How Important Are Streaming Services in Today’s World?

In contemporary society, technology has become integral to the way we live. The last few decades have seen the role of the Internet develop from a means of communication to producing exciting innovations. One key innovation that the Internet age has brought with it is the rise of streaming services. As streaming becomes increasingly popular, we question how integral they are in today’s world.

How Did We End Up Here?

It’s useful to note that streaming services and the overarching idea of having a readily available content library link back to video rentals. Services such as Blockbuster were pioneers in the concept of leasing a videotape for a small fee. As the nineties ended and the noughties began, rental shops entered the peak of their popularity, especially given DVDs being all the rage at the time. It can be said that streaming services such as Netflix merely picked up where the likes of Blockbuster left off. After all, there is a similar selling point of having a curated library of movies and television shows at your fingertips. 

How Important are Streaming Services in Today’s World?
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Netflix and its competitors like Amazon Prime, amongst others, have experienced a meteoric rise in the last few years. This is, in part, thanks to the subsequent demise of the aforementioned Blockbuster and other video rental services such as LoveFilm. The appeal of having thousands of titles to watch at the touch of a button has made streaming services a key part of people’s lives, especially given the increasing digitization of the world around us. Of course, DVDs and other physical media are no longer as popular as they once were, largely due to everything moving online over the course of the last decade. Technological innovation has sped up the associated process, making streaming services almost a necessity. 

The Effects of Streaming Services

The rise of streaming services hasn’t been experienced on its own. The vast amount of choice has prompted review sites such as IMDB to become much more prominent and relied upon. Once a place frequented mainly by die-hard fans, this site is now an authority on movie trivia and related information on anything from the actors to the soundtrack.

IMDB also allows viewers to post reviews, which has become immensely popular because it helps consumers filter through the masses of choice to find something to suit their specific tastes. A knock-on effect of this is the rise of review sites – places across the web that have become authorities on certain subjects due to their associated expertise.

Review sites are particularly prevalent in the entertainment sector, including the online casino industry. Sites like BonusFinder, a company that evaluates online casinos and bonuses specifically, base their respective recommendations on industry knowledge from experienced writers. Closely related to entertainment, the technology industry also boasts an array of authoritative review sites. The likes of CNET or Trusted Reviews have become synonymous with independent and well-thought-out pieces on all aspects of tech, including smartphones and games consoles. 

How Important are Streaming Services in Today’s World?
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There’s no doubt that the development of the Internet has brought a lot of great things with it and streaming services are definitely one of the better innovations. The mere act of watching a movie without a disc has become second nature to most people. This undoubtedly proves that associated services have become a key part of people’s lives when it comes to entertainment consumption. 

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