"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
May 212015






“Every government has its secret service branch. America, CIA; France, Deuxième Bureau; England, MI5.   NATO also has its own. A messy job? Well that’s when they usually call on me or someone like me. Oh yes, my name is Drake, John Drake.” So begins the dramatic 1960s British spy series Secret Agent. The adventures of John Drake come to Shout! Factory TV this May with the release of Secret Agent: Season One.

Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner) stars as John Drake in Secret Agent (known in the United Kingdom as Danger Man), the popular television series from the Golden Age of Spy Thrillers, the 1960s. Travelling the world to capture international criminals, John Drake rarely solved problems with a gun, preferring to use charm and wit over violence to bring in the bad guys.

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  1. Une console portable, tactile, (résolution relativement faible néanmoins), pas chère, et française, vous pariez quoi qu’on n’en entendra pas parler dans les médias, et qu’il n’y en aura que pour les iDevices ?

  2. Sehe das ähnlich wie thrashfamous. Sollen sie doch lieber ordentlich Geld z.B. für den Umweltschutz ausgeben anstatt nur die Farben zu tauschen. Hab auch gehört, dass das Grün erstmal nur in Europa getestet werden soll und es z.B. in den USA vorerst beim rot bleibt.

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