Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Behemoth Adventures


THE GIANT BEHEMOTH (1959) New 2019 1080p HD Master

The horrors of the Atomic Age threaten Britain when thousands of fish wash up dead on its shores and fishermen are found dead at sea. Two scientists investigating these mysteries discover something far more frightening than their worst nightmares: a giant, radioactive sea creature horribly mutated by the effects of radioactive fallout staggers from beneath the depths bringing death to every living thing in its path. Even worse, they realize the monster is heading for London! This stop-motion monsterpiece comes roaring to life in glorious Black and White thanks to this tremendous high definition rendition. 16×9 Widescreen

TARZAN GOES TO INDIA (1962) New 2019 1080p HD Master

John Guillermin (Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure) directs this tale of action and intrigue in the subcontinent. Tarzan (Jock Mahoney) is summoned to come to the aid of a parade of pachyderms endangered by the development of a dam. Sy Weintraub continues his slate of sophisticated Tarzan adventures that frames the action with a frank look at the costs – and the need – for progress in the developing world and greater environmental protection. Aided by Jai the Elephant Boy and the mighty elephant Gajandrah, Tarzan’s quest to save animal and flood refugee alike swings it way onto Blu-ray Disc looking as verdant and virile as ever. 16×9 Letterbox

TARZAN’S THREE CHALLENGES (1963) New 2019 1080p HD Master

Tarzan (Jock Mahoney) continues his intercontinental goodwill tour, journeying to the jungles of Thailand to aid the young heir to the land’s spiritual throne. Throwing challenges to Tarzan and the boy’s ascension is the heir’s uncle, the warlord Khan (Woody Strode). It will take all of the Jungle Lord’s feral skill set to come out ahead in this series of vine-jumping, sword fighting, and flame dancing death duels. And it all comes vividly to life on this terrific new high definition presentation! 16×9 Letterbox



UNASHAMED (1932) New to DVD

Helen Twelvetrees and Robert Young play a pair of siblings caught up in an “honor killing” in this eyebrow raising pre-Code courtroom drama. Young Dick Ogden (Young) will do anything to protect his older sister Joan (Twelvetrees), but unfortunately Joan’s judgement in men is lacking. Wooed by shiftless polo player Harry Swift (Monroe Owsley) who’s only after her wealth, she’s enticed into spending the night with Harry in a hotel. Having compromised Joan, Harry attempts to force her to the altar with the threat of scandal and shame. Dick has other ideas and the two formerly inseparable siblings now face off on opposing sides in a murder trial. With Dick facing an appointment with the electric chair, Joan must face her own utter ruination if he is to be saved. Also starring MGM stalwarts Jean Hersholt and Lewis Stone.


Ginger Rogers makes her top-lining debut at the studio that would make her a star in this ribald RKO programmer as a “Purity Girl” radio pitchwoman whose yearning to suffer for sinning is stymied by her sponsor’s need for her to be squeaky-clean. They are, after all, the Ippsie Wippsie washcloth company! But Glory Eden (Rogers) isn’t signing a new contract until she gets a chance to sow her very wild oats, so the minds behind her hit radio show decide to set her up with a “professional sweetheart” plucked from her correspondence from her many admirers. The Kentucky hayseed they pick, tall, dark and drawling Jim Davey (Norman Foster), has designs of his own, and the Purity Girl’s faux fiancé might prove to be an oopsie-woopise for Ippsie Wippsie. Rogers is a delight surrounded by a who’s who stable of supporting player greats including Zasu Pitts, Frank McHugh, Allen Jenkins and Gregory Ratoff.


Airline pilot “Million-mile” Wad Madison (Robert Armstrong) is a sure and steady handy on the stick, and his passenger’s safety his utmost concern. Playboy stunt flier Len Kendrick (Vinton Haworth) disregards caution and convention in his pursuit of flight records and the ladies. Unfortunately for Wad, Kendrick is the prodigal son of his boss, and the elder Kendrick has a new flight plan for Wad – clip Kendrick’s wings and train him to be a proper airline pilot. Wad’s teaching stint hits some turbulence when Kendrick sets his sights on Wad’s girl, Kay Armstrong (Sally Eilers), a fetching flight attendant. And this is after Kendrick has already enjoyed a dalliance with Kay’s sister, Penny (Frances Sage)! But Kendrick harbors a horrible secret – one that Penny is privy to and may prove deadly for Kay. This picture packs a lot of high sky drama under the direction of B movie master Lew Landers (Pacific Liner).


WOMAN WANTED (1936) New to DVD

Convicted of a murder she didn’t commit, Ann Grey (Maureen O’Sullivan) is on the way to the Big House when a freak car accident sets her free. The now fugitive Ann finds unlikely sanctuary with playboy attorney Tony Baxter (Joel McCrea) who already had eyes for her. It’s not long before Tony figures out Ann’s identity, and convinced of her innocence, runs interference for Ann between District Attorney Martin (Lewis Stone) and mob boss Smiley Gordon (Louis Calhern). Car crashes, shoot-outs, stolen diner identities and stolen kisses all follow on Ann’s twisted path back to the straight and narrow. Fast-paced and high-spirited, Woman Wanted blends action, drama, comedy and romance for a cinematic cocktail that goes down smooth while still having a kick.



Cowboy star Dick Foran trades in spurs for snow shoes in this rare, early Technicolor Warner Bros. “North” Western from the golden age of motion pictures. Adapted from the novel by William Byron Mowery, Dick Foran plays Sgt. Alan Baker, scarlet-clad sentinel of Saskatchewan. When a fellow RCMP (Patric Knowles) is murdered during a gold freight robbery, Baker and his aptly named sidekick Cpl. Bill Hardsack (a larger-than-life Allen Jenkins) take charge of his orphaned daughter (a plucky Janet Chapman) and the quest for justice. Stymied by an inept inspector (James Stephenson), Sgt. Baker finds himself the target of a criminal conspiracy AND the center of a romantic triangle (torn between Gale Page and Gloria Dickson). Disgraced in the corps while an innocent trapper faces a hanging, Baker and Hardsack risk it all in a desperate gambit to tree the real killers.



Ambitious young Texan oil man Tim Kelly (James Ellison) fails in his bid to secure a sought parcel of land in Argentina for his employer, oil baron George Hastings (Robert Middlemass). Running into fellow Hastings employee Duke Ferrel (Buddy Ebsen) at the racetrack on Pan-America Day, the pair hatch a scheme to impress their boss by giving him the prize Argentinian racehorse, Lucero. More importantly, Tim may have just met the girl of his dreams, Lolita O’Shea (Maureen O’Hara), who just happens to be the daughter of Lucero’s owner, Don Enrique (Robert Barrat). There’s only one catch to acquiring fleet horse and lady’s hand – Don Enrique detests Norte Armericanos! With songs by the legendary team of Rodgers and Hart, and delightful duets by Buddy Ebsen and the “Latin Bombshell” Diosa Costello, They Met In Argentina is a seldom seen slice of movie musical history.



Tahiti may be as close to paradise as we have on Earth, but you’d never know it to look at the Tuttles, the island’s most eccentric clan. With scarcely a penny to their name, the prodigious clan (fourteen at last count!) jaunts from one escapade to the next in search of their fortune. Led by Jonas (Charles Laughton), their wily and sporting patriarch, the Tuttles are always on the verge of replenishing the family strongbox when calamity strikes, or are chagrined by their ongoing rivalry with the Taio clan. The Tuttles stand to lose whatever possessions they have when Jonas carelessly wagers everything on a cockfight…and their rooster is chicken! Prodigal son Chester complicates matters by falling for Tamara, the daughter of Emily Taio herself! Based on the novel No More Gas by James Norman Hall and Charles Nordhoff, authors of Mutiny on the Bounty, the source of one of Laughton’s most celebrated roles.



Soldiers in Her Majesty’s army, Privates Ackroyd (Stewart Granger), Sykes (Robert Newton) and Malloy (Cyril Cusack) are known as the Queen’s Hard Bargain, as likely to get into barroom brawls with the entire Scottish army as to bravely defend their regiment on the battlefield. Their commanders, Colonel Brunswick (Walter Pidgeon) and Captain Pindenny (David Niven), are tasked with bringing some order into this tightly knit squad of hellions while attempting to quell rebellion in the wilds of 19th Century India. Deploying a divide-and-conquer strategy, Brunswick decides to promote one of them to sergeant and Ackroyd receives the unwanted honor. But the Queen’s Hard Bargain are going to need to need to reunite when their infantry unit is seconded to a cavalry command that seems determined to set them up as a sacrificial lure to draw out the rebel warlord Manik Rao (Michael Ansara).


YOU FOR ME (1952) New to DVD

After a hunting mishap lands some buckshot in his backside, millionaire playboy Tony Brown (Peter Lawford) is taken to the hospital he supports to the tune of $100,000 a year. Anxious that their benefactor receive the best possible care, the hospital administrator assigns Dr. Jeff Chadwick (Gig Young) and nurse Katie McDermad (Jane Greer) to Tony’s minor surgery, despite Katie having just finished a long shift. When the exhausted and irritable Katie insults Tony, he promptly has her fired. Catching Jeff’s eye at the annual hospital dance, he suggests Katie ply Tony with her ample charms in order to get her job back (and save his research grant…). Tony is smitten with Katie sans surgical mask, and immediately begins courting her, despite his divorce not being finalized. Meanwhile, as Katie reports her success to Jeff, he is less-than-pleased. The doctor or the playboy, what’s a girl to do?

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