a Puerto Rican teenager charged with murdering his father. What results is a saga of epic proportions that plays out in real time over 90 minutes in one sweltering room. Lumet's electrifying snapshot of 1950s America on the verge of change is one of the great feature film debuts. New high-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition. Extras: Frank Schaffner's 1955 television version, with an introduction by Ron Simon, director of the Paley Center for Media Studies; "12 Angry Men: From Television to the Big Screen," a video essay by film scholar Vance Kapley comparing the Lumet and Schaffner versions; archival interviews with Lumet; new interview about the director with writer Walter Bernstein; new interview with Simon about television writer Reginald Rose; new interview with cinematographer John Bailey in which he discusses cinematographer Boris Kaufman; "Tragedy in a Temporary Town" (1956), a teleplay directed by Lumet and written by Rose; original theatrical trailer; booklet featuring an essay by writer and law professor Thane Rosenbaum. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (The Criterion Collection).
Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas (The Play) (2011) Tyler Perry, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Chandra Currelley-Young, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely. Fresh off of three stage performances in Atlanta, the story follows the wealthy, dysfunctional Mansell family as they clash with Madea (Perry) and her relatives during the holidays. Extras: Behind-the-scenes interviews, bloopers. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Lionsgate).
Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns: Season 3 (2011) Three-disc set with 20 episodes, $29.98. (Lionsgate).

November 25

Mob Wives: Season 1 (Uncensored) (2011) Three-disc set with 10 episodes, $24.95. Extras: Deleted scenes, reunion special. (VH1/CreateSpace).

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November 29

Another Earth (2011) Brit Marling, William Mapother. Read more about "Another Earth" in the November Calendar. Available as a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. Blu-ray extras: Deleted scenes, music video: "The First Time I Saw Jupiter" by Fall On Your Sword; "The Science Behind Another Earth"; "Creating Another Earth"; Fox Movie Channel presents "Direct Effect with Mike Cahill," "In Character With Brit Marling" and "In Character With William Mapother." (Fox).
The Art of Getting By (2011) Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Rita Wilson, Sam Robards, Alicia Silverstone, Elizabeth Reaser, Blair Underwood. A lonely and fatalistic aspiring young artist and a "popular" girl find themselves in a charming yet unconventional high school romance. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. Blu-ray extras: Commentary by director Gavin Wiesen, "New York Slice of Life" featurette, "On Young Love" featurette. (Fox).
Becoming Chaz (2011) Documentary about the physical transformation of Chaz Bono (born Chastity Bono to Sonny & Cher). Extras: Rosie O'Donnell "After the Doc" roundtable discussion, Cher Interview, Chaz and Jenn interview, "Training With Rick," "Pet Discussions," "SF Farewell Dinner." (Virgil Films & Entertainment).
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011) Dir.: Werner Herzog. Herzog gains exclusive access to film inside the Chauvet caves of Southern France, capturing the oldest known pictorial creations of humankind in their astonishing natural setting. Read more about "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" in the November Calendar. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (IFC Films).
Chillerama (2011) From the depraved minds of directors Adam Rifkin ("Detroit Rock City," "The Dark Backward"), Tim Sullivan ("2001 Maniacs"), Adam Green ("Hatchet," "Frozen") and Joe Lynch ("Wrong Turn 2," "Knights of Badassdom"), comes this four-film anthology of gore, guts, goofiness and good times that celebrate the golden age of B horror schlock. It's the closing night at the last drive-in theater in America and Cecil B. Kaufman (Richard Riehle) has planned the ultimate marathon of lost film prints to unleash upon his faithful cinephile patrons. Four films so rare that they have never been exhibited publicly on American soil. What could possibly go wrong? "Wadzilla," "I Was a Teenage Werebear," "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein" and "Zom-B-Movie." Extras: Directors' video commentary, "Wadzilla" deleted scenes, "The Making of The Diary of Anne Frankenstein," "I Was a Teenage Were Bear" behind the scenes and deleted scenes, "Zom-B-Movie" deleted scenes, directors' interviews. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Image Entertainment).
Eclipse Series 30: Sabu! In the '30s and '40s, the Indian actor known as Sabu (born Selar Shaik) captured the hearts of moviegoers in Britain and the United States as a completely new kind of big-screen icon. Sabu was a maharaja's elephant driver when he was discovered by documentary trailblazer Robert Flaherty ("Nanook of the North"), who cast him as the lead in "Elephant Boy," a Kipling adaptation Flaherty directed with Zoltan Korda ("The Four Feathers") that would prove to be enormously popular. Sabu went on to headline a series of fantasies and adventures, transcending the exoticism projected onto him by commanding the screen with effortless grace and humor. This series collects three of the lavish productions Sabu starred in for the British film titans the Korda brothers: "Elephant Boy" (1937), the colonialist battle adventure "The Drum" (1938) and the timeless "Jungle Book" (1942). (The Criterion Collection).
5 Days Of War (2011) Dir.: Renny Harlin; Rupert Friend, Richard Coyle, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Andy Garcia, Val Kilmer. Set during the five-day war between Russia and Georgia in 2008, this thriller focuses on an American journalist, his cameraman, and a Georgian native who witness and document the devastation from the full-scale crossfire and cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Anchor Bay).
The Future (2011) Miranda July, Hamish Linklater, David Warshofsky, Isabella Acres. Read more about "The Future" in the November Calendar. Extras: Commentary by July, behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scene. (Lionsgate).
The Girls Next Door: The Complete Series Seventeen-disc set with all 91 episodes, $129.98. Extras: Commentaries with the girls on every episode, deleted and extended scenes, pilot for the spinoff series "The Bunny House." (MPI Home Video).
Kidnapped (2011 -- Spain) Fernando Cayo, Manuela Velles. Three hooded Eastern-European criminals burst into a home in a Madrid gated community, holding the family hostage in its own home, forcing the father to empty his credit cards -- or watch his wife and daughter die. (IFC Films).
Look: Season 1 (2011) Single disc with 13 episodes of the show, shot entirely from the point of view of security cameras, that looks at the things that people do when they don’t know they're being watched, taking viewers on a voyeuristic journey into the most personal parts of people's lives. $24.98. (Image Entertainment).
Mission Impossible: The 88 TV Season (1988-89) Five-disc set with 19 episodes, 32.99. (CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount Home Entertainment).
Needle (2011) Michael Dorman, Travis Fimmel, Ben Mendelsohn, Trilby Glover, John Jarratt, Jessica Marais, Tahyna Tozzi. College student Ben Rutherford (Dorman) inherits a strange 18th century machine with supernatural powers from his deceased father and when the device goes missing, Ben's friends turn up dead -- all having been killed in bizarre ways; the machine was built for revenge and is seeking retribution for his father's sins. Extras: Making-of featurette. (Lionsgate).
One Day (2011) Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, Patricia Clarkson, Ken Stott, Romola Garai, Jamie Sives, Rafe Spall, Jodie Whittaker. Read more about "One Day" in the November Calendar. Extras: Commentary by director Lone Scherfig, deleted scenes, featurettes: "Em and Dex Through the Years," "Anne Hathaway: Bringing Emma to Life," "The Look of One Day." Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Universal).
Our Idiot Brother (2011) Paul Rudd, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks, Rashida Jones, Adam Scott, T.J. Miller, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Coogan, Shirley Knight, Hugh Dancy, Sterling Brown. Read more about "Our Idiot Brother" in the November Calendar. Extras: Commentary by director Jesse Peretz, "The Making of Our Idiot Brother" featurette, deleted and extended scenes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Anchor Bay/The Weinstein Co.)
Radioactive Wolves (2011) It's been 25 years since disaster struck the Chernobyl nuclear power plant deep in the former Soviet Union. Radioactive fallout from the accident created a "dead zone" around the reactor, too contaminated to be safely inhabited by humans. In the interim, something remarkable has happened: forests, marshes, fields and rivers have reclaimed the land. Now that access to the zone is permitted, at least on a limited basis, scientists are trying to learn how the surviving wildlife is coping with the invisible blight of the land. As the top predators in this new wilderness, wolves reflect the condition of the entire ecosystem. And, surprisingly, they're doing well. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (PBS Distribution).
Seven Days In Utopia (2011) Robert Duvall, Deborah Ann Woll, Lucas Black, Melissa Leo. Read more about "Seven Days In Utopia" in the November Calendar. (Arc Entertainment.).
Smallville: The Complete Series (2011) Collectable new packaging consisting of two picture books that hold 62 discs with over 192 hours of content, including all 218 episodes, more than five hours of newly added special features (such as an unaired, never-before-seen "Superboy" pilot from 1961), a retrospective look at the series with over 100 minutes of season featurettes, a decade of Comic-Con featurette and more; $339.88. (Warner).
Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season (2010-11) Six-disc set with 21 episodes, $59.98. Extras: Commentaries, deleted scenes, featurettes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc, which includes an UltraViolet Digital Copy for streaming from a digital cloud. (Warner).
30 Rock: Season 5 (2011) Three-disc set with 22 episodes, $49.98. (Universal).
The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 1 (1974-75) Six-disc set with all 13 uncut episodes; all three made-for-TV movies in their original, unedited versions; and over two hours of never-before-seen bonus materials. (Universal).
30 Minutes or Less (2011) Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson, Dilshad Vadsaria, Michael Pena, Fred Ward. Read more about "30 Minutes or Less" in the November Calendar. Available as Blu-ray/DVD Combo, Blu-ray and DVD. (Sony).
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2011) Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, Katrina Bowden. Horror comedy has best friends Tucker and Dale heading out for a relaxing weekend of fishing at their secluded cabin. Unfortunately for them, evil has different plans when a series of misunderstandings and tragic events start killing a group of preppy college students, who believe Tucker and Dale are backwoods hillbillies out to kill them. Extras: Commentary, behind-the-scenes featurette. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Magnolia Home Entertainment's Magnet Label).
Vampires (2010 -- Belgium) Carlo Ferrante, Vera Van Dooren, Pierre Lognay. Mockumentary has a film crew recording the day-to-day existence of a bored family of vampires in Belgium who eat illegal immigrants, children, and the handicapped -- and bleed the country's social benefits for all they're worth. (IFC Films).
The Wave (2008 -- Germany) Jurgen Vogel, Frederick Lau, Max Riemelt, Jennifer Ulrich. A high school teacher's unusual experiment to demonstrate to his students what life is like under a dictatorship spins horribly out of control when he forms a social unit that takes on a life of its own as The Wave. (IFC Films).

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