Well Go USA Double-Teams Streaming with ‘Hopeless,’ “Tastes of Horror’ Anthology

Well Go USA Double-Teams Streaming with 'Hopeless,' "Tastes of Horror' Anthology

Well Go USA Entertainment brings two terrifying titles exclusively to digital June 25. HOPELESS is a thriller focusing on a teenage boy who attempts to escape from his hellish reality but ends up in the world of crime, while TASTES OF HORROR is an omnibus-style film from five acclaimed South Korean directors (Sang-hoon Ahn, Johnny Chae [as Chae Yeojoon], Yoon Een-Kyoung, Yong-gyun Kim & Dae-wung Lim) who created six shorts compiled into one terrifying film.



Starring: Hong Xa Bin, Kim Jong-soo, Song Joong-ki

Writer/Director: Kim Chang-hoon

Synopsis: After spending his entire childhood in a town riddled with crime and violence, a teenage boy saves up his money in hopes of someday moving with his mother to start a new, happier life. But after he crosses paths with a local gangster intent on helping him, he is drawn into increasingly dangerous situations that will leave him questioning whether his attempts to escape his hellish reality will instead ensnare him in it—permanently.

Country of Origin:    South Korea

HOPELESS has a runtime of approximately 133 minutes and is not rated.



Starring:  Chang Seung-yeon, Oh Seung-hee, Jang Ye-eun, Shin Eun-soo, Kim Ho-jung, Kim Tae-hun, Jo Jae-yun, Yoon Hyun-min, Jang Gwang, Son Jina,  Lee Joo-young, Kim Joo-ryong, Choi Su-im, Park Jin-a

Directors:    Ahn Sang-hoon, Yoon Een-Kyoung, Kim Yong-gyun, Lim Dae-woong, Chae Yeo-jun

Synopsis:   TASTES OF HORROR is a compilation of six short films directed by five of the most acclaimed directors of the genre in South Korea.

Country of Origin:    South Korea

TASTES OF HORROR has a runtime of approximately 118 minutes and is not rated.

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