Magnolia to Release ‘Thelma’ for Digital Sales, VOD July 19

Magnolia to Release 'Thelma' for Digital Sales, VOD July 19

Revenge Comedy ‘Thelma’ Gets Tentative July 19 Streaming Date

Thelma Post isn’t your average 93-year-old grandmother – she’s tenacious, determined, and on a mission. After getting conned by a scammer pretending to be her grandson, she teams up with a friend (and his motorized scooter) on a wild adventure to take back what’s hers.

Magnolia to Release 'Thelma' for Digital Sales, VOD July 19

Directed by: Josh Margolin
Starring: June Squibb, Fred Hechinger, Richard Roundtree, Parker Posey, Clark Gregg, Malcolm McDowell, Nicole Byer
Written by Josh Margolin
Rating: PG-13
Running time: 97 minutes
Genre: Comedy Action
Theatrical Release: June 21, 2024
US & Canada Boxoffice: $2,212,350
Worldwide: $2,212,350

The feature directorial debut of Josh Margolin, THELMA is a action-comedy that gives veteran Oscar nominee June Squibb her first leading role and features the final performance of trailblazing actor Richard Roundtree. Squibb, who did many of her own stunts in the film, plays Thelma Post, a feisty 93-year-old grandmother who gets conned by a phone scammer pretending to be her grandson (Fred Hechinger) and sets out on a treacherous quest across Los Angeles, accompanied by an aging friend (Roundtree) and his motorized scooter, to reclaim what was taken from her. Parker Posey, Clark Gregg, and Malcolm McDowell also star. Inspired by a real-life experience of Margolin’s own grandmother, THELMA puts a clever spin on movies like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, shining the spotlight on an elderly grandmother as an unlikely action hero. With infectious humor, Margolin employs the familiar tropes of the action genre in hilarious, age-appropriate ways to tackle aging with agency. In the first leading film role of her 70-year career, Squibb portrays the strong-willed Thelma with grit and determination, demonstrating that she is more than capable of taking care of business – despite what her daughter Gail (Posey), son-in-law Alan (Gregg), or grandson Danny might believe.

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