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DVD Top Movie Releases for October 2019

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Movies are rated on a scale of one to five, with five denoting a classic. For more information on how we rate, check out our
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October 1

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home

    photo for Spider-Man: Far From Home Peter Parker (Spider-Man) decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter’s plans to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks! Spider-Man and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) join forces to fight the havoc unleashed across the continent but all is not as it seems. Vitals: Director: Jon Watts. Stars: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, JB Smoove, Jacob Batalon, Martin Starr, Tony Revolori, Marisa Tomei and Jake Gyllenhaal. 2019, CC, MPAA rating: PG-13, 129 min., Action, Box office gross: $386.747 million, Sony. Extras: New original short, "Peter’s To – Do - List": Peter has a few errands to run before he can leave on his class trip; "Teachers’ Travel Tips": Mr. Harrington & Mr. Dell present a few tips on how to traverse the European continent: "Stepping Up": Explore how Spider-Man was introduced in the MCU, the ways Tom Holland transformed the character of Peter Parker, and what the future holds for Spider-Man; "Suit Up": The suit doesn't make the hero - but it does play a big role in who they are and who they can become; "Far, FAR, Far from Home": The film's illustrious locations serve story points and establish tone, but they're also amazing to travel to. This featurette is from the cast on their experiences filming on-location; "It Takes Two": A special look at the chemistry between Jon Watts and Tom Holland; "Fury & Hill": MCU stalwarts Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson are back as Agent Maria Hill & Nick Fury; "The Ginter-Riva Effect": A look at the villain sub-plot and how William Ginter-Riva ties "Spider-Man: Far From Home" all the way back to the beginning of the MCU; "Thank You, Mrs. Parker": A look at Marisa Tomei's reimagining of Aunt May; "The Brother’s Trust": A quick look into some of the amazing work Tom Holland and his brothers have done through their charity, The Brothers Trust; "The Jump Off": Interviews with the cast & crew take on the amazing stunts; "Now You See Me" examines the evolution of Mysterio and why Jake Gyllenhaal was the perfect fit for the role; "Stealthy Easter Eggs"; "Select Scene Pre–Vis" side by side comparison of the Pre-Vis with the film; gag reel & outakes; alternate & extended scenes. 3 stars


October 8

  • Toy Story 4

    photo for Toy Story 4 Woody (voice of Tom Hanks) has always been confident about his place in the world, and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. So, when Bonnie’s beloved new craft-project-turned-toy Forky (voice of Tony Hale) calls himself “trash,” Woody decides to teach Forky how to embrace being a toy. But a road-trip adventure with Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen) and the gang, including an unexpected reunion with his long-lost friend Bo Peep (voice of Annie Potts), shows Woody how big the world can be for a toy. In addition, carnival prizes Ducky (voice of Keegan-Michael Key) and Bunny (voice of Jordan Peele) bring a new level of fun to the film. Vitals: Director: Josh Cooley. Stars: Voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Madeleine McGraw, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Ally Maki, Joan Cusack, Jay Hernandez, Lori Alan, Bonnie Hunt, Kristen Schaal, Emily Davis, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Blake Clark, the late Don Rickles and Estelle Harris. 2019, CC, MPAA rating: G, 100 min., Family, Box office gross: $432.752 million, Pixar/Disney. Extras: "Toy Stories" featurette in which the "Toy Story 4" cast and crew share their love of toys; "Woody & Buzz" looks at the relationship between these two legendary characters; "Bo Rebooted" featurette on the character; "Toy Box" collection of mini-docs on the film’s memorable new characters, featuring the voice actors, director Josh Cooley and Pixar artists; "Let’s Ride With Ally Maki" look at Pixar’s dialogue recording process from director Josh Cooley and his team; six deleted Scenes; audio commentary; trailers; more. 3 stars

  • Annabelle Comes Home

    photo for Annabelle Comes Home Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked artifacts room in their home, placing her "safely" behind sacred glass and enlisting a priest's holy blessing. But an unholy night of horror awaits as Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in the room, who all set their sights on a new target -- the Warrens' 10-year-old daughter, Judy, and her friends. Third in the franchise. Vitals: Director: Gary Dauberman. Stars: McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga. 2019, CC, MPAA rating: R, 106 min., Horror, Box office gross: $72.683 million, Warner. Extras: "Behind the Scenes Part 1: The Ferryman/Demon," "Behind the Scenes Part 2: The Bloody Bride," "Behind the Scenes Part 3: The Werewolf," "The Artifact Room and The Occult," "The Light and the Love," deleted scenes. 2 stars

  • Midsommar

    photo for Midsommar After a family tragedy, a young American couple joins some friends at a midsummer festival in a remote Swedish village. What begins as a carefree summer holiday takes a sinister turn when the insular villagers invite their guests to partake in festivities that grow increasingly unnerving and viscerally disturbing. From the visionary mind of Ari Aster (Hereditary), comes this dread-soaked cinematic fairy tale where a world of darkness unfolds in broad daylight. Vitals: Director: Ari Aster. Stars: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Will Poulter. 2019, CC, MPAA rating: R, 147 min., Horror Thriller, Box office gross: $26.056 million, Lionsgate. Extras: "Let the Festivities Begin: Manifesting Midsommar" featurette, "Bear in a Cage" promo. 2 stars

October 15

  • Stuber

    photo for Stuber A quick-tempered cop who's recovering from eye surgery recruits a mild-mannered Uber driver to help him catch the heroin dealer who murdered his partner. The mismatched pair soon find themselves in for a wild day of stakeouts and shootouts as they pursue violent criminals through the seedy streets of Los Angeles. Buddy comedy. Vitals: Director: Michael Dowse. Stars: Kumail Nanjiani, Dave Bautista, Betty Gilpin, Iko Uwais, Mira Sorvino, Jimmy Tatro, Natalie Morales, Karen Gillan. 2019, CC, MPAA rating: R, 120 min., Comedy, Box office gross: $22.370 million, Fox. Extras: Deleted scenes, gag reel, Joke-O-Rama, Georgia Film Works, audio commentary by Michael Dowse and Kumail Nanjiani, gallery, theatrical trailer, sneak peak. 2 stars

October 22

  • The Lion King

    photo for The Lion King Pioneering filmmaking techniques bring treasured characters to life in a whole new way. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival. Scar, Mufasa’s brother — and former heir to the throne — has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba’s exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his. Vitals: Director: Jon Favreau. Stars: Voices of Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Chiwetel Ejiofor, John Oliver, James Earl Jones, John Kani, Alfre Woodard, JD McCrary, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Penny Johnson Jerald , Keegan-Michael Key, Eric André, Florence Kasumba, Billy Eichner, Amy Sedaris. 2019, CC, MPAA rating: PG, 118 min., Family, Box office gross: $537.592 million, Disney. Extras: "The Journey to The Lion King: The Music, The Magic, The Timeless Tale"; "More to Be Scene" recording studio and layer-by-layer progressions of some of most iconic moments; music videos: “Never Too Late” (lyric video) by Elton John and “Spirit” performed by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter; filmmaker introduction; audio Commentary by director Jon Favreau; song selection: “Circle of Life,” “I Just Can’t Wait to be King,” “Be Prepared,” “Hakuna Matata,” “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” “Spirit” and “Never Too Late”; "Protect the Pride: Favreau, the Lion Recovery Fund and conservationists highlight efforts to protect the majestic lions and their home. 3 stars

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