Warner Archive Collection New Releases: CinemaScope Spring Ahead


WORLD WITHOUT END (1956) New to Blu-ray with a 2017 1080p HD Remaster  
“CinemaScope’s first Science-Fiction thriller” sees four intrepid astronauts (Hugh Marlowe, Nelson Leigh, Rod Taylor and Christopher Dark) successfully complete mankind’s first Mars mission only to run afoul of a warp in space. Tossed centuries into the future, they discover an Earth devastated by nuclear war. A world where mutant beastmen rule the surface, while the underground is a populated by a society of listless males and lustful ladies sporting styles designed by Vargas! Trapped in a tomorrow they never made, the four astronauts take on the monsters above while fighting to bring humanity back to the surface. This Allied Artists’ A-level B-picture has never gleamed as brightly in this surprising stunning 1080p HD presentation.

The Women of RKO – New to DVD!

SMART WOMAN (1931) New to DVD Gregory La Cava directs Mary Astor in this wise and witty drawing room war of the sexes where manners never falter while scandal simmers at the surface. Mrs. Nancy Gibson (Astor), on a return cruise to the states after a long absence, makes the acquaintance of Sir Guy Harrington (John Halliday), Europe’s richest and most wanted bachelor. The smooth Sir Guy is besotted with her, but Nancy has only thoughts for the husband waiting for her return. Unfortunately, husband Donald (Robert Ames) has “gone off the deep end” for his new mistress Peggy Preston (Noel Francis), as she is quickly informed by Donald’s partner and brother-in-law, Billy (Edward Everett Horton). Back at her country estate, Donald finds his divorce demands easily accepted, with one proviso – he agree to have Peggy and her mother (Gladys Gale) join them for the weekend, along with Nancy’s (faux) new lover – Sir Guy Harrington!

LADIES OF THE JURY (1932) New to DVD The inimitable Edna May Oliver takes over both trial and deliberations in this effervescent legal comedy-drama. When society dame Yvette Gordon (Jill Esmond) stands accused of shooting her sugar daddy husband, it appears that the French chorus girl gold-digger is getting the comeuppance her class-hopping self richly deserves. Save for one member of the juror – the utterly outspoken society matron Mrs. Livingston Baldwin Crane (Oliver), who senses that Yvette is innocent. It’s intuition and judge of character versus chauvinism and assumption as Mrs. Crane – the sole “not guilty” vote, sets about swaying her fellow jurors opinions and solving a murder mystery. Replete with double (and triple) entendre, one line zingers, comical accent confusion and a barrel of well-timed suggestive eye rolls, this courtroom cut-up is a prescient satire on societal sexism – and high society!

THE RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (1934) New to DVD Miriam Hopkins stars as Dorothy Hunter, orphaned by the Titanic and is now the wealthiest debutante in the world. So wealthy, in fact, that her whereabouts and appearance are such a closely guarded secret, she uses her secretary Sylvia (Fay Wray) as a stand-in. After yet another abortive romance caused by the sheer magnitude of her wealth (“If only you were the second richest girl, that would have been different…” her ex explains), Dorothy aims to see if she can snag true-love sans wealth and takes on Sylvia’s identity full-time. Encountering seemingly regular Joe, Tony (Joel McCrea), Dorothy may have found her man but putting Tony to the test places Dorothy in a love triangle – with herself. Meanwhile the married Sylvia’s husband, Philip (Reginald Denny) is losing patience with her playing single, rich and fancy-free. Hopkins and Wray are a tag-team delight in this fractured fairy-tale romance.

FIGHT FOR YOUR LADY (1937) New to DVD Wrestling manager ‘Honest’ Ham Hamilton (Jack Oakie) is in hock up to his neck – and his continental creditors are calling due. So Ham is counting on his star wrestler Mike Scanlon (Gordon Jones) to take a dive, allowing Ham to settle his tab. Nightclub crooner Robert Densmore (John Boles) has a dilettante debutante fiancé, Marcia (Margot Grahame), who has bet big on Mike, however, and is sitting ringside. Catching Mike’s eye, Marcia brings enough heat to bear to inspire Mike to win the match. Ham and Robert cross paths thanks to Ham’s inventive retreat from the ring and Ham takes on managing Robert while Marcia, in turn, takes on Mike. Fleeing to Budapest, Ham is stuck with a despondent Densmore. Attempting to perform one quirky feat of reverse psychology, Ham points Densmore towards the vivacious ventriloquist Marietta (Ida Lupino), but Marietta’s beau (Erik Rhodes) is the deadliest swordsman in Europe!

A GIRL IN EVERY PORT (1952) New to DVD Groucho Marx’s last leading role sees him deploying all his patented patter and double- talk as a Navy lifer out to save a pal from his “inherited” racehorse. Navy seaman Benny Linn (Groucho) is flabbergasted when his pal, Navy seaman Tim Dunnovan (William Bendix) squanders his inheritance on Little Erin, a horse he’s never seen. Talking their put-upon superior into granting them five days leave in order to un-swindle Dunnovan, Benny sets to shore with purpose and chicanery in mind. Tracking down the horse’s trainer (Gene Lockhart), the salts discover their seemingly lame horse has a secret twin – Little Shamrock – owned by lovely car-hop Jane Sweet (Marie Wilson). In short order we have fake Southern Gentleman, switched and double-switched equines, angry gangsters, stumbling saboteurs, and one hen-pecked businessman (Don DeFore), who may just be Jane’s true love. In order to save the day, it’s time for Groucho to ride!


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