Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Shirley Temple & Sheer Cinema Pleasures


Pleasures, Guilty and Otherwise

BORN RECKLESS (1958) “Every Big-Time Rodeo Prize Rolled Into One Pair of Tight Pants!” goes the tagline for this rock ‘n rodeo wonder starring the one and only Ms. Mamie Van Doren who catapulted this piece of  cinema into the cult classic firmament. She’s the cowgal crooner and sultry stunt-rider with the cutest little rope-trick of all. He’s the two-timing rough rider (Jeff Richards) that’s going to learn the hard way that being born reckless doesn’t mean being born yesterday. And Cool Man (Arthur Hunnicutt) is the salty mentor who laments his protégé’s profligate ways. Mix all that together with seven rocking tunes and you’ve got one wild time! Directed by Howard Koch. 16×9 Widescreen WHITE COMANCHE (1968) It’s Shatner vs. Shatner in this “Sangria Western” shot between seasons of Star Trek. William Shatner plays twins, Johnny and Notah Moon, both outcast ‘half-breed’ Comanche, but one is a gunslinger and the other is a psychotic killer. When their collision course with destiny places the town of Rio Hondo in the cross hairs, it’s down to Sheriff Logan (Joseph Cotten) to find the light long-buried in Johnny Moon’s soul. Largely seen via 4×3 prints as worn as poor Johnny’s inner fire, cult classic White Comanche has not looked this saddle-ready in years, courtesy of new elements. Come and “dream your dreams of hate!” in 16×9 Widescreen. THE WILD AFFAIR (1963) Set-up as a seeming “will she or won’t she?” wink of a flick, The Wild Affair turns the tables and becomes a warm and perceptive ensemble study of class and character. Young Marjorie Lee (Nancy Kwan in terrific form) is getting married soon and is looking forward to the annual Christmas Party on her last day of work at the only job she has known. But Sandra Lee, Marj’s mostly naughty alter ego, is on hand to encourage mostly good girl Marj, a chance to live it up one last time. Terry-Thomas leads the supporting players, an-all-star squad of British cinema stalwarts including Betty Marsden, Victor Spinetti and Bessie Love. 16×9 Widescreen

Shirley Temple > 13

KATHLEEN (1941) It’s childhood’s end for the phenomenal Shirley Temple as she taps away from Fox and onto the soundstages of MGM for this family drama/romance about a high-spirited girl who want nothing more than the love of her distant, widowed father (Herbert Marshall). Set-up as a bad girl by her tyrannical governess, Kathleen’s hope for salvation comes courtesy of kid psych doc ‘Angel Kent’ (Laraine Day). But Kathleen’s dreams of marital bliss for her pa and the good doc come up a cropper, when father gets engaged to a dull affair. So what’s a high dreaming girl to do? Run away to be a Broadway star, that’s what! Directed by Harold S. Bucquet. HONEYMOON (1947) A recently-married Shirley Temple is the fulcrum in this comedy of criss-crossing passions below the border, co-starring with the ever able Franchot Tone and new up-and-comer Guy Madison. Barbara Olmstead (Temple) alights to Mexico City to marry the besotted soldier-boy (Madison) she met by swimming into him, but it he doesn’t show up. On a short leave from Panama, they only have a short time together to get the deed done. So what does she do? Insist that the dashing, older American Consul (Tone) come to her aid immediately and find him! But that assistance may just undo the union-to-be… Thank goodness Mexico has plenty of swimming pools to straighten things out! Directed by William Keighley. ADVENTURE IN BALTIMORE (1949) Temple plays a turn-of-the-century suffragette on the short road to scandal, scoldings and romance in this family comedy co-starring Robert Young as a Father who does know best. When the Reverend Dr. Andrew Sheldon’s (Young) young daughter Dinah (Temple) gets the bounce from boarding school thanks to wearing two petticoats instead of five, divine old dad has the summer to tame his wild filly. Too bad for the doc, Dinah has other ideas, like painting her neighborhood boy-chum Tom (John Agar) in the buff. While this may be OK for a free-thinking femme, it may not be for the daughter of a candidate for Bishop… Directed by Richard Wallace.

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