"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Apr 012020

Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray star in the home invasion thriller SURVIVE THE NIGHT, coming to On Demand May 22 from Lionsgate.  In this action-packed film, from director Matt Eskandari (12 Feet Deep), Willis plays Frank, a retired sheriff forced to rely on his former job’s skills when two criminals on the run threaten the lives of those closest to him.


Screen legend Bruce Willis (Die Hard franchise) drives the action in this gripping home-invasion thriller. After his brother Mathias (Tyler Jon Olson) is mortally wounded in a robbery gone bad, Jamie (Shea Buckner) stalks trauma doctor Rich (Chad Michael Murray, “One Tree Hill”) from the hospital to his home. While holding Rich’s wife and daughter hostage, the unhinged murderer forces Rich to operate on Mathias. But in order for him and his family to survive the night, Rich must team up with his estranged tough-as-nails father, retired sheriff Frank (Willis), in order to gain the upper hand and turn the tables on the criminals.

Genre: Action, Thriller

Rating: R for violence, bloodyimages and language throughout

Cast: Chad Michael Murray (Rich), Bruce Willis (Frank), Shea Buckner (Jamie), Tyler Jon Olson (Mathias), Lydia Hull (Jan), Riley Wolfe Rach (Riley), Jessica Abrams (Rachel), Sara Lynn Holbrook (Woman in Store), Jef Holbrook (Clerk)

Directed by: Matt Eskandari
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