"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Apr 202020


In the small isolated town of Irénée-les-Neiges with a population of 215, supernatural activities begin to unravel after a man dies in a car accident. The stunned townspeople are reluctant to discuss the circumstances of the tragedy. From that point on, for his family and a handful of others, time seems to lose all meaning. Director Denis Côté’s shot GHOST TOWN ANTHOLOGY on a 16mm stock, creating a dark eerie narrative throughout the film.

After a strong festival run including Berlin, Seattle, Tokyo, BFI London and more, GHOST TOWN ANTHOLOGY will be premiering online for the first time ever exclusively on MUBI starting April 21.


2019 / 98min / French / English Subtitles / Color


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