"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Aug 292014




SPENSER FOR HIRE (1985-86) Robert Urich stars as Robert B. Parker’s legendary Beantown gumshoe-with-a-difference, Spenser. Spenser is cut from a very different cloth than the usual round of TV detectives, a renaissance man who is not afraid to mix up a gourmet salad or just mix-it-up. Full-time bookworm and former boxer, the stylish Spenser drives a vintage Mustang that calls out his own sense of time and place — a yearning for an era of ethos and standards, combined with an intellectual understanding of the need to curate the best of the past in the present. Keeping Spenser in touch with his complex inner life is his psychologist soul-mate Susan Silverman (Barbara Stock) while the street-savvy Hawk (Avery Brooks) guides him safely through Boston’s labyrinthine underworld. Richard Jaeckel co-stars as Spenser’s friend-on-the-force, Lt. Quirk. Notable first season guests include William H. Macy, Chuck Connors and Shirley Knight.

THE BOWERY BOYS COLLECTION, VOLUME FOUR (1973) At Last, The Pinochle of Their Endeavors! Pardon the malapropos above, but it’s time to celebrate Terence Aloysius “Slip” Mahoney (Leo Gorcey) style because with this fourth and final volume, the entire record-breaking run of The Bowery Boys films are available at last. To sweeten the pot, this four-Disc, 12 movie collection offers a sweeping perspective on the series, running the gamut from “Mr. Hex,” a film that dates to the series’ inaugural year to “In the Money,” the very last. So grab an ice cream soda at Louie’s and revisit the whole gang — Slip, Sach (Huntz Hall), Bobby (Bobby Jordan), Whitey (William Benedict), Chuck (David Gorcey), Gabe (Gabriel Dell), Butch (Bennie Bartlett, Buddy Gorman), Junior (Gil Stratton, Jr.), Duke (Stanley Clements) and Louie (Bernard Gorcey), too ‘natch! Special Bowery Bonus:
Discs 1 and 2 contain trailer galleries (in their correct aspect ratios) – the lion’s share unseen in decades! 24 smash trailers in all!

· MR. HEX (1946) In order to help out their favorite singing jukebox girl, Slip has a hypnotist mesmerize Sach into becoming a championship boxer.
· TROUBLE MAKERS (1948) After witnessing a murder in a hotel window through their own curbside telescope, the boys go undercover as bellhops to identify the murderer.
· TRIPLE TROUBLE(1950) When they’re made patsies for a series of burglaries they didn¹t commit, the Bowery Boys uncover a criminal conspiracy from behind bars.
· BOWERY BATTALION (1951) Mistaking a mock air raid for the real thing, the boys join the Army where they help Louie, who has re-enlisted as a Major, keep a Hydrogen Death Ray from falling into the hands of the commies.
· HERE COME THE MARINES (1952) After the boys get drafted into the Marines, Sach lets power go to his head when he¹s quickly promoted to Sergeant.
· JUNGLE GENTS (1954) When Sach¹s allergy pills allow him to suddenly sniff out diamonds, The Bowery Boys are off to the African jungle where they encounter snakes, lions, a jungle lady and young Clint Walker as Tarzan.
· BOWERY TO BAGDAD (1950) When Sach finds Aladdin¹s magic lamp in a junk shop and summons a genie, the Bowery Boys don¹t necessarily get all that they wish for (except delicious ice cream floats!)
· SPY CHASERS (1955) When a princess shows up from Louie¹s homeland, the tiny European country of Truania, the Bowery Boys get mixed up in international intrigue.
· JAIL BUSTERS (1955) When their undercover reporter pal gets beaten up, the boys get themselves thrown in the pokey to expose the mob boss that¹s really running the show.
· FIGHTING TROUBLE (1956) Sach and new buddy, Stanley ³Duke² Clements, try to make their fortune as crime photographers.
· HOLD THAT HYPNOTIST (1957) When Sach is hypnotized this time, he regresses to the 1600¹s where he encounters Blackbeard the Pirate and his now missing treasure.
· IN THE MONEY (1958) In this final Bowery Boys outing, Sach is hired to escort a poodle stuffed with diamonds on a transatlantic cruise.

THE ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO (1938) Gary Cooper helps save the court of Kublai Khan (George Barbier) in this rousing bit of a-historical adventure. Thanks to his abilities to charm men and beguile women, young Marco is tasked by his merchant father to open up trade with China. Journeying further East than any other Venetian merchant, Marco soon discovers the wonders of “Spa-ghet,” fireworks and the Khan’s daughter Kukachin (Sigrid Gurie). But the Khan’s evil Saracen advisor (Basil Rathbone) has other plans and Marco is sent to spy on a marauding Mongol chieftain (Alan Hale). As the Saracen’s plan comes together it’s up to Marco’s Western wits to save the day. Keep your eyes peeled for a very young Lana Turner as a handmaid among the Mongols. Directed by Archie Mayo.
NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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