Why You Simply Have to See ‘Rounders’ on Blu-ray

In terms of heart-pounding fun and excitement, sites such as JackpotCity online casino aim to please. Not only can you choose from some of the latest digital games such as video poker, slots and blackjack, but the ability to walk away a winner cannot be denied. These amenities are then combined with high progressive jackpots and informative blog poRounderssts in order to provide players with a truly unforgettable experience.

However, what if you wish to take a slight break from online casinos in order to recharge your wagering batteries? Why not sit back and watch what many consider to be one of the best gambling films of all time? Starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, Rounders is a great way to appreciate the art of poker and to enjoy stellar acting performances. However, why should you make it a point to see this film on Blu-Ray? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages associated with Blu-Ray in terms of resolution, immersion and audio clarity.

All About the Finer Details

One of the issues with streaming services and even DVDs is that they do not have the ability to offer truly realistic levels of resolution. When we remember that the majority of us will be watching Rounders on a flat-screen television, the number of pixels per inch becomes quite important.

Another point to mention before moving on revolves around the audio clarity that is offered by Blu-ray films. This is beneficial when watching moves such as Rounders, as subtleties such as flipping through a deck of cards or the sound of chips being thrown onto a felt table will provide even more realism to the viewer. On a final note, most Blu-ray films are packed full of extras such as deleted scenes and interviews with the actors. You can therefore obtain a more in-depth appreciation of what went into making this movie.

Isn’t Blue-ray Somewhat Obsolete?

Like many readers, you may be thinking that Blu-ray is essentially obsolete when compared to Ultra HD discs and modern digital streaming services in resolutions as high as 4K. You are only partially correct here. We need to keep in mind that the market for Blu-ray films is still quite alive; albeit for a smaller niche audience. One of the main reasons why Blu-ray technology never really caught on was the fact that the majority of users simply failed to understand its advantages. Furthermore, consumers tended to be wary about completely scrapping an existing DVD player for an alternative when their current system worked fine. However, it is impossible to deny the audio and video clarity that can be offered when watching Blu-ray films.

In fact, you do not even have to be a fan of poker to appreciate why Rounders has enjoyed such popularity over the years. Thanks to an in-depth storyline and a powerful supporting cast, this is a great film on many different levels. Blu-ray or not, we are confident that you will love what is in store.

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