"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Mar 062014

The Boy From Stalingrad (1943) boy-stalingrad
At the height of World War II, a group of Russian children are left alone to fend for themselves against the oncoming German army. Through teamwork and their wits, the kids attempt to slow down the advancing horde and give the Russian army enough time to reorganize their troops. A story of youthful initiative and incredible courage, “The Boy From Stalingrad” is a unique and memorable film.

The White Squaw (1956)
Eetay-O-Wahnee (May Wynn, The Caine Mutiny) is a white squaw raised by a Native American tribe. Not knowing her true father, the secret is revealed when he wills her half of his land on his deathbed. A ruthless landowner (David Brian, Intruder in the Dust), however, will do anything to keep Eetay-O-Wahnee and her tribe from getting even an acre of the land.

The Burglar (1957)
Nat Harbin (Dan Duryea, Winchester ’73) and his gang, including the voluptuous Gladden (Jayne Mansfield, The Girl Can’t Help It), have 15 minutes to rob the home of a fake spiritualist (Phoebe Mackay, Splendor in the Grass). Once they steal a valuable necklace from her safe, they go into hiding. As the heat – and a crooked cop trying to get the necklace for himself – closes in on them, tension builds between the crew. They need to get rid of the necklace, and fast.

And So They Were Married (1936)
Stephen (Melvyn Douglas, Being There) and Edith (Mary Astor, The Maltese Falcon, 1941) are a widower and a divorcee, respectively, spending their winter at the same ski resort with their families. When a snowstorm traps the two at the resort, Stephen and Edith start falling for each other. But both Stephen’s and Edith’s children don’t want their parents to get married again, and will do whatever it takes to keep them apart in this beguiling romantic comedy.

Mr. Soft Touch (1949)
Joe Miracle (Glenn Ford, 3:10 to Yuma) is a WWII hero returning home only to find out that his nightclub has been taken over by gangster Barney Teener (Roman Bohnen, The Best Years of Our Lives) and his partner has been killed. Joe steals $100,000 from Barney and goes into hiding in a settlement house where Jenny (Evelyn Keyes, Here Comes Mr. Jordan) works. As Barney’s men chase after Joe, Joe risks the lives of the people inside the home. Also starring John Ireland (All the King’s Men), MR. SOFT TOUCH has it all ­ drama, romance and intrigue.

Adventure in Sahara (1938)
American pilot Jim Wilson (Paul Kelly, Flying Tigers) joins his late brother’s former Foreign Legion troop where they are stationed in Agadez, “The Inferno of the Sahara,” under the command of the cruel Captain Savatt (C. Henry Gordon, Scarface, 1932). The legionnaires revolt, casting Savatt out into the desert. But Savatt returns with new troops, looking to get back his command. Co-written by Samuel Fuller (The Big Red One), “Adventure in Sahara” is a tense military drama.

Passion Flower (1986 – TV Movie)
In Singapore, the streets are filled with danger, passion and excitement. For American businessman Larry Janson (Bruce Boxleitner, TRON), his life changes when he meets Julia Gaitland (Barbara Hershey, Hannah and Her Sisters), the daughter of powerful art smuggler Albert (Nicol Williamson, Excalibur) and the wife of cruel and sadistic businessman Leslie (John Waters, Breaker Morant). As Larry and Julia have an affair, Larry finds himself caught up in crooked dealings, treacherous deceit and murder.

Side Out (1990)
Midwestern kid Monroe Clark (C. Thomas Howell, The Outsiders) moves to Los Angeles to intern for his lawyer uncle (Terry Kiser, Weekend at Bernie’s). But Monroe ends up hanging out at the beach instead and finds himself in the beach volleyball scene. Suddenly, Monroe gets teamed up with former King of the Beach Zack Barnes (Peter Horton, 2 Days in the Valley) to compete in the biggest tournament in the sport. Featuring several volleyball greats – including Randy Stoklos and Sinjin Smith – and Courtney Thorne-Smith (TV’s “According to Jim”), SIDE OUT is a fast-paced and energetic movie.

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