Criterion March Releases

This March, two iconoclastic landmarks of American cinema will join the Criterion Collection, making their Blu-ray debuts in long-awaited new restorations: pioneering writer-director-actor Barbara Loden’s lone feature, Wanda, a wrenching character study that charted a course for independent film; and Edgar G. Ulmer’s Detour, a pitch-dark Poverty Row thriller that distills film noir to its bitter essence. Carlos Reygadas will join the collection with his preternaturally assured debut, Japón, an existential journey through the Mexican countryside. Robert Zemeckis revisits the frenzy of Beatlemania in his raucous first feature, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, appearing in a new 4K restoration. Harold Lloyd journeys out west-and delivers some of his most elaborately inventive set pieces-in the delightful comedy The Kid Brother, appearing on Blu-ray for the first time. And there’s more: Criterion’s yearlong series of Ingmar Bergman releases will continue with a stand-alone edition of The Magic Flute, the director’s effervescent take on Mozart’s beloved opera.
March 12: The Magic Flute
March 12: The Kid Brother
March 19: Detour
March 19: Wanda
March 26: I Wanna Hold Your Hand
March 26: Japon

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