‘Feral’ Drama Explores NYC Homeless on Digital, VOD June 2

An exploration of the invisibility and masks we put on to face the world, the story is told through the lens of a homeless woman, Yasmine, living in the tunnels beneath Manhattan’s West Side. Surviving on her own terms she is reeling from the loss of her mother who was deported when she was 16 while trying to build a new image of life alone.

Along the way, she meets a cast of characters and real New York personalities, each living their own form of loneliness. A lonely piano player who’s never played his music out loud, a mother who regrets the birth of her six-year-old, a lonely grandmother nostalgic for her salsa music past and the Mission who is there to help, but only if she’s willing to go with their rules.

Based off real stories of living underground and working with former homeless individuals, the film is an experience that lets you look into Yasmine’s emotional reality, looking her directly in the eyes, as she struggles to carry on.


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