"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jun 142016

VICTOR/VICTORIA (1982) on Blu-ray One of legendary director Blake Edward’s finest confections, this neoclassic screwball comedy dives deep into questions of sexual identity while never losing its “Le Jazz Hot” steps. Julie Andrews delivers another career-defining role as the crossover cross dressing singing sensation Victor, while her The Americanization of Emily  co-star James Garner resurrects all the old sparks while adding a layer of gender-questioning romance. Robert Preston and Lesley Ann Warren deliver superb supporting performances that take the comedy and romance to a bravura crescendo. This sparkling Blu-ray, sourced from an all-new 2016 remaster, presents Victor/Victoria looking – and sounding – more seductive than ever. Special Features:  Commentary by Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews; DVD Easter Egg; Theatrical Trailer (1080p HD) 16×9 Widescreen.


O’SHAUGHNESSY’S BOY (1935) The “Greatest Pals on Earth,” Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper, re-team for a tale of carnival reconciliation joined by a very special guest star, George “Spanky” McFarland. Captain Michael “Windy” O’Shaughnessy (Beery) may have what it takes to tame a tiger, but not his shrew-and-prudish sister-in-law Martha (Sarah Haden). Determined to save her nephew “Stubby” from his free-wheeling father’s ways, Martha connives and convinces her sister, Windy’s wife (Leona Maricle) to steal Stubby away. Distraught and heartbroken, Windy loses an arm to a tiger and embarks on a many-year odyssey in search of his son. But Martha and the years have brainwashed Stubby (Jackie Cooper) against his Pa… Directed by Richard Boleslawski.

DINKY (1935)  When young military school cadet “Dinky” Daniels (Jackie Cooper) discovers his sainted mum (Mary Astor) is not setting up a branch office in Chicago but doing a stretch in the stir on an embezzlement charge, he journeys across the great class divide from the academy to the orphanage. But Dinky’s fortunes may change – thanks to a defense attorney (Roger Pryor) that believes Mom is on the level. It all comes down to that all-American playing field, football. This coming-of-age-classic is graced with a terrific cast of supporting juvies under the steady direction of D. Ross Lederman.

TOUGH GUY (1936)  Jackie Cooper and Rin Tin Tin, Jr. team-up to melt the heart of one of Hollywood’s heaviest of heavies, the great Joseph Calleia in a tale of reverse Stockholm syndrome. Faced with a father that doesn’t approve of his canine pal Duke (Rin Tin Tin, Jr.), Freddie Vincent (Cooper) runs away only to end up as the ear-witness to armed robbery and winds up in the clutches of the syndicate. After chief hood Joe Calerno takes pity on Freddie after wounding Duke, the boy, dog and desperado bond while on the lam from both the law and Joe’s former associates. Chester Franklin directs this deft combo of dog, coming-of-age, and crime picture.

LORD JEFF (1938)  For their fourth out of five pairings, real-life pals Freddie Bartholomew and Mickey Rooney play a pair of cross-class frenemies who hold each other’s salivation in their hands. Bartholomew plays “Lord” Geoffrey Braemer, a blue-blood orphan gone bad thanks to the ministration of a couple of Fagins (George Zucco and Gale Sondergaard). After “Lord Jeff” gets nicked by the law, he is given a shot at reformation at a Royal Merchant Marine school run by the famed Barnado’s vocational charities (to whom the film is dedicated). Under the guidance of the school’s headmaster Captain Briggs (Charles Coburn), plucky bootstrapping son of Eire Terry O’Mulvaney (Rooney) is tasked with getting Jeff his sea-and straight-and-narrow legs. But Terry ends up in the hot water while watching out for Jeff, and Jeff may have to find his finer stuff if he’s going to get them both back on track and out to sea. Directed by Sam Wood.

STABLEMATES (1938) Mickey Rooney and Wallace Beery play the stable boy and a disgraced horse doctor who strike up a horse-racing partnership thanks to their mutual love for champion-in-the-rough Lady Q. The chips are stacked against the pair as lack of funds, a foot tumor, and a secret criminal past conspire to send Lady Q to the glue factory instead of the winner’s circle. As the two go from outright dislike to a father and son bonding, the alcoholic ex-vet finds the courage to set the bottle down and try to heal the wounds he’s made. Also starring Margaret Hamilton. Directed by Sam Wood.

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