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Brave, Bold and Now on Blu-ray!

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (2008) Bat-mite (voiced by Paul Reubens) put it best: “Batman’s rich history allows him to be interpreted in a multitude of ways. To be sure, this is a lighter incarnation, but it’s certainly no less valid and true to the character’s roots than the tortured avenger crying out for mommy and daddy. AND BESIDES, THOSE EASTER BUNNIES LOOK REALLY SCARY, RIGHT?!” Under the aegis of producer James Tucker, B:TBATB bravely challenged modern fan conceptions of The Dark Knight while boldly exploitating the richness of the entire DC Comics universe. The result is a sly and skillful blend of Dick Sprang’s Batmen, TV’s timeless 1966 incarnation, Bruce Timm’s animated series and scores of others which creates a unique show that appeals to fans both new and old. Lead voice actor Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show) uses his crack comic skills to channel Kevin Conroy’s Caped Crusader making his Bats the ultimate straight man in the world’s funnest cape cartoon. And he’s aided by a legion of vocal acting titans (and directed by legendary voice director Andrea Romano) that includes John Dimmagio (Aquaman), James Arnold Taylor (Green Arrow), Will Friedle (Blue Beetle), Tom Kenny (Plastic Man), Grey Delisle (Black Canary) and Neil Patrick Harris (The Music Meister). This 2-Disc, 26-Episode Blu-ray Disc Collection presents B:TBATB’s inaugural season in all its crisp and clear 1080p High Definition, as it was meant to be enjoyed. A galaxy of Bat-tastic team-ups await as they face any peril ­ including other heroes OUTRAGEOUSLY stealing the show ­ in their relentless pursuit of justice.
And fun. And really scary Easter Bunnies.

Kissing the Grits

FLO: THE COMPLETE SERIES (1979-80) Polly Holliday’s character Flo’s ever-burgeoning popularity proved irresistible spin-off allure, and the sassy Texas belle was lured out of the confines of Alice’s Mel’s Diner and set-up shop in her own show and roadhouse, Flo’s Yellow Rose. After an Alice-like car breakdown, Flo ends up in her infamous hometown of Cowtown, TX where, thanks to the desperate wiles of local banker Farley Waters (Jim Baker), Flo buys the local rundown roadhouse. Now she just has to talk the he-man cowboy bartender (Geoffrey Lewis) into letting a woman be his boss… Also stars Sudie Bond as Flo’s raucous Mama, Lucy Lee Flippin as Flo’s prim sister Fran, Joyce Bulifant as waitress/BFF Miriam, Leo Burmeister as madcap mechanic Randy and Stephen Mills as laconic ivory-tickler Les. Flo: The Complete Series features all 29 episodes from its two-season run plus a bar full of guests including James Cromwell, Robert Englund, Forrest Tucker, Joanna Cassidy, Hoyt Axton and Alice’s Vic Tayback as Mel.

Showtime on TNT

NEVER FORGET (1991) Leonard Nimoy and Blythe Danner star in this telefilm inspired by the life of Mel Mermelstein, the man who in the face of manipulations and machinations by the historical revisionism of professional hate groups, caused the US courts to recognize the holocaust as uncontestable fact. After the horrors of Nazi occupation, Hungarian born Auschwitz survivor Mermelstein finds a new life and new family in the new world, but strives to keep the memory of the family he lost alive by educating a new generation to the truths of Nazi depredations. When the Institute for Historical Review issues a hectoring challenge to Mel Mermelstein to prove the holocaust happened in a court of their making, Mel defiantly teams up with local lawdog Bill Cox (Dabney Coleman) to teach the Institute a lesson in truth. One of Nimoy’s finest performances in a career littered with them.

CRAZY IN LOVE (1992) Holly Hunter, Gena Rowlands, Frances McDormand and Bill Pullman star in this adaptation of Luanne Rice’s novel about a family of women living on an island in the Puget Sound. Georgie (Hunter), the youngest of the women, is head over heels for businessman hubby Nick (Pullman), but the dangers of commuting by puddle-jumper plane start to unravel their domestic stability. Then, as Geogie’s insecurities mount, a dashing photog (Julian Sands) enters the picture. Hunter and Pullman are the focus, but the quiet truths of Rowlands and McDormand are the show.

A LIFE IN THE THEATRE (1993) Playwright David Mamet and frequent collaborator director Gregory Mosher re-team to adapt their stage wonder, A Life in the Theatre, for the small screen starring a pair of true stage and screen superstars, Jack Lemon and Matthew Broderick. This two-man show focuses on the backstage ramblings of a pair of repertory actors – one an aging vet, the other a rising (wannabe) star – across seasons and shows as the pair wrestle with their craft and each other. Lemon and Broderick are masterful as they each, in turn, subsume their gifts to inhabit the shoes of the showmen who stand in the shadows.

THE HEIDI CHRONICLES (1995) Wendy Wasserstein’s blockbuster stage chronicle of the baby boomer generation’s slow rise to self-knowledge as seen through the lens of a young, independent woman stars Jamie Lee Curtis. Art student Heidi Holland navigates the choppy waters of a culture in flux, from sock hops and student protests in the Sixties to the sexual revolutions of the Seventies and the cynicism and tragedies of the Me-decade Eighties. Tom Hulce delivers an outstanding (and award winning performance) as Heidi¹s pal Peter Patrone. Also stars Peter Friedman and Kim Cattrall.

DEADLOCKED (2000) Charles Dutton and David Caruso star in this crackerjack suspense thriller that mixes courtroom drama, hostage crisis and murder mystery to brew up a powerful stew that takes aim at racial inequality in America while simultaneously examining personal responsibility and family obligations. When correction officer Jacob Doyle’s (Dutton) estranged son is convicted of murder in the first, Doyle snaps and takes the jury hostage inside their own courtroom. Doyle then tasks the DA (Caruso) that just convicted his son with proving his innocence – in 24 hours, or the jury starts to die.

HBO is Here to Help

THE WEIGHT OF THE NATIONS FOR KIDS (2012) This three part series take aim at childhood obesity through a series of short films designed to empower and educate young people on how to battle this rising epidemic. “The Great Cafeteria Takeover” follows a group of New Orleans kids, who dubbed themselves the Rethinkers, as they make a difference in their community by transforming their school lunch menu with healthier, better-tasting options. “Kebreeya’s Salad Days” follows 17-year-old Kebreeya’s crusade to improve nutrition awareness on a personal, family and community level in her North Carolina town by maintaining a garden at an elementary school and encouraging others to do the same via the student group SWARM (Students Working for an Agricultural Revolutionary Movement). “Quiz Ed!” tests the nutrition and physical activity knowledge of students of varying ages and activity levels to inspire them to choose foods with less sugar and not skip meals. Directed and Produced by Shari Cookson & Nick Doob.
NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection or WB Shop.com

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