Controversial ‘Game of Thrones: Season 8’ Smashes Home Video Charts on Release … But Why?

Yes, GoT Season 8 was the talk of the Internet over the spring of 2019, but for all of the wrong reasons. The highly anticipated and heavily hyped concluding season of the smash-hit HBO television show split the fandom, with over 1.8 million signing a petition on asking for it to be remade.

Despite the backlash and what proved to be months of animated debate, the home video release of the last Game of Thrones went down rather well – incredibly well, in fact. Released on December 3, 2019, on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra HD Blu-ray, Game of Thrones: The Complete Eighth Season went straight to the top of the combined disc sales charts for the week ending December 7, according to

While it was released in a relatively meager window, Game of Thrones obliterated the competition. The next closest in sales, according to the source, was Angel Has Fallen, the third film of the Fallen series, which only sold 38 per cent as many copies as the eighth season of GoT. So, how did a show that received so much backlash and was so visibly reviled by so many long-time fans rocket to the top of the sales charts?

Time heals all wounds

Much of the Game of Thrones fandom was scorned by the final season in particular, but this would have enabled them to reflect on their preferred moments of the series, bringing back fond memories. Naturally, those who didn’t like the eighth season likely wouldn’t have watched it again, but in the six months since, they may well have watched the older series again, with the episodes being readily available on disc and held in high esteem.

It also helps that much of the cast has been very humble about the backlash and have remained prominent outside of the Game of Thrones universe. You only have to look to fans’ reactions to the star of the show, Emilia Clarke, and her many public appearances to promote the movie Last Christmas as well as her often quirky presence on social media to see that the disgruntled fans certainly don’t begrudge those on screen.

The older merchandise and spin-offs of the show will still be of great appeal to all fans, which has been proven by the continually high ranking of the Game of Thrones game. Sitting among the other blockbuster movie games on the recommended casino platform Dunder, the GoT slot game maintains a very strong player base, continuing to provide the same quality gaming experience that people have come to expect. So, it has also helped fans to remember the good times and dispel what they perceive to be the bad.

A fine addition to my collection

Game of Thrones has grown into one of the biggest and most popular shows in the world, with showing that its home video releases would debut at the top of sales charts. Over the years that came before Season 8, many fans will have collected the DVD or Blu-Ray releases after each season.

To then go without the eighth and final chapter of a series that they mostly loved would be sacrilege to many collectors. Even if they weren’t huge fans of the last season, it is required to have the full set – at least for completionists. If the box set were to be released closer to the season finale, it might have performed rather poorly. But half-a-year removed, those who disliked the season have already rekindled their love of the series and are more willing to suck it up and complete the collection.

The DVD and Blu-ray release of the last season of Game of Thrones has been timed perfectly, especially as people are frantically looking for Christmas presents. With time to given to separate from the backlash and there being plenty to enjoy in the meantime, fans are far more willing to buy in one last time, resulting in HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Complete Eighth Season rocketing to the top of the sales charts.

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