"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Mar 042019
New from Arrow Video US and Arrow Academy US
KOLOBOS (3/12)
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Take the March with Arrow!
Arrow Films storms into the month of March with six new titles. The March excitement begins on March 5th with a pair of releases. First up is Sister Street Fighter Collection. This 2-disc set includes all three films in the Sister Street Fighter trilogy. In the first film Li (Etsuko Shihomi) travels to Yokohama to investigate the disappearance of her brother. Li returns in Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread and this time she is in search of a woman that has been kidnapped by a group of diamond smugglers. The series comes to a close with Return of the Sister Street Fighter, with our hero once again hoping to locate a missing person, this time a kingpin’s mistress. These landmark Japanese films are beloved for taking the already over-the-top exploitation genre to new heights.

Also coming March 5th is Robert Siodmak’s 1944 noir, Phantom Lady. Ella Raines stars as a secretary willing to put her life on the line in an effort to prove her boss did not murder his wife. This loaded release includes the archival documentary Dark and Deadly: 50 Years of Film Noir and a rare hour-long radio dramatization.

On March 12th, Arrow releases the late 90s booby trapped slasher, Kolobos. This semi-meta gem about a group of strangers trapped in a deadly house has virtually slid under the radar in the twenty years since it was released. Thankfully that is set to change with this new 2K restoration that comes fully equipped with an audio commentary, interviews and more.

The second release hitting stands on March 12 is Peter Glenville’s The Prisoner. Nominated for 5 BAFTAs, including best film, this tense drama puts Alec Guinness and Jack Hawkins in a room and has them square off in mental battle that tests the human spirit. This new Blu-ray includes a brand new video appreciation on the Oscar-winning Guinness from author and academic Neil Sinyard.

Italian genre fans get a special treat on March 19th with the release of a new 2K restoration of Strip Nude for Your Killer. This highly sexualized giallo sees a series of vicious murders invade a Milanese fashion house, leaving the lovely Edwige Fenech and Nino Castelnuovo to solve the case. This ultra sleazy slice of Italian horror gets the ultimate treatment with a new audio commentary, video essays, interviews and more!

The sixth and final March release comes home on March 26th in the form of Blood Hunger: The Films of Jose Larraz. This packed box set contains three films – Whirlpool, Vampyres and The Coming of Sin. Often overlooked, this collection brings together three films from the early part of director Jose Ramon Larraz’s illustrious career. All films coming newly restored in 2K with an abundance of new bonus features. This set is a must for genre fans everywhere.


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