Warner Archive Collection New Releases October 1: Halloween and the BOO-ery Boys



 Halloween Haunts

THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS (1946) At last, this surreal horror suspense classic crawls onto DVD! Robert Florey directs Peter Lorre in this definitive “Phantom Limb” shocker in which the inhabitants of an isolated villa are seemingly stalked by the hand of a dead pianist and this hand won’t stop killing until it gets its revenge! Lorre, as the pianist’s put-upon, occult obsessed secretary, is as sublime as ever. Robert Alda plays a grifter/arranger and Andrea King plays the object of desire for both man and ghost. Screenplay by horror master Curt Siodmak, with story suggestions by the legendary Louis Buñuel, and a peerless score from Warner Bros.’ resident maestro, Max Steiner. NYC fans: see below for a rare screening! Newly Remastered

 NIGHTMARE HONEYMOON (1974) The 70s saw a slew of twisted revenge thrillers thanks to the grindhouse breakout success of Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left as demonstrated by Nightmare Honeymoon’s poster’s announcement, “Thank Heavens It’s Only a Movie!” The aptly named Dack Rambo plays a Vietnam vet whose honeymoon turns horrific thanks to the ministrations of a psychotic hood (Nichol’s John Beck). But this psycho is not the only trained killer on the streets of New Orleans, and the war hero husband embarks on a private war. Also stars Pat Hingle and Rebecca Dianna Smith. Adapted from the book Deadly Honeymoon by crime czar Lawrence Block, directed by Elliot Silverstein (Cat Ballou, Tales from the Crypt). Special Feature: Contains both the Not Rated Alternate Theatrical Version and the Not Rated Alternate TV Version. Newly Remastered

 CASPER‘S HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (1979) Hanna-Barbera takes the Friendly Ghost on a Halloween romp in this classic TV special. It’s Halloween and Casper leaps at the chance to experience the delights of the night “just like a real boy.” It’s trick or treat time for Casper – the treats in the form of a gang of orphan kids who accept Casper as one their own, and the tricks from Hairy Scary and his ghostly gang who bedevil the hapless urchins. Can Casper save the night for his new pals? The answer may lie with Hairy Scary himself… Special Holiday Bonus Feature: The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t (1972) Learn the secret history of the first Thanksgiving as Jeremy Squirrel braves the wilderness to save a lost pilgrim boy and his Native American playmate on the eve of the first feast in this half-hour animated TV holiday classic.


Baker in Blu

THE MENTALIST: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (2008-09) On BLU-RAY! Follow the cases of Patrick Jane and the CBI as they were meant to be seen – in arresting High Definition! Simon Baker stars as the sly, acerbic and oh-so-damaged celebrity psychic Patrick Jane whose hubris in taunting serial killer Red John cost him his family. Acknowledging his supposed paranormal abilities were merely his own intense powers of observation and a deep understanding of human psychology, Jane brings the con to consultant as he aids the California Bureau of Investigation. But no matter how many criminals he catches, Patrick never forgets his central goal: Find Red John. Co-starring Robin Tunney and created by Bruno Heller. Special Features: Evidence of a Hit Series – Interviews with the creators, directors and cast; Cracking the Crystal Ball: Mentalist Vs. Psychic – The producers, directors, cast, and real-life detectives, mentalists and police psychics discuss the reality of psychic gifts: Surveillance Video: Gag Reel.


The Boys Are Back!

THE BOWERY BOYS COLLECTION: VOLUME THREE (1948-1949) The third volume of the complete Bowery Boys film collection contains many milestone moments along with more mirth and malaprops than you can swing a crumpled fedora at! Moving from the “Gabe Dell and the gangsters” Bowery Boys of the 40s all the way to Huntz Hall headlining in the late 50s, we bid a fond farewell to beloved Bernard Gorcey who died suddenly after completing Dig That Uranium. Son Leo (Slip) would depart the series shortly thereafter, leaving Hall to carry the comedy alongside new boy Duke (Stanley Clements). But allow us to regurgitate one salient pint – Slip, Sach, Duke, Louie and the boys will be back for another round in volume 4! Newly Remastered

Volume Three contains:

  • ·         Angels’ Alley (1948) The Boys look back to their “Dead End” roots as the 40s wind down, complete with gangsters, urchins and two-fisted Fathers (O’Hanlon in this case).
  • ·         Jinx Money (1948) It’s time for a suspenseful trip to pulp land, as the boys discover a cursed bundle of loot and face the eerie menace of “the Umbrella.”
  • ·         Angels in Disguise (1949) Sach and Slip take a wrong turn and end up trapped inside a full blown piece of Film Noir! Shadows, alleys, murderous thugs, and best of all – Slip provides a megaton of malaprops in his hard boiled first person narration.
  • ·         Feudin’ Fools (1952) This prime piece of the “What’s the matter with Sach?” stories sees Horace Debussy Jones inherit a parcel of land right in the middle of feudin’ territory.
  • ·         Jalopy (1953) Sach the chemical king accidentally cooks up a superfuel just as Slip is heading off to the races.
  • ·         Paris Playboys (1954) It’s Huntz Hall squared as the UN discovers that Sach is the double for a missing French scientist, and sends him to Paris to flush the scientist out.
  • ·         Dig that Uranium (1956) The boys and Louie head out west where they encounter crooks and king cowboy Raymond Hatton – Monogram Nevada Jack fans take note!
  • ·         Crashing Las Vegas (1956) Leo Gorcey’s swan song to the series sees him go out in style as he guides a suddenly savant Sach through the gambling dens of Vegas.
  • ·         Hot Shots (1956) Sach and Duke take charge of a pre-teen TV star. Guest starring Inspector Henderson himself, Robert Shayne!
  • ·         Spook Chasers (1957) The Boys go full on Scooby and a foil a plot of ghost-impersonating gangsters. There’s even traps and hidden loot!
  • ·         Looking for Danger (1957) Bowery Boys go the retcon route as we discover Duke and the Boys serving overseas and going undercover as Nazis during World War II.
  • ·         Up in Smoke (1957) It’s Sach versus the Devil – but pity the demon.

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection or WB Shop.com

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