Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Murders and Spinach

THE LETTER (1940) New 2019 1080p HD Master

In a career packed to the rafters with show-stopping performances, Bette Davis delivers up one of her best in this W. Somerset Maugham adaptation directed by the great William Wyler. In this torrid, tropical melodrama, Davis plays Leslie Crosbie, a wealthy socialite who stuns her island community when she guns a man down on the steps of her plantation estate. Leslie’s claim of self-defense develops serious cracks when a blackmailer turns up with incriminating correspondence. While her attorney (James Stephenspn) risks his legal career, Leslie’s husband Robert (Herbert Marshall) struggles to understand her heart. Meticulously restored for this new 1080p HD presentation, Wyler’s masterful camerawork, Davis’ layered and chilling performance, and the outstanding contributions from an superb supporting cast are all given in life in this revelation of a release of an acknowledged piece of classic cinema. Special Features: Alternate Ending Sequence; 2 Audio-Only Bonuses: Lux Radio Theater adaptation starring Davis, Marshall and Stephenson from 4/21/41 and Lux Radio Theater adaptation starring Davis and Marshall from 3/6/44; Theatrical Trailer (HD)


THE SET-UP (1949) New 2019 1080p HD Master

Robert Wise directs film noir icons Robert Ryan and Audrey Totter in this real-time film noir boxing drama that portrays the final fight in palooka pugilist Stoker Thompson’s (Ryan) career. While Stoker’s wife Julie (Totter) implores him to give up the ring, Stoker’s simple credo of “fighters gotta fight” keeps him tied to the squared circle. But Stoker is in the dark about this particular fight – his manager has promised a gangster that Stoker will take a dive. Too bad he didn’t tell Stoker… A miracle of lean and luscious direction, all of The Set-Up’s grit and glory sparkles in this scintillating 1080p HD transfer that packs a wallop. Special Feature: commentary by director Robert Wise and Martin Scorsese.


A TOUCH OF CLASS (1973) New 2019 1080p HD Master

Director Melvin Frank’s bittersweet comedy romance about an attempted illicit affair between a married American (George Segal) and a divorced Englishwoman (Glenda Jackson) proved a surprise smash hit thanks to its charm, humor and fine performances all around including Paul Sorvino and Hildegard Neil. After a chance encounter, Vickie Allesio (Jackson) and Steve Blackburn (Segal) attempt to have a tryst far from prying eyes in Málaga, but a series of mishaps and muscle spasms throw a monkey wrench into the romance. Growing closer through adversity, they decide to continue their affair back in London, but the relationship takes an unexpectedly serious turn. A Touch of Class arrives looking love-at-first-sight fresh thanks to this new HD master that shines with warmth and immediacy. 16×9 Widescreen.


MY FAVORITE YEAR (1982) New 2019 1080p HD Master 

Mark Linn-Baker makes his debut and Peter O’Toole is a delight in this tale from director Richard Benjamin inspired by producer Mel Brooks’ experiences working for Sid Caesar’s legendary Your Show of Shows. Young Benjy Stone (Baker), tyro comedy writer/production assistant on “King” Kaiser’s (Joseph Bologna) Cavalcade of Comedy TV show, is overjoyed when his childhood idol, swashbuckling screen star Alan Swann (O’Toole), gets booked as the host. But when Swann is discovered living on the dipsomaniac side of the street, King wants to sack him from the show. Desperate to defend his hero, Benjy makes a plea on his behalf. Annoyed by Benjy’s temerity, King puts Swann under Benjy’s charge with the caveat that if Swann falls off the wagon while they are rehearsing, it will cost Benjy his job. All goes almost smoothly until Swann finds out Cavalcade is broadcast live and he’s “not an actor, (he’s) a movie star!” The production’s skillful recreation of early 1950s New York, Richard Benjamin’s comedic gifts as a director thoroughly infused with a human touch, and one of O’Toole’s most celebrated performances effervesce as never before thanks to this intoxicating High Def Master. Special Feature: commentary by director Richard Benjamin. 16×9 Widescreen


POPEYE THE SAILOR THE 1940s VOLUME THREE (1948-49) New 2019 1080p HD Masters From 4K Scans of the Original Negatives

This set finishes out Popeye’s second decade of screen stardom with cartoons originally released to movie theaters in 1948 and 1949. In these cartoons, Popeye and Olive travel back to prehistoric times, ancient Greece and the Sherwood Forest. They visit Plymouth Rock and the Old West, then battle assorted baddies in the Egyptian desert, the freezing Arctic and the Ozarks. Of course, Bluto is back as Popeye’s number-one nemesis, tackling the sailor man as a rival lumberjack, a fanatic flying ace and a lecherous vaudeville hypnotist. But that’s not all! Popeye also has his fists full with a pair of pet dogs, irritating houseflies and a quartet of spinach-hating, sound-alike nephews. He ultimately meets his match when Olive decides to throw her hat in the ring and makes a run for U.S. president! Collection includes Olive Oyl for President; Wigwam Whoopee; Pre-Hysterical Man; Popeye Meets Hercules; A Wolf in Sheik’s Clothing; Spinach vs Hamburgers; Snow Place Like Home; Robin Hood-Winked; Symphony in Spinach; Popeye’s Premiere; Lumberjack and Jill; Hot Air Aces; A Balmy Swami; Tar with a Star; Silly Hillbilly; Barking Dogs Don’t Fite; The Fly’s Last Flight. Also available on DVD!

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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