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Cry No #Moar!

CHALLENGE OF THE GOBOTS: THE SERIES, VOLUME TWO (1985-86) Your cries have been answered as we present the concluding volume of the GoBots series remastered from the original film elements! This set’s packed with more transforming robotics, Sci-Fi twists, and animated action than you can shake a Cy-Kill at! Among the pulse-pounding challenges is the astounding five-part GoBotron Saga, that sees the Guardians undertake an epic quest to discover the mythical Last Engineer and uncover GoBotron’s origins in order to save the life of Turbo – and planet Earth itself! Other challenges include turncoat traitors (“Steamer’s Defection”), dino-clones (“Destroy All Guardians”) and a trip to New Earth (“Quest for New Earth”), deep in the reaches of space! And who could ever been ready for the Shakespearean dramatics and betrayals as we learn the soul-searing secret of Cy-Kill’s and Leader-1’s past in “Et Tu, Cy-Kill?” So fire up your cyber-disc machine and get ready to rock and robot with Leader-1, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Scooter and the rest! Bot-Bonus: The legendary ROBO-FORCE: THE REVENGE OF NAZGAR (1985) TV special, featuring Maxx Steele and more Robo-Force favorites! 30-Episode, 2-Disc Collection.

From the United Kingdom

ALL AT SEA (1957) Alec Guinness stars in his last Ealing comedy as a seasick sailor desperate to honor his family’s nautical sacrifices without reaching for the Dramamine. Cashiering out of the service as a most undistinguished officer, Captain William Horatio Ambrose buys up an amusement pier and proceeds to do battle with the most pernicious foes of all – the neighborhood council. When the stumbling blocks turn out to be the machinations of an underhanded real estate developer, Capt. Bill must set to sea in a most unusual vessel. With Irene Brown and Maurice Denham.

THE DOCTOR’S DILEMMA (1958) Under the ministrations of director Anthony Asquith, Leslie Caron forever tosses aside the innocent gowns of Gigi for a worldlier frock in this George Bernard Shaw adaptation. Caron plays Jennifer Dubedat, married to the faithless, brilliant and dying artist Louis Dubedat. Appealing to a cadre of physicians to save him from consumption, Jennifer must first confront the contexts of the compassion, and then the extent of their hypocrisies and passions. With Robert Morley, Alastair Sim, and John Robinson.

THE ALPHABET MURDERS (1966) Agatha Christie’s Belgian supersleuth, Hercule Poirot, takes a comedic turn thanks to Tony Randall in this adaptation of The ABC Murders. A demented killer murders in alphabetical order, beginning with the initials A.A. and slashing blithely towards Z.Z. Only Poirot has the means and the mind to stop the killer, but only if he can decipher the killer’s bizarre motivations and that of the British bumbler assigned as his aide. Under Frank Tashlin’s hand, the spoof’s satiric elements pop in a chiaroscuro cavalcade of Hitchcockian caricatures – and Miss Marple herself (Margaret Rutherford) makes an appearance.

WHERE THE SPIES ARE (1966) Noted director Val Guest helms this spy spoof in which a genteel country doctor (David Niven) is drawn into the games of deceit and death thanks to the promise of a classic car. Traveling to Beirut, he discovers that modern espionage is deadlier than his WWII recollections, encountering murder, betrayal, beautiful women and a high flying climax aboard a Soviet plane. And we did mention his name is Dr. Love? With Françoise Dorléac, Cyril Cusack, John Le Mesurier and Noel Harrison. Based on James Leasor’s Passport to Oblivion.

OUR MOTHER’S HOUSE (1967) Jack Clayton’s mad, modern Gothic horror show is as arresting and disturbing today as it was nearly half a century ago, pegging it as a masterwork demanding greater attention from both cinephile and scary movie fan alike. After their fundamentalist mother dies in bed and fearful of the outside world’s institutions, a group of siblings bury the evidence of her passing in the yard. From their impromptu temple in the flower shed, they begin to descend into a semi-mythic state of feral independence until they’re visited by a man who would be called dad (Dirk Bogarde)… Also stars Pamela Franklin, Mark Lester and Phoebe Nicholls.

BEST HOUSE IN LONDON (1968) In this swinging sixties Victorian sex farce, Home Secretary John Bird attempts to try Britain’s hand at “the French solution” to prostitution – making it a government institution. Unfortunately, the niece of the blue-blood rake (George Sanders) entrusted with running Victoria’s own brothel is a dyed in the wool reformer, and events place her in charge of the establishment. Layering in elements from blood and thunder pulps, Verneian airships and guest appearances from some of the leading lights of Victorian fact AND fiction, The Best House also features a cameo from a very young and very funny John Cleese. Starring David Hemmings.

From Our Friends at HBO

BILL MAHER: LIVE FROM DC (2014) Emmy® nominee and comedy veteran Bill Maher marks his tenth solo performance with this one-hour HBO® stand-up special at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C. One of the most politically astute comedians in America today, Maher’s unflinching honesty and commitment to never pulling a punch have garnered him the respect and admiration of millions of fans. From the midterm elections and income inequality to the Republican psyche and why the Pope is an atheist, Bill Maher: Live From DC allows Maher to offer his unique perspective on contemporary issues without holding back.

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