Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Bogart. Bacall. Blu-rays.



Starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Hedy Lamarr, Lionel Barrymore, Edward G. Robinson,
Claire Trevor & George O’Brien

THE BIG SLEEP (1946) on Blu-ray Howard Hawks’ definitive noir shines out of the shadows as never before in eye-popping 1080p HD. Taking the role of Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, Bogie continues his meteoric ascent from actor to icon while Lauren Bacall cements the sizzle that had audiences hot under the collar while watching To Have and Have Not. Summoned to the manse upon the hill of General Sternwood, Phil Marlowe soon becomes embroiled in the murderous machinations surrounding the General’s wayward daughters (Martha Vickers and Bacall). Hawks’ film is so focused on the dynamics of investigation; the plot’s lapses in logic vanish as we’re enveloped in the mystery itself. Screenplay by William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett and Jules Furthman. Special Features: Theatrical Trailer in HD; Alternate 1945 Pre-release Version with previously unissued Introduction by UCLA Film Preservation Officer Robert Gitt; The Big Sleep 1945/1946 Comparisons – Uncut Robert Gitt “Lecture” Version (30 Minutes).

KEY LARGO (1948) on Blu-ray Perhaps the most unabashedly romantic of the immortal Bogie/Bacall pairings, the clear connection between the two icons is the strong core at the heart of this cinematic storm. After gangsters take a hotel in the Florida Keys hostage as a hurricane barrels on, a war vet (Bogart) finds a cause worth fighting for – the widow (Bacall) of his old army buddy.  Lionel Barrymore, Edward G. Robinson and Claire Trevor lend superb support. Directed by John Huston. Presented in glistening 1080p HD. Special Feature: Theatrical Trailer in HD


WHITE CARGO (1942) Hedy Lamarr tantalizes and scandalizes as the notorious Tondelayo in this torrid tale of a love triangle set among the rubber plantations of English colonial Africa. Cynical overseer Harry Witzel (Walter Pidgeon) doesn’t think the new plantation supervisor Mr. Langford (Richard Carlson) has what it takes to tame the land or withstand the savage seductions of Tondelayo. But Tondelayo has plans – and allegiances – of her own. Directed by Richard Thorpe.

LADY OF THE TROPICS (1939) Robert Taylor plays a down-at-the-heels American millionaire who finds love and tragedy in Saigon when he falls for the “half-caste” Manon DeVargnes (Hedy Lamarr). Manon is the object of another wealthy suitor’s twisted desires, who shares her half-caste status. Denied a passport due to her mixed blood, Manon and her man are trapped as the ruthless Pierre Delaroch (Joseph Schildkraut) seeks to ensnare Manon forever. Directed by Jack Conway.


GEORGE O’BRIEN WESTERNS COLLECTION (1938-40) Cowboy king George O’Brien rides high in this 3 Disc, 9 Movie Collection of some of his most thrilling RKO oaters. The good-natured, barrel-chested, good-man-in-black delivered justice and box-office gold for RKO Pictures during his reign – only giving up his reins when duty called him back into his nation’s service. This sharpshooting nine-pack starts off with the contemporary crime/Western Lawless Valley (1938) with Kay Sutton. Arizona Legion (1939), Trouble in Sundown (1939), Racketeers of the Range (1939) and Timber Stampede (1939) all co-star Chill Wills. The Fighting Gringo (1939) co-stars George O’Brien romancing the lovely Lupita Tovar. The set finishes up with Bullet Code (1940), Prairie Law (1940) and Stage to Chino (1940) all co-starring the vivacious Virginia Vale. So quit your stallin’ and saddle up – it’s time to ride with George O’Brien!
NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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