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After Raquel Welch conquered the screen in One Million Years BC, Hammer Studios followed up with When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, written and directed by Val Guest (The Quatermass Xperiment) based on a story by J.G. Ballard (Crash). Victoria Vetri stars as Sanna, rescued from ritual sacrifice by Tara (Robin Hawdon), a member of a rival tribe. Her survival coincides with the mysterious formation of a new “fire” in the sky: the moon! Sanna’s old tribe blames her for this affront to the sun; Sanna flees their wrath and Tara follows. Their shared adventures loom as large as the giants who once ruled the earth! And now, Jim Danforth’s awesome stop motion SFX and the unique joys of fur swimsuits can be seen like never before in eye-pooping 1080p HD on Blu-ray. Note: This is the original International Theatrical release version of the film which contains nudity.


DANCING LADY (1933) Bubbly Joan! Down on her luck, Janie Barlow (Joan Crawford) resorts to dancing in a burlesque show where she is seen by slumming millionaire playboy Tod Newton (Franchot Tone). Before Newton can ask her out, Barlow is arrested in a police raid. And even though the gallant Newton posts her bail, Barlow refuses to live as his mistress. In an attempt to win her over, Newton gets Barlow an audition with successful Broadway producer Patch Gallagher (Clark Gable). But not only does Barlow land the part, but she also gets the undying love of her producer – igniting a battle between two men who will do anything to anything to wed the woman who is quickly becoming the toast of New York. The first of numerous Gable/Crawford pairings features a bevy of special guests including Fred Astaire, Nelson Eddy, Robert Benchley, along with Ted Healy and his Stooges.

SADIE MCKEE (1934) Rags-to-riches Joan! Joan Crawford’s Sadie McKee is one of her most iconic “working girl” performances. Sadie struggles to escape the wrong side of the tracks through three troubled relationships. Starting out as the daughter of the cook for the well-off Alderson family, seductive Sadie catches the eye of Alderson scion Michael (Franchot Tone) but splits for the Big Apple with her uke-strumming boyfriend Tommy (Gene Raymond) who promptly ditches her for a showgirl. Landing Michael’s millionaire boss Jack Brennan (Edward Arnold) sets Sadie back on her feet – and it’s a good thing, too, because Jack not so sure on his on account of all the booze… Directed by Clarence Brown.

STRANGE CARGO (1940) Woman-of-the-world Joan! Frank Borzage’s unique and gripping allegorical adventure film chronicles the desperate flight for freedom of a band of Devil’s Island felons and a tough-as-nails prostitute while in the company of a seeming saint. Film giants Clark Gable and Joan Crawford team up for the eighth and last time in this gripping story that explores the lures of the flesh and the transcendence of the spirit. Gable is at his peak as a flinty convict who lusts after floozy Crawford from the moment he nabs her discarded cigarette. Fighting each other and the elements, the stars imbue this provocative adventure with audacity, power and passion.

A WOMAN’S FACE (1941) Bad gal Joan! George Cukor draws out one of Joan Crawford’s finest performances in this taut, psychological thriller. Made at a time when Joan was shredding her so-called “Box-Office Poison” label, she electrifies in the role of Anna Holm, a disfigured extortionist who dares to dream of a better tomorrow thanks to the ministrations of a brilliant plastic surgeon (Melvyn Douglas). But her dark past and darker allies (Conrad Veidt) threaten to drag her down.

FLAMINGO ROAD (1949) Noir Queen Joan! In this gripping piece of Femme Noir Drama, Joan stars as Lane Bellamy, a carnival dancer stranded in a corrupt Southern town. Getting involved with a local lawman (Zachary Scott) gets Lane railroaded into jail by said lawman’s corrupt boss (a brilliantly hissable Sydney Greenstreet). Now squarely on the road of vengeance, Lane sets her sights on a local pol (David Brian) as she sets about burning down the town and turning the tables on the law. Directed by Michael Curtiz and produced Jerry Wald.

TORCH SONG (1953) Showstopper Joan! Joan Crawford returns to her roots – toe-tapping and the Tiffany studio – for this showbiz romance of love and leggings. Crawford goes over the top in high style as tempestuous star Jenny Stewart, whose life in the limelight has left her deeply, secretly scarred. Her new rehearsal pianist (Michael Wilding) wears his scars on the outside, blinded by the war, but may be the only man left who can see inside Jenny’s heart. Too bad his seeing-eye dog can’t stand her.

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