Warner Archive Collection New Releases: The Naked and the Hunted

THE LAST HUNT (1956) New 2018 1080p HD Master

Robert Taylor (Quo Vadis) and Stewart Granger (The Prisoner of Zenda) star in this adaptation of Milton Lott’s novel. Charlie Gilson (Taylor), a black-hearted hunter, puts together a team for a government sanctioned cull of the sole remaining buffalo herd. Joining him are the reserved Sandy McKenzie (Granger), an ex-buffalo hunter, Woodfoot (Lloyd Nolan), a one-legged skinner and red-headed “half-breed” Jimmy O’Brien (Russ Tamblyn). But trouble drives the team asunder after Charlie massacres a group of Indians and kidnaps the lone survivors – a young mother (Debra Paget) and her child. Sandy soon realizes his partner is consumed with hate… and that he enjoys killing more than just buffalo. Lensed on location in the wild wide-open of Custer State Park, South Dakota, this ahead-of-its-time Western drama delivers intense, stark and haunting imagery along with a powerful performance from Robert Taylor’s rare antagonist turn on this eye-popping 1080p presentation on Blu-ray. 16×9 Letterbox

THE NAKED AND THE DEAD (1958) New 2018 1080p HD Master

Norman Mailer’s classic comes to the big screen courtesy of Raoul Walsh (Objective, Burma!, High Sierra) and an ensemble of seasoned acting vets and fresh-faced up-and-comers. Raymond Massey and Cliff Robertson play officers whose opposing views on military leadership are the two poles upon which a platoon’s fate is stretched within war of the Pacific. Massey’s Gen. Cummings advocates fear to best goad men to face death, whereas Robertson’s Lt. Hearn vehemently disagrees. Hearn is hard-pressed, however, to find the better nature within the sadistic Sgt. Croft (Aldo Ray), whose own war-time ethos seems to be pure hatred. Pounded inside this crucible are the men of the platoon, pals Roth (Joey Bishop) and Goldstein (Jerry Paris), scout Martinez (Henry Amargo), medic Ridges (James Best), older vet Red (Robert Gist), southern Cpl. Wilson (L. Q. Jones), nerve-case Minetta (Greg Roman) and new father Gallagher (Richard Jaeckel). Walsh’s stark vision of the dark heart of a man – at war even while at peace – commands our attention on this combat ready crystal-clear HD transfer on Blu-ray. 16×9 Letterbox




Wealthy playboy Paul Wagner makes illicit entrances a specialty, especially if it means getting close to society girl Rosalind Brown (Rita Johnson). Paul brazen swaggering ways lands him in hot water with Rosalind’s disapproving father (Walter Connolly), and Paul is barred from the Brown’s manse. The wily Paul soon finds the chink in wall keeping him away from Rosalind – Katarina, the downstairs scullery maid, who, not being allowed upstairs, has never seen Paul. Impersonating his own chauffeur, Paul romances Katarina as a means of getting close to Rosalind. Katarina’s simple and selfless ways soon work their own peculiar magic on the jaded Wagner, who finds himself falling for the wrong girl. The Girl Downstairs was the second go-round for the delightful leading lady Franciska Gaal as Katerina the scullery maid, having originated the role to great acclaim in the Austrian original version Catherine the Last.



Soldiers-for-hire Baldwin and Dugan (Vinton Haworth and Gordon Jones) land a perilous assignment – to ensure the safe arrival of the priceless Soo diamond to a shop in Shanghai. Upon delivery, the shop is attacked and in the ensuing firefight the diamond disappears. Aided by the local authorities, the pair round up a motley crew of six unusual suspects, all found in the Chinese quarter late at night –  attractive and uncooperative Jane Dunn (Constance Worth), inane Mrs. Katie Collins (Joyce Compton), dipsomaniac Philip Burton (Dick Elliot), mystery writer Anthony Durand (Leslie Fenton), Durand’s British valet Harvey Dinwaddle (Alec Craig), and the mysterious Dr. Feng Tu (Philip Ahn). The tables of suspicion are turned when all concerned board the same ship sailing to America. As the bodies begin piling up, Jane Dunn turns out to be an undercover agent while Tom Baldwin looks like a cold-blooded killer!



After a lifetime serving the needs of the super-elite, maid Lizzie (Ruth Donnelly) decides to take a step-down and become the housekeeper for the solidly middle-class Smiths after taking a shine to Mrs. Joan Smith (Margaret Lindsay) at an employment agency.  Winning over the reluctant John Smith (Warren Hull), Lizzie quickly demonstrates her worth as she subtly guides the Smiths up the social brackets, much to the benefit of the insurance agency John works for. The Smiths’ circle soon includes socialite Diana Abercrombie (Anita Louise), a young lady of keen interest to Lizzie. As Joan’s younger brother Kent (Frank Albertson) falls for Diana, she becomes the subject of interest for the married and predatory Warren Sherrill (Gordon Elliott). Compelled to protect Diana’s virtue, Lizzie makes a risky confession – one that threatens the Smiths standing and her future.

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