Fox, MGM Open Vaults for Father’s Day


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) just announced they will release a new wave of classic films on DVD beginning May 19 featuring an eclectic collection of iconic films spanning the 1930s to the 1990s.

Fox and MGM are committed to bringing classic films from their vaults into the homes of film aficionados and collectors with the Fox Cinema Archives and MGM Limited Edition collections. They aim to provide the best home entertainment experience possible for titles released under these banners, but are often limited to the film’s available source material.

The following collections will be available for purchase on DVD just in time for Father’s Day:



May 19

Jane Withers Set (1935-1941)
Three disc set includes “Chicken-Wagon Family” (1939), “Farmer Takes A Wife” (1935), and “Golden Hoofs” (1941).

Cesar Romero Set (1935-1948)
Three disc set includes “Coney Island” (1943), “Deep Waters” (1948), and “Show Them No Mercy” (1935).

The Tyrone Powers Set (1937-1952)
Three disc set includes “Diplomatic Courier” (1952), “Love Is News” (1937), and “American Guerilla In The Philippines” (1950).

The Henry Fonda Set (1939-1959)

Three disc set includes “Rings On Her Fingers” (1942), “The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell” (1939), and “Warlock” (1959).

Anthony Quinn Set (1941-1944) Three disc set includes “Irish Eyes Are Smiling” (1944), “The Perfect Snob” (1941), and “Ladies Of Washington” (1944).

Victor Mature Set (1942-1948)
Three-disc set includes “Fury At Furnace Creek” (1948), “My Gal Sal” (1942), and “Moss Rose” (1947).


June 2

Don Ameche Set (1936-1939)
Three disc set includes “Josette” (1938), “Swanee River” (1939), and “Ramona” (1936).

Maureen O’Hara Set (1946-1949)
Three disc set includes “Do You Love Me” (1946), “Forbidden Street” (1949), and “Sentimental Journey” (1946).

Dan Dailey Set (1949-1957)
Three disc set includes “Call Me Mister” (1951), “Oh, Men! Oh, Women!” (1957), and “Chicken Every Sunday” (1949).

Betty Grable Set (1949-1957)
Three disc set includes “Wabash Avenue” (1950), “That Lady In Ermine” (1948), and “Sweet Rosie O’Grady” (1943).

Richard Widmark Set (1952-1959)
Three disc set includes “Red Skies Of Montana” (1952), “Warlock” (1959), and “My Pal Gus” (1952).

Clifton Web Set (1953-1959)
Three disc set includes “Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker” (1959), “Holiday For Lovers” (1959), and “Mr. Scoutmaster” (1953).

Pat Boone Set (1953-1961)
Three disc set includes “All Hands On Deck” (1961), “Mardi Gras” (1958), and “April Love” (1953).



May 28

Pin-Up Girl (1944)
Betty Grable, famed WWII-era pin-up girl, stars as Lorry Jones, a shy USO canteen secretary who falls for heroic soldier Tommy Dooley (John Harvey). In order to be near him, she pretends to be a famous entertainer but when she’s hired as an entertainer by the USO, the subterfuge becomes reality. With comedic support from Joe E. Brown, Martha Raye and Dorothea Kent, Pin-Up Girl also features some of Betty Grable’s best dance numbers, including “I’ll Be Marching to a Love Song.”

Joanna (1968)
It is London in the 1960s, and beautiful, naive art student Joanna (Geneviève Waïte) has her swinging lifestyle interrupted when one of her lovers, Gordon (Calvin Lockhart), gets her pregnant. That’s just the start of her troubles… Gordon beats her and she endures many other trials, tribulations and mistreatments. Joanna is an often-overlooked piece of late-60s experimental cinema.


June 2

Made For Each Other (1971)
A couple in their mid-thirties meet for the first time at an “Emergency Encounter Group.” They each have drastically different upbringings and quarrel constantly but their comic quarrels show a deep need for each other, which they finally realize. The screenplay is written by Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna.

Fire Sale (1977)
Sid Caesar, Alan Arkin, and Rob Reiner lead an all-star comedy about Benny Fikus, a department store owner, on the verge of bankruptcy. Benny (Vincent Gardenia) comes up with a scheme to have his friend Sherman burn his business down, to collect the insurance money. Hilarities ensue when he suffers a heart attack and his sons put the money back into the store. For in the Fikus Family, “They’re not roasted. They’re not salted. They’re Just Plain Nuts.”


June 9

Sad Horse (1959)
A 10-year-old boy visits his grandfather for summer vacation at his horse ranch and meets a horse who is depressed because it has lost its dog mascot. The horse responds favorably to the boy’s pet dog and the boy has to make a difficult decision – whether to keep his pet or leave it for the horse as a companion.

Dear Brigitte (1965)
An 8-year-old math wizard forgets his philanthropic interest in the school art foundation when he develops a case of puppy love for actress Brigitte Bardot.


June 16

Fearless Frank (1967)
This satirical comedy is about an unsophisticated country boy, Fearless Frank (Jon Voight), who treks off to Chicago, gets shot by mobsters and awakens to find that he has the powers of Superman.

200 Motels (1971)
The great Frank Zappa’s outrageous psychedelic precursor to today’s music videos features “The Mothers of Invention” wreaking havoc in a typical American town. Ringo Starr narrates the ridiculous scene.

Mixed Company (1974)
Joseph Bologna portrays a racially prejudiced basketball coach who is persuaded to adopt three (more!) kids of mixed ethnic backgrounds. Frustrated and angry at first, his feelings soon turn to love.

June 23

The Adventures Of Gerard (1970)
Etienne Gerard, a swashbuckling, womanizing colonel in Napoleon’s cavalry, fights and loves his way to glory during the French occupation of Spain.

Down the Drain (1990)
A smooth, fast talking lawyer believes he can get anybody out of anything until he gets himself involved in an elaborate bank robbery that threatens national security.

Double Trouble (1992)
Identical twin brothers on both sides of the law–one’s a cop, the other is a criminal–work together when a man tries to frame them. The barbarian brothers clear their names while grabbing all the fun they can! Two big barrels full of it!


June 30

Nana (1983)
She’s the demon of Paris. Men lavish their wealth and attentions on her but her appetites are insatiable. She risks everything for pleasure, leaving a trail of broken hearts as she revels in the ecstasy of forbidden love.

Mom (1991)
Most moms are wonderful cooks but this one likes it raw! Something’s been eating Clay Dwyer… his mom! Once a sweet lovable lady, she’s been bitten by and transformed into a flesh-eater, turning her into a hungry creature with a knack for good old home-style cooking. What is Clay to do? To everyone else she’s a monster that must be destroyed. But to him she’s still Mom.

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