"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Mar 292016


mr-moto-foxBring home the latest wave of classics from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Cinema Archives vault and MGM’s Limited Edition Collection and rediscover classic film titles spanning 60 years from the 1930s to the 1990s.

The following films are available now for purchase on DVD.*

Mr. Moto Takes A Chance (1938) — FOX
This action-packed mystery has Japanese detective Mr. Moto on an archaeological expedition in a remote Indochinese jungle province. A beautiful young aviatrix on a secret diplomatic mission crash-lands on the island and tries to get the tyrannical ruler to help subdue an uprising led by a maniacal high priest. In the meantime, two American newsreel cameramen become involved in the scene. We soon find out that the ruler is in on the rebellion in order to increase his own wealth and power, so Moto intervenes by posing as the high priest. He rescues the beautiful girl and the cameramen, defeats the bad guys, and destroys their munitions site.

The Iron Curtain (1948) — FOX
This Cold War story tells the true tale of Igor Gouzenko, an ordinary code clerk working in the Soviet embassy in 1940s Canada. When Gouzenko realizes his government is trafficking atomic secrets through his office, and that his Canadian hosts are less of a threat to peace than his Mother Russia, he steals classified documents and decides to defect.

Blue Denim (1959) — FOX
Two young teenagers faced with the coming of an unwanted baby attempt to find a solution to the problem. This situation is complicated by their inability to confide in their parents. Based on the hit Broadway play.

These Thousand Hills (1959) — FOX
An average cowboy aspires to bigger things in life, so he borrows money from his girlfriend to buy a ranch, and then promptly dumps her for a banker’s daughter. His aspirations continue to rise and he runs for political office, which prompts him to join a posse led by a bully who is in search of the cowboy’s best friend, who has become a rustler. Playing the political game, the cowboy watches in silence as his best friend is lynched. The cowboy finally regains his sense of right and wrong when he is shot protecting his ex-girlfriend from an evil land baron.

Revolt of the Slaves (1960) — MGM
During the later years of the Roman Empire, the daughter of a wealthy patrician falls in love with a Christian slave.

Danger Has Two Faces (1966) — FOX
When international financier and playboy Mark Wainwright is mistakenly identified as American secret agent Peter Murphy and killed by the KGB, Murphy takes on Wainwright’s identity and finds himself embroiled in international intrigue and the high-life of the rich.

The Legend of Custer (1968) — FOX
In 1868, after the Civil War, Custer takes charge of a mix of ex-Confederates and criminals, the 7th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hays, Kansas. His boss General Terry doesn’t like his methods or his long blond hair, but Custer manages to keep fighting the Sioux.

Foxfire Light (1983) — MGM
Joanna, a recent college graduate, decides to leave her manipulating mother and stay within the Ozarks in order to find herself. What she finds is a small town filled with romance and the promise of love.

Joshua Then and Now             (1985) — FOX           
Based on Mordecai Richler’s semi-autobiographical novel, Joshua Then and Now relates the life and times of a Jewish writer living in Canada whose father was a small-time gangster, and who marries into a politically and socially prominent WASP family.

The Power of One (1992) — FOX
An orphan terrorized for his family’s political beliefs, young PK (Stephen Dorff) turns to his only friend: a kindly, world-wise prisoner (Morgan Freeman) who teaches him how to box. “Little beat big when little smart,” the prisoner tells PK. “First with the head, then with the heart.” Living by those words, PK fights with his fists and leads with his heart as he grows to manhood. He takes on the system and the injustices he sees around him and finds that one person really can make a difference.

American Friends (1993) — MGM    
Reverend Francis Ashby, a rather stuffy professor at St. John’s College Oxford, heads off for a walking holiday in Switzerland. High up on a rocky Swiss plateau, Ashby stumbles across two American women: Caroline Hartley and her beautiful eighteen-year-old ward, Elinor. He soon finds the company of the women a charming and refreshing change from his all-male, well-ordered world at Oxford. Back in England, he’s about to be elected president of his college, a post for a bachelor, when he realizes that his Switzerland experience has altered his views on life. The surprise arrival of his American friends adds to his dilemma, especially when it becomes apparent that both women are competing for his affections.

Made in America (1993) — FOX
Whoopi Goldberg, Ted Danson, Nia Long and Will Smith star in a comedy about finding yourself by finding your family — even if that family is not what you expected. When 18-year-old Zora (Long), the daughter of a very independent, single mother and proud African American (Goldberg), learns from a blood test that she is not related to the long-deceased, well-respected black man she had believed to be her parent, she searches a sperm bank’s records for her biological father. With the help of her best friend (Smith), she finds the donor: a used car dealer (Danson) who’s a well-known buffoon…and white. He may not be the dad of her dreams, but Zora’s unstoppable desire to know her father — whoever or whatever he may be — is going to turn this mismatched group into a family Made in America.

That Night (1993) — FOX
Set in 1961, this bittersweet coming-of-age story follows special friendships, first love and a long summer night that changes the lives of three people forever. Starring Academy Award® Nominee Juliette Lewis (Supporting Actress, Cape Fear, 1991), C. Thomas Howell (Soul Man) and Helen Shaver (The Color of Money), That Night is one you’ll never forget.

Final Combination (1994) — MGM
Michael Madsen plays Matt Dickson, a hard-boiled L.A. detective who tracks a psychotic rapist on a killing spree. With the help of an ambitious reporter, Dickson is soon in a race against time in a deadly game. Damian Chapa, Gary Stretch and Lisa Bonnet star in this 1994 thriller.

The New Age (1994) — FOX
“Your inner child is running us into bankruptcy!” Katherine Witner screams at her newly jobless husband Peter. “Why don’t you get in touch with your inner adult?” A with-it L.A. couple scrambles to avoid being without it in the sharply witty The New Age. Following up his biting screenplay for The Player, writer/director Michael Tolkin now bursts the balloons of more La-La-Land sham and scam. Peter Weller and Judy Davis play the Witners, a trendy twosome with more dollars than sense as they careen along a downhill path of mad business pursuits, sexual escapades, new-age babble and questionable spiritualism. In a glitzy society where everyone’s born to shop, the Witners are starting to drop – and they’re going like the ’90s in “the sexiest, smartest comedy this decade has produced” (Polly Frost, Harper’s Bazaar).

Second Best (1994) — FOX
Life is passing Graham Holt by…until he does something about it. Weary of his emotionally muffled, the middle-aged village postmaster decides to break the cycle of emptiness. He applies to adopt James, a lonely, rage-filled boy as starved for love as Graham is. Academy Award® Winner William Hurt (Best Actor, Kiss of the Spider Woman, 1985) stars in this tender, triumphant film as big as the human heart. “Hurt gives one of his finest performances” (Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times) as Graham, a shy man who must find the courage to reach for happiness. Talented newcomer Chris Cleary Miles is James, scarred by a childhood tragedy and torn between loyalty to his convict father and his growing attachment to Graham. Together, Graham and James discover families aren’t born, they’re made. One risk, one joy, one act of trust at a time.

Carpool (1996) — FOX
Tom Arnold (True Lies, Nine Months) takes the wheel of this zippy family romp directed by Arthur Hiller (Silver Streak, The In-Laws). Arnold plays happy-go-luckless Franklin, whose bungled attempt to get cash for his floundering carnival puts him on the lam and at the wheel of a full minivan. His delighted hostages: five kids en route to school. His un-delighted hostage: Daniel (David Paymer), a career-first, family-second ad executive eager to drop off the kids and get to a presentation that could boost him up the agency ladder. Like a car driven through too many potholes, Daniel’s priorities need realignment. And Franklin is just the right fella to show him how. Daniel will have the time of his life — quality time with his kids.

Sunchaser (1996) — FOX
Oscar® Nominee Woody Harrelson (Supporting Actor, The Messenger, 2009; Actor, The People vs. Larry Flint, 1996) stars in this moving story about a young, convicted murderer, dying of cancer, who takes his doctor hostage as he desperately attempts to flee Los Angeles for a sacred Navajo mountain in Arizona. The pair travels together across the West, learning important truths about themselves and each other as they face the mystic and grimly realistic truth about death. Sunchaser is directed by Michael Cimino, Oscar® Winner for The Deer Hunter, and features Oscar® Winner Anne Bancroft (Best Actress, The Miracle Worker, 1962) and Jon Seda (Undisputed).

Breaking Up (1997) — FOX
Academy Award® Winner Russell Crowe (Best Actor, Gladiator, 2000) stars with Oscar® Nominee Salma Hayek (Actress, Frida, 2002) in the passionate story of two lovers swept up in an intense relationship, a man and a woman who cannot live with — or without — each other. Struggling photographer Steve (Crowe) and schoolteacher Monica (Hayek) have the exciting once-in-a-lifetime romance that everyone dreams about. He even quits smoking, and she abandons her obsession with her weight. But their idyllic affair turns tempestuous, with Steve feeling stifled and Monica burdened. Caught between pleasure and pain, satisfaction and frustration, Steve and Monica cannot stay together but cannot separate, leaving them trapped in a bitter cycle of making up and Breaking Up.

Goodbye Lover (1998) — FOX
Darkly comic thriller about two brothers who are led into romantic entanglements and homicidal plots by a femme fatale. Starring Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Patricia Arquette (Boyhood, TV’s Medium), Dermot Mulroney (Must Love Dogs, My Best Friend’s Wedding), Emmy® winner and Golden Globe® nominee Ellen DeGeneres (Finding Nemo, TV’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show), Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Mary-Louise Parker (TV’s Weeds, TV’s Angels in America) and Emmy® nominee and Golden Globe® winner Don Johnson (Tin Cup, TV’s Nash Bridges).

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