"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Oct 092013

Sony’s October Manufactured-on-Demand Releases:

"Air Hostess"

“Air Hostess”

Feature Films:

Air Hostess (1933)
Kitty King (Evalyn Knapp, “His Private Secretary”) is an air hostess for TWA. She falls for rugged and rakish stunt pilot Ted Hunter (James Murray, “Bachelor Mother”), and the two get married despite protests from Kitty’s friends. They move away to Albuquerque, and soon Kitty finds Ted canoodling with a socialite. As Kitty travels home on a train, Ted realizes the train is heading for a collapsing bridge. It is up to Ted to use his skillful flying to save the day.

Unwelcome Stranger (1935)
Howard Chamberlain (Jack Holt, “They Were Expendable”) is a renowned but superstitious horse breeder. When an orphan, Gimpy (Jackie Searl, “The Paleface”), shows up at his house looking for a place to stay, Howard resists, thinking that orphans are a jinx. Howard’s wife, Madeline (Mona Barrie, “Something to Sing About”), doesn’t listen to Howard, however, and lets Gimpy into their home to work in the barn. Suddenly, Howard’s superstitious ways are put to the test.

Babies for Sale (1940)
Ruth Williams (Rochelle Hudson, “Rebel Without a Cause”), a recently widowed pregnant woman, shows up at the charitable foundation of Dr. Wallace Rankin (Miles Mander, “Wuthering Heights”) to find help with her pregnancy. But Rankin is running an illegal adoption agency, tricking women into giving up their babies. When Ruth refuses to sign the release that gives up her child, she is told the baby died at birth. But Ruth doesn’t believe Rankin, and intrepid reporter Steve Burton (Glenn Ford,) is on the case to bring down Rankin and others who profit from those who can’t fight for themselves.

Made in Italy (1965)
“Made in Italy” is a loving and satirical look at Italy during the 1960s. Featuring dozens of Italian stars (Aldo Fabrizi, “The Teacher and the Miracle”; Anna Magnani, “Rome, Open City”; and Nino Manfredi, “Bread and Chocolate”; to name a few), the film is an anthology of five stories woven together with affection. Tourists, restaurateurs, car lovers, philanderers and a variety of other crazy characters come together in this lively comedy.

The Comic (1969)
Silent film star Billy Bright (Dick Van Dyke) was a legend on the silver screen, but he also had a legendary ego, one that ruined his career. Dealing with womanizing, alcoholism and professional squabbles, Billy is unable to see the real source of his problems — himself. From director Carl Reiner comes a film mixed with slapstick laughs and great performances from Michele Lee, Mickey Rooney and Cornel Wilde.

Whatever (1998)
In 1981, in the middle of the “Just Say No” era, Anna (Liza Weil, TV’s “Gilmore Girls”) uses her time in high school as an opportunity to experiment with boys, drugs and alcohol. Still a virgin, Anna finds herself hanging out with the party crowd, which affects her grades and may hurt her opportunity to go to an art school her instructor (Frederic Forrest) champions. A story about rebelliousness and lost innocence. An assured, compelling drama.

TV on DVD: Manufactured on Demand:

Happy Endings: The Complete Third Season
Your favorite sextet of young, hip Chicagoans are back for another season of this critically-acclaimed comedy. Dave (Zachary Knighton, TV’s “FlashForward”) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert, TV’s “24”) try to rekindle their old romance; Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr., TV’s “The Underground”) and Jane (Eliza Coupe, TV’s “Scrubs”) go through the trials of marriage; Penny (Casey Wilson, TV’s “Saturday Night Live”) manages a new relationship, a body cast and a prescriptive helmet; and Max (Adam Pally, “Iron Man 3”) deals with bar mitzvah DJing, unusual handshakes and figuring out to which gay subculture he belongs. Season Three of HAPPY ENDINGS reaffirms it is one of the funniest shows on TV!

Party of Five: The Complete Sixth Season
In the final season of this popular drama series, the Salinger family deals with the hardships of living after the loss of their parents. Charlie (Matthew Fox, TV’s “Lost”) and Kirsten (Paula Devicq, “The Breakup Artist”) get married and try to have a child; Bailey (Scott Wolf, “Go”) tries to find his life’s calling; Julia (Neve Campbell, “Scream”) has issues with her writing and dating life; Claudia (Lacey Chabert, “Mean Girls”) prepares for college and has some tough decisions to make. All of this, including a “What If” episode that shows what would have happened if the Salinger family’s parents didn’t die, make the final season a compelling one.

Gidget Gets Married (1972 – TV Movie)
Everyone’s favorite surfers, Gidget (Monie Ellis, TV’s “The Partridge Family”) and Jeff (Michael Burns, TV’s “Wagon Train”), have grown up and decided to get married. The couple moves to Florida, where Jeff’s job at World Wide Dynamics causes him to work late hours. The company’s strict rules and regulations also cause a strain in their marriage. But Gidget won’t stand still and let things be, and her free-spirited ways shake up the company and the town. Featuring Don Ameche and Paul Lynde.

Kiss Me, Kill Me (1976 – TV Movie)
A young, crippled schoolteacher is murdered, and Stella Stafford (Stella Stevens) is put on the case. Due to the teacher’s active and unusual sex life, there are several suspects, and it’s up to Stella to figure it out before the killer acts again. Also starring Michael Anderson, Jr. (“Logan’s Run”), Dabney Coleman (“Nine to Five”), Bruce Boxleitner (TV’s “Scarecrow and Mrs. King”) and Robert Vaughn (TV’s “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”), the film is a compelling crime drama.

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  1. is gidget get married available in australia? or in region 4 code anywhere to buy other then e bay?

  2. Dear Michelle:

    “Gidget Gets Married” is a manufacture-on-demand (MOD) title for the U.S. market and as such won’t play in Region 4 players. There are two solutions available: You can buy software that will allow you to play ANY Region DVD on your computer (AnyDVD by SlySoft at http://www.slysoft.com/en/ for 49 Eur) or you can buy an all-region DVD player (under $79 US) or an all-region Blu-ray player (under $150 US). It’s a worthwhile investment only if you plan on buying a lot of non-Region 4 DVDs. Good luck.

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