Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Nick and Nora’s Stunning Blu Debut!

THE THIN MAN (1934) New 2019 1080p HD Master From new 4K Scan of Best Archival Elements 
William Powell and Myrna Loy light up the screen in this intoxicating screwball murder mystery that is as seductively charming now as it was 85 years ago. Debutante Nora shocked 5th Avenue when she married laconic gumshoe Nick Charles; Nick, on the other hand, shocked himself by getting the one girl who was every bit his match in wit and detection. And it’s a good thing, too, because it will take both their minds, and many jiggers of gin, for them to solve the disappearance of The Thin Man and save his daughter (Maureen O’Sullivan). Painstakingly restored from a 4K scan of the best available elements, The Thin Man sparkles like the finest vintage champagne in glorious black and white on this wondrous Blu-ray Disc. Special Features: 1936 Lux Radio Theater Broadcast Starring Powell and Loy (Audio Only); 1957 Episode of “The Thin Man” television series-“Scene of the Crime”; Theatrical Trailer (HD)

MERRILL’S MARAUDERS (1962) New 2019 1080p HD Master
Writer/Director and decorated Army Veteran Sam Fuller lends his considerable storytelling talent and gift for hard-charging understatement to the true tale of one of the most extraordinary and harrowing military campaigns in human history. Brigadier General Frank Merrill (Jeff Chandler) leads Unit Galahad, officially named the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), deep behind enemy lines and through miles of dank, dense, disease ridden jungle in a desperate bid to ensure the enemy will never have the ability to link up. Ty Hardin Will Hutchins and Claude Akins play some of the dogfaces that were part of this all-volunteer force in this Sam Fuller production that stands alongside Steel Helmet and The Big Red One as boots-on-the-ground recreations of the misery and the heroics of military life. And all the glory arrives as new as yesterday thanks to this new 1080p HD presentation. Also includes Theatrical Trailer (HD). 16×9 Letterbox


Attack of the Killer Ds!

Racecar driver Bill Foster (Dick Purcell) has the talent to collect racing trophies, but his reckless stunts on the track gets him banned from the racing association altogether. Hitting the road with his loyal sidekick, mechanic Stub Wilson (Vaudeville veteran Charley Foy), Bill crashes into a bus owned by Neeley Transport. Bill is determined to sock Neeley’s president in the nose because of the damage to his racing car, only to discover that the president is the attractive Jerry Neeley (Beverly Roberts) – a woman who proves immune to Bill’s charms. Bill goes to work for Tommy Burnell (Donald Briggs), the owner of a rival bus company that is sabotaging Neeley Transport. Once Bill learns he’s working for the wrong side, he goes out of his way to help Jerry save her company. This B-movie classic serves up an entire movie serial’s worth of thrills and chills into a streamlined entertainment machine, ably delivered by a cast and crew of true show business veterans (including radio star Gloria Blondell, sister of Joan).

 DOUBLE DANGER (1938) New to DVD
Gentleman crime novelist Bob Crane (Preston Foster) and debutante Carolyn Martin (Whitney Bourne) lead lives of luxury. Both are gifted with loyal attendants – Crane, his valet Fentriss (Cecil Kellaway), and Carolyn with Taylor (Paul Guilfoyle), her driver. Each are intimate friends with Police Commissioner Theron (Samuel S. Hinds). But unknown to their social circle and the world at large, they are both master jewel thieves. Crane’s criminal alter-ego “The Gentleman” has long eluded Commissioner Theron, but Theron has finally narrowed his list of suspects down to two – Crane and Foster. Theron sets a clever trap with the aid of jeweler Gordon Ainsley (Donald Meek), for whom “The Gentleman” has long been a thorn in his side, by inviting both suspects to his country estate. Unfortunately for Theron, his mousetrap is set for one mouse and the amount of mischief he has invited is more than he expected!

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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