"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Aug 302019

Filmmakers have for many years addressed the topic of gambling in casinos for a number of reasons, most notably to drive along the plot. However, over time, the image of the casino in films has gradually transformed. As the industry developed, the essence of the services provided changed. Keeping pace with the times, filmmakers have pictured casino styles differently.

Stylish casino masters: Ocean’s 11

In the 1960s, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Dean Martin were the kings of laughter and music in Las Vegas. Thanks to the subtle combination of charm, charisma, style and musical talent, representatives of the “Rat Pack” lit the scenes of the entertainment venues of Sin City at night and personified the spirit of the casinos of that time.

Well dressed, always in the limelight, Sinatra, Davis, and Martin were obvious candidates for the lead roles of Lewis Milestone’s 1960 Ocean 11. The style of this trio and their connection with Las Vegas made it possible for Milestone to be on the crest of the wave of popularity of the casinos of that time with this classic movie about robbery.

According to the plot, Danny Ocean is going to rob five casinos in one night, collecting 11 colleagues from the Second World War. Although Milestone’s film tells of the robbery of the five largest casinos, it also reflects the spirit of the times.

Extreme Culture: The Hangover Party

In recent years, The Hangover (2009) has become one of the most popular casino films. In it, you will no longer see the old images of classic Vegas, where nifty artists tirelessly play at parties. Instead of sitting at the gambling table with a few glasses of wine in a three-piece suit, the guys in bright T-shirts tumble into the casino hall, where drinks pour over the edge.

One of the most famous scenes in the film is the game in which one of the main characters plays against the casino. Wanting to win back the money lost by a friend, he starts the game, armed with a strategy that goes far beyond the knowledge of the basic rules. As a result, he wins thousands of dollars, and with the help of friends, they leave the casino safe and sound, taking the winnings with ‘em.

Forward to the Future: James Bond

Another important character in casino films who did a good job with his role is James Bond. Starting with an insignificant mention of the casino world in the classic Goldfinger (1964) and ending with the explicit motive for gambling at Casino Royale (2006), Bond has somehow always been connected with this industry. However, given that digital technology is increasingly being used in the gaming industry, could this be the end of Bond and gambling? Nope. Given how popular online gambling and mobile casinos are today, it’s quite possible that James Bond will become an online player on his next screen appearance.

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