Warner Archive Collection July 22 Releases: Gilligan, the Skipper and Monogram Too!



GILLIGAN’S PLANET (1982) It’s a brand new story about The Castaways! Leaving their tiny island after years and months and days, they built a little spaceship, crude but it could fly. They left their home and lost their way, between the stars and sky, they went from an island to star, lost on Gilligan’s Planet. It’s true — The Castaways are now lost in space! They’re all here, in this strange, new world, Gilligan (voice of Bob Denver), the Skipper (voice of Alan Hale, Jr.), the Millionaire (voice of Jim Backus), his Wife (voice of Natalie Schafer), the Movie Star (voice of Dawn Wells), the Professor (Russell Johnson) and Mary Ann (voice of Dawn Wells). Now joined by Gilligan’s alien sidekick Bumper, they begin a whole new life on a whole new world while still trying to repair the now space-worthy SS Minnow and return home from their near-infinite three hour tour. It’s something old, something new in this Saturday morning cartoon sit-com sci-fi romp!


BELOW THE DEADLINE (1946) Warren Douglas stars as soul-scarred World War II vet “Jumping” Joe Hilton, who inherits a quasi-legal gambling ring after his brother (George Meeker) gets bumped off by a rival gang. As befits his nickname, Joe’s decisions and actions keep the narrative jumping, as what seemingly starts as a typical gangster flick becomes a roller coaster ride of redemption. Also stars Ramsay Ames. Directed by William Beaudine.

THE HUNTED (1948) Laura Mead (Belita) gets paroled after serving a stretch for jewel robbery and looks up her ex (Preston Foster), the cop that sent her up the river. As Laura’s motives for returning hang in the air, she’s implicated in a murder. When Laura goes on the run, she’s hunted by the man she claims to love. A captivating, driven performance from lead lady Belita (including a figure skating scene!), a fast-paced and full formed narrative and a cameo from Charles McGraw are but a few of the pleasures found in this dark crime romance.

STAGE STRUCK (1948) When underage runaway Broadway wannabe (Wanda McKay) turns up murdered, big city homicide detectives and a small town girl clash and collaborate over the investigation while “fixer” Nick Mantee (Kane Richmond) uses it to take charge of the talent agency/’hostess’ ring that lured in the girl. Not satisfied with how the cops (Conrad Nagel and Ralph Byrd) are handling the case, big sister Nancy (Audrey Long) goes undercover inside the hostess club. “Stage Struck” manages to deftly mix police procedural, suspense drama, and social message movie while still dancing as close to the lurid as possible. Directed by William Nigh.

INCIDENT (1948) A personable, all knowing voice over is our engaging guide to this tale of crime, fate and chance starring Warren Douglas. After making the misstep of refusing a ride home from a friend, stock broker Joe Downey (Douglas) gets mugged in a case of mistaken identity. Looking to get even with the mook that slugged him, Joe uncovers the identity of the intended victim, one “Slats” Slattery (Robert Osterloh). But Joe’s hunt for Slats gets him swept up in hijacking, fraud and murder as well as with a lovely lady (Jane Frazee) who harbors hidden motives.

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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