Enjoy Top Kids Christmas Movies This Holiday Season

Christmas is right around the corner — that time of year has finally arrived where family reunions and get-togethers happen with lots of fun and excitement. Your loved ones arrive from various regions and gather around to spend quality and memorable time with their near and dear ones. After all, the holiday season is meant to not only give the whole family a break from their usual routines but also to help them re-charge and get an instant, positive vibe from their family and friends.

Many families have a tradition of watching good Christmas movies every year — after all, it’s fun to watch movies together. Among other activities, adults can play for fun as well as try their luck to win through many online casino websites like New UK Casino, while the kids indulge in video games. So let’s sit down together and have a look at the popular movies we can find for Christmas.

Grab your favorite munchies and snuggle up in your cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and let the party begin .

The Original Christmas Specials Collection: Deluxe Edition (DVD and Blu-ray)

Five timeless Christmas animated classics are presented in this deluxe edition

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Re-imagines the classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in this animated adventure from the Animagic world of Rankin/Bass.
Frosty the Snowman
Next is “Frosty the Snowman.” A 1969 original release, the story revolves around a snowman that was brought to life with the help of a magic hat and how the little kids protect it from melting when the weather warms up, all with an adventurous storytelling narration.
Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
This is a 1970 stop-motion special Christmas television edition starring Fred Astaire as the narrator, with a runtime of 53 minutes. This is a unique recreation of a modern tale in a delightful way, yet it maintains the original classical touch throughout.
The Little Drummer Boy
Initially released in 1968 on NBC as a stop-motion animated television special that revolves around an orphan drummer boy who hated humanity but changed his heart when he stumbled upon three wise men on their way to Bethlehem. This classic story is retold in a fun and exciting animated version with the latest technologies at the same time maintaining the original soundtrack.
Cricket on the Hearth
One of the marvels from the collection of great writer Charles Dickens, “Cricket on the Hearth” is a 1967 original Christmas classic in which a kind-hearted cricket helps to rescue a poor toymaker and his blind daughter from the clutches of an exploitative miser.

Elf: Buddy’s Sing and Cheer Along Edition
How about a Christmas family night with a sing-along DVD that provides a whole lot of fun for the entire family. Celebrate this Christmas with the 15th anniversary edition of “Elf” in a Sing and Cheer edition, in both DVD and digital format. The DVD also features unique trivia and fun facts that randomly pop-up with titbits of exciting news. The story is about Buddy (Will Ferrell), who happens to crawl into Santa’s toy bag one Christmas eve and is accidentally taken to the North Pole and raised as an elf. After he grows up, he returns to his roots in New York City, where the fun really begins as he interacts with kids and grownups alike. The various special features include deleted scenes, sweet treats, the Clausometer and much, much more.

Disney’s classic animated movies

No matter how old you are, popular children’s titles from Disney delight kids of all ages.

• Snow White: A beautiful fairytale creation from Disney that is loved by all little princess around the world.
• Alice in Wonderland: Get ready for an adventurous trip with the charming little girl, Alice, and her wonderful yet weird little friends.
• Monsters, Inc.: Disney has transformed scary monsters into friendly creatures that made kids look at frightening things with a whole new perspective.
• Pinocchio: The little wooden boy whose nose grows as he lies, all the while desiring to become human.
• Finding Nemo: This cute tale revolves around the adventures of Nemo, a small daddy fish who gets lost in the deep blue sea far away from home.
• Other titles like Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Mulan Part I and II, The Lion King, The Fox and the Hound, Bambi, and The Aristocats are good choices for the holiday seasons.

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