"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Mar 122019

MAN FROM ATLANTIS (1977) New 2019 1080p HD Master  

Shortly before ascending to the status of true TV icon thanks to his portrayal of good guy Bobby Ewing on the landmark TV series Dallas, Patrick Duffy played another sort of good guy in a series of Sci Fi action epics that spawned a short-lived TV series. Storm-tossed and washed ashore, an amnesiac man (Duffy) is rescued from certain death thanks to the insights of Navy doc Elizabeth Merrill (Belinda Montgomery), who realizes that her patient has a most amphibious nature. Dubbed Mark Harris, the man exhibits a host of extraordinary aquatic abilities – gills, strength, speed, webbed hands and feet, enhanced vision and more. While Dr. Merrill and Mark attempt to uncover the mystery of his origins, a new menace arises in the form of genial genius (and quite mad) scientist Dr. Shubert (Victor Buono), a marine eco-terrorist with world conquering aims. Produced by Star Trek veterans Robert Justman and Herbert Solow under the auspices of Hanna-Barbera’s live action wing, the Man from Atlantis TV movies successfully blended thoughtful, Eco-aware Science Fiction and Superheroic Action/Adventure for a concoction as wild and wolly as the deep blue sea. Seldom seen in the US after its initial run, Mark Harris’ adventures proved an overseas syndication smash. Revisit the birth of a legend as never seen before thanks to this sea-sparkling crystal-clear transfer in 1080p HD!


Hard-to-Find Rarities


After losing the man of her dreams, Neville Holderness (John Gilbert), due to the meddling of his disapproving father (Hobart Bosworth), Diana Merrick (Greta Garbo) reluctantly weds another admirer, David Furness (John Mack Brown), whom her brother (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr) idolizes. David harbors a most dishonorable secret, which leads to his suicide on their wedding night. Sacrificing her reputation to save David’s honor, Diana’s free-spirited lifestyle is deemed the unofficial cause of his death and she is banished from “good society.” Thus chastised, Diana decides to live up to her reputation and ventures on a series of “foreign affairs,” amorously globe hopping with dignitaries from London to Cairo. Diana is at last reunited with her one true love – only to learn of his recent engagement. This silent screen adaptation of Michael Arlen’s “The Green Hat” sizzles with the real-life chemistry of Gilbert and Garbo.



This gripping crime thriller by way of courtroom drama is directed by cinema titan, “Wild Bill” William A. Wellman. The Leeds family (mother Abby, father George, and their four children) have just sat down for dinner with Abby’s father, Civil War veteran Grandpa Summerill (Chic Sale) when shots are fired outside down the street. Gangster Maxey Campo has gunned down two men in cold blood and he makes his getaway through the Leeds family house, assaulting feisty Grandpa along the way. Crusading District Attorney Whitlock (Walter Huston) is elated at first, with an entire family of witnesses ready to do their civic duty and testify against the racketeers running rampant in the city. Maxey, however, isn’t finished with the Leeds and unleashes his forces of fear and intimidation against them, leaving Grandpa as the one patriot to stand against crime.

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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