"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jul 162018

MHz Choice Announces
Fall and Winter 2018
Premiere Schedule

MHz Choice has announced its fall and winter lineup for 2018, which includes the television adaptation of the Italian blockbuster movie Mafia only Kills in Summer, a remastered version of the classic Mafia series The Octopus (La Piovra), and the highly anticipated original versions of Those Who Kill and The Acquitted which broke viewership records in Norway.

“The strength of this release schedule solidifies our commitment to bringing top-notch international television to our growing subscriber base and our position as the leading provider in this segment of the industry,” said MHz Networks president and CEO Frederick Thomas. “Smart, engaging and entertaining television travels well anywhere in the world.”


(L to R) Synnøve Macody Lund, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Lena Endre and Tobias Santelmann star in Norwegian drama ‘Acquitted’ premiering this Winter on MHz Choice.

Full Schedule:

07/17/18        Johan Falk: Season 2 (ZDF)

07/24/18        Turkish for Beginners: Season 3 (Global Screen)

08/07/18        Homicide Unit Istanbul: Season 3 (Global Screen)

08/14/18        Mafia Only Kills in Summer (Freemantle Media)

08/21/18        Johan Falk: Season 3 (ZDFE)

09/04/18        Detectives: Season 2 (France Televisions)

09/18/18        Inspector Coliandro: Season 3 (RAI)

09/18/18        The Octopus: Complete Series (RAI)

09/25/18        Mary Higgins Clark: Season 2 (France Televisions)

10/02/18        Murders at Barlume: Season 2 (TruColours)

10/09/18        Varg Veum (TrustNordisc)

10/16/18        Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games: Season 2 (France Televisions)

10/23/18        Varg Veum: Season 2 (TrustNordisc)

10/30/18        Reformation (Freemantle Media)

10/30/18        Luther and Me (Global Screen)

11/06/18        Those Who Kill (TrustNordisc)

11/13/18        Sandhamn Murders: Season 1 (Endemol Shine)

11/20/18        Acquitted (Freemantle Media)

11/20/18        Sandhamn Murders: Season 2 (Endemol Shine)

11/27/18        Mammon: Season 2 (Beta)

11/27/18        Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games: Season 3 (France       Televisions)

11/27/18        Sandhamn Murders: Season 3 (Endemol Shine)

12/04/18        Lola Upside Down (YLE)

12/04/18        Sandhamn Murders: Season 4 (Endemol Shine)

12/11/18        Sandhamn Murders: Season 5 (Endemol Shine)

12/18/18        Acquitted: Season 2 (Freemantle)

12/25/18        Beck: Season 6 (Endemol Shine)

01/01/19        Chefs (France Televisions)

01/15/19        Chefs: Season 2 (France Televisions)


About MHz Networks

MHz Networks offers U.S. viewers access to a library of the best international television mysteries, dramas, comedies and documentaries subtitled in English – on DVD and its digital platform, MHz Choice. MHz Networks’ unique international programming is also available on its national channel, MHz Worldview. MHz Worldview is available nationwide on DirecTV channel 2183 and on 25+ select public television affiliates.

New MHz Choice customers receive a free 30-Day Trial. For more information or to subscribe, go to mhzchoice.com.



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  1. what happened to MONTALBANO! WHEN will it return? Legacy did not continue. How did it end?

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