Odd Friends Put on ‘Makeup’ on Digital, VOD June 27

Odd Friends Put on 'Makeup' on Digital, VOD June 27

Red Blazer Productions, in association with Executive Producer Lucas A. Ferrara, is delighted to share the news that Comedy Drama Makeup will be available to own and rent on digital download in the the USA, Canada and worldwide from June 27th.

Written and produced by Hugo André & Will Masheter, alongside Lucas A. Ferrara, Makeup is a multi-award-winning comedy drama.

Odd Friends Put on 'Makeup' on Digital, VOD June 27

When two people are brought together from completely different walks of life, it can make for awkward circumstances, especially when they both have their secrets. Sacha (André), an introverted French ex-chef, moves to London to begin his new life as a food critic. Moving into a rented room in a house belonging to Dan (Masheter), a well-respected London stockbroker, the pair are forced into an unlikely friendship. As time goes on and events unfold, Dan attempts to hide his aspirations of becoming a burlesque dancer from the people who perceive him as an alpha male. Despite their differences, can Sacha and Dan become pillars of support in each other’s lives?


The film has received numerous accolades including: “Directorial Debut by a Young Film Maker” at London International Film Festival (2021), Winner of “Best Film” at Paris International Film Awards (2021). Makeup has also won “Best Young Director” at Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021), as well as being a finalist for “Best British Film”, “Best Queer Film”, “Best Actor” (Hugo Andre) at Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021). In total, the film has won 15 awards, received 5 nominations and 2 honourable mentions.


Working in the film industry since the age of 16, Hugo has worked various roles in over 50 productions. Hugo wrote and directed his first short film at the age of 18, a film that has since amassed over 20 awards and nominations. 4 years ago, he wrote ‘MAKEUP’, which he later directed in between nationwide lockdowns, as a result of the covid pandemic.


Well versed in the formation of character driven films, Hugo approached this film with the same tenderness and attention to detail as his prior narratives. Hugo follows a running theme with his scripts – he is drawn to the trials and tribulations of friendship and the impact that certain relationships can have on not only your personality, but also on your mental health.

Production Company: Red Blazer Productions

Distributor: Freestyle Digital Media

Short Synopsis: An aspiring male burlesque dancer and an introverted French food critic begin their rigid journey toward compatibility.

Director: Hugo André

Written by: Hugo André & Will Masheter

Executive Producer: Lucas A. Ferrara

Associate Producers: Will Masheter, Stuart Wolfe-Murray, Kelley Daniel, Hugo André

Makeup Artists: Georgia English, Alesia Baiocco, Courtney Pressley-Almeida Cast: Hugo André, Will Masheter, Kent Goldfinch, Zak Watson Smith, Adam Starkey, Lloyd Mundell, Julia Anwuli Sydenham, Stuart Wolfe-Murray, Maria Lidze, Pete Inskip, Adele Marie, Charlie Baker, Ezekiel Martin, Lawrence Visconti, Louis Circé, Edward Saunders, Jorge Field, Daisy Hirst, Shaelyn Newmarch, Guillaume Trouson, Dorian Semencic.

Run Time: 89 minutes

Cert: TBC



Best Young Director – Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021)

Best Drama – Paris International Film Awards (2021)

Best Film – Europe Film Festival (2021)

Best Indie Feature Film – New York Movie Awards (2021)

Best Poster – Paris Play Film Festival (2021)

Best Feature Film – Out of the Can International Film Festival (2021)

Best Feature Film – Oniros Film Awards – New York (2021)

Best British Film (Finalist) – Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021)

Best Queer Film (Finalist) – Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021)

Best Lead Actor (Finalist) – Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021)

Best Feature (Finalist) – Paris Play Film Festival (2021)

Best Original Script (Semi-Finalist) – Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021)

Best Feature Film (Semi-Finalist) – Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021)

Best Costume Design (Semi-Finalist) – Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021)

Best Makeup Design (Semi-Finalist) – Lonely Wolf Film Festival (2021)



Best Film – CKF International Film Festival (2021)

Best Film – First-Time Filmmaker Festival (2021)

Best Film – Lift-Off Global Film Festival (2021)

Best Film – London Lift-Off Film Festival (2021)

Best Film – Paris Lift-Off Film Festival (2021)




Brno Film Festival (2021)

Best Indie Film Award (2022)

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