"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jan 042016

World-class TV streamer Acorn TV is excited to start off 2016 with three U.S. Premieres throughout January including an Irish western, a supernatural thriller and an excellent cop drama. Previously unannounced, Acorn TV will feature the U.S. Premiere of the first Western to be made in Ireland with the epic, character-driven miniseries DOMINION CREEK on Jan. 11. Also next Monday, Acorn TV features the “truly spine-tingling” supernatural British thriller MIDWINTER OF THE SPIRIT, which follows an exorcist in training who aids the police in solving a murder.

Beginning Jan. 18, the U.S. debut of one of Canada’s top series with the must-see, intense cop drama 19-2 starring Adrian Holmes (Arrow) and Jared Keeso (Elysium, Falling Skies). Also, the Season 3 finale of the addictive Aussie period drama A PLACE TO CALL HOME premieres on Jan. 11th; thereafter all three seasons are available for lavish, period drama binge-watching.

Also throughout January, Acorn TV adds the star-studded, Emmy®-winning miniseries TRAFFIK and more TIME TEAM (Jan. 4); the real life “Downton Abbeys” of Britain in YOU CAN’T GET THE STAFF (Jan. 11); award-winning Finnish crime drama HOOKED (Jan. 18); comedy WHITE TEETH (Jan. 25) starring Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife); and the ”Friday Feature” with a new film every Friday includes The Queen’s Sister, Jane Eyre, Losing It, A Handful of Dust, and The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Recently added U.S. Premieres include: The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 2, Ray Winstone in The Trials of Jimmy Rose, Gadget Man Series 1-4, and Prisoners’ Wives. A leading niche streamer since 2011, Emmy-nominated Acorn TV is available at https://acorn.tv/ and on a variety of devices.


Marking the first Western to be made in Ireland; The new epic miniseries follows three Irish brothers in the American Gold Rush

 ACORN TV’s Riveting Irish Western


Makes U.S. Premiere on Monday, January 11, 2016

Love, Betrayal, Greed … and Gold

“Complete with all the twists, turns, betrayals, reversals, and colorful characters of the genre” —The Herald

“A pictorial treat” — filmireland.net

Marking the first Western to be made in Ireland, the ambitious, character driven drama Dominion Creek makes it U.S. Premiere on Emmy®-nominated Acorn TV on Monday, January 11, 2016. Known as An Klondike in Ireland, the gripping 4-part miniseries stars Owen McDonnell (Single Handed), Seán T.Ó Meallaigh (Charlie, Patrick, Kings), and Dara Devaney (Above Suspicion: Silent Scream, Camelot) as the Connolly brothers; three Irish emigrants seeking riches in the American Gold Rush. Also starring Siobhán O’Kelly (Call the Midwife, George Gently), Julian Black Antelope (Penny Dreadful, Blackstone, Hell on Wheels), and Steve Wall (Vikings, Silent Witness), the storylines and characters draw from historical accounts and are inspired by real life tales of people who experienced the Klondike Gold Rush in the 1890’s. Available at Acorn.TV and on a variety of devices.

Dominion Creek follows the brothers as they travel from Montana, arriving in Dominion with just a map and a deed to stake their claim. But Dominion is a town built on greed in a land that God, if he exists there, has created in anger. Soon after arriving they become embroiled in a deadly feud with Jacob Hopkins, the man who runs Dominion, and when their claim proves to be a literal goldmine, their new found wealth quickly leads to a bitter rift between the brothers.

As they become increasingly corrupted by the lust for power and gold, the Connollys must stick together if they are to survive the harsh realities of the Yukon. But, in a place where old values and fierce tribal loyalties are challenged by modern capitalism and nature’s savagery, every man and every woman has their price, even if it is at the expense of those closest to them…


“Truly spine-tingling”The Daily Telegraph

“An everyday tale of exorcism, with the ghostbusting turned all the way up to 11 …

A lot of fun and chilling too.” The Guardian

 Acorn TV’s gripping, new supernatural thriller


U.S. Premiere beginning Monday, January 11, 2016

Starring Anna Maxwell Martin (The Bletchley Circle) and David Threlfall (Shameless)

Following the U.S. Premieres of Australia’s addictive period drama A Place to Call Home, Season 3 and Ray Winstone’s gripping miniseries The Trials of Jimmy Rose, Acorn TV features the U.S. Premiere of the new supernatural thriller Midwinter of the Spirit on consecutive Mondays, beginning Monday, January 11, 2016. Based on the acclaimed novel by Phil Rickman, the three episode ITV crime drama stars two-time BAFTA-Award winning actress Anna Maxwell Martin (The Bletchley CircleDeath Comes to Pemberley, Bleak House) as a country vicar and exorcist-in-training who aids the police in solving a grisly murder. BAFTA-Award winner David Threlfall (Shameless) co-stars as her mentor. Available at Acorn.TV.

Country vicar Merrily Watkins (Anna Maxwell Martin) is in training to be an exorcist, or “deliverance minister,” for the Church of England. Although guided by the sardonic, no-nonsense Reverend Huw Owen (David Threlfall), Merrily contends with self-doubt in her tough new role. Her faith deeply shaken by her husband’s recent death, she also struggles to raise her teenage daughter on her own. When Merrily is called in to consult on a grisly murder investigation, the inexperienced exorcist finds herself battling supernatural terrors that threaten to overwhelm her.

Midwinter of the Spirit also stars Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones), Nicholas Pinnock (Fortitude), Leila Mimmack (Mayday), Siobhan Finneran (Downton Abbey), and Ben Bailey Smith (Law & Order: UK).


“Australia’s sexiest period soap…must-watch Entertainment Weekly

“Instantly irresistible saga…captivatingly filmed, deeply romantic drama of immense intelligence distinguished by a uniformly superb cast” The Wall Street Journal),

“I couldn’t stop watching…a cross between Dynasty and Downton Abbey with a twist of Mad Men Parade

“Addictive, binge-worthy…perfect for American Downton fans itching for their next TV fix.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

For those ‘Downton Abbey’ fans out there who can’t wait for the final season, give them the superior Australian prime-time serial” Boston Herald

“The cast is terrific… A-grade period drama” The Guardian

Acorn TV’s addictive Aussie period drama returns


Makes U.S. Premiere Monday, December 21, 2015 – January 11, 2016

 Includes original, never-before-seen in the U.S. ending to Season 2

Acorn TV’s thoroughly addictive Australian period drama, A PLACE TO CALL HOME, returns with more secrets, passion, romance, and intrigue in Season 3. Acorn TV exclusively features the Season 3 U.S. Premiere beginning Monday, December 21 with the first three episodes and the original, never-before-seen in the U.S. ending to Season 2 (approx. 5 minutes), followed by multiple episodes in the 10-episode season on consecutive Mondays through January 11. Against the backdrop of post-World War II Australia, A Place to Call Home stars Marta Dusseldorp (Jack Irish) as Sarah Adams, a nurse who becomes involved in the affairs of the wealthy Bligh family. This rich, meaningful, and lavish production deals with themes such as anti-Semitism, sexuality, and social class. The series has been nominated for three Logie Awards: Most Outstanding Drama Series, Most Popular Actress (Dusseldorp), and Most Popular New Talent (Earl). Available at Acorn.TV.

As 1950s Australia faces internal and external threats to its way of life so too do the people of Inverness, and previous alliances and relationships are tested. In Season 3, Sarah‘s dilemma between her feelings for George and her duty to her husband Rene, is exacerbated by a heart breaking secret. James and Olivia’s relationship is under pressure by the desire of physical fulfilment, while the true parentage of baby George is threatened with exposure. Elizabeth Bligh’s decision to leave Ash Park to explore a life of her own proves more difficult than she thought. The difference between the fairy tale romance of Anna and Gino and the reality of married life threatens to tear them apart.

 NOTE: A Place to Call Home was initially cancelled after season 2, and then the series moved to another Australian broadcaster, Foxtel, which commissioned Season 3 and 4 from producer Seven Network. With the recommission, viewers can now watch the original ending with the planned cliffhangers.

 A Place to Call Home’s impressive ensemble cast includes Craig Hall (The Hobbit), Brett Climo (Snowy River: The McGregor Saga), Abby Earl (The Great Mint Swindle), Noni Hazlehurst (Little Fish), Aldo Mignone (Danger 5), Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood (Underbelly) and David Berry (Home and Away).

A Place to Call Home, Season 3 (10 Episodes)

Monday, Dec. 21 – Episodes 1-3 premiere plus Season 2’s original ending

Monday, Dec. 28 – Eps. 4-5

Monday, Jan. 4 – Eps. 6-7

Monday, Jan. 11 – Eps. 8-10

Acorn has released Season 1 and 2 on DVD, and both seasons are available to watch anytime on Acorn TV. Season 1 has also been syndicated to public television stations through American Public Television (APT).


“Not Your Average Cop Show…smart…character-driven drama…The pace is perfect, the writing is real and natural and believable, and the stories hit home.”The Huffington Post

“Great TV. It Impresses and distresses. It’s real, honest, powerful, a triumph.” — @dogmagayle

“Gritty cop drama”The Hollywood Reporter

“Alarmingly good. Almost too much to handle.”TV Guide Canada

 ACORN TV’s New, Gripping Police Drama

19-2, Season 1


 Hugely popular, award-winning Canadian crime drama makes U.S. Debut

On par with the best American police dramas like Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire, Emmy®-nominated Acorn TV features the U.S. Premiere of the gripping, Canadian crime drama 19-2, Season 1 beginning Monday, January 18, 2016 with its first two episodes and a new episode every Monday through March 14. In Canada, the series has been a huge ratings and social media hit for Bell Media’s Bravo channel. The intense 10-part character-driven drama stars Adrian Holmes (Arrow, Elysium) and Jared Keeso (Elysium, Falling Skies) as partners in the Montreal Police Department who must put their differences aside as their lives intertwine professionally and personally. An English-language remake of a popular Quebec show, 19-2 has won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor for Jared Keeso, and was nominated for numerous other Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Dramatic Series, Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. Available at Acorn.TV and on a variety of devices.

Officers Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes) and Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso) patrol the urban sprawl of downtown’s 9th Precinct in Cruiser No. 2, working alongside the varied cast of characters that make up the close knit squad of Station 19. With very different temperaments and life experiences, Nick and Ben’s mistrust and antagonism for each other is evident from the outset, but, as season one progresses, moments of mutual respect give way to a wavering chance of a true partnership. As we come to know the team, we see friendship and loyalty, but we also see betrayal as Ben learns of a mole in the squad, whose actions may have fatal consequences.

Season 2 of 19-2 will premiere on Acorn TV later in 2016 and a third season is in production. Content Television is the international distributor for the series.



Most recently, Acorn TV has featured the U.S. Premieres of Martin Clunes in Doc Martin, Series 7, ITV thriller Black Work, HBO Europe’s Umbre, BBC’s Mayday, New Zealand detective series The Brokenwood Mysteries, Series 2 (Dec. 7), tech series Gadget Man, Series 1-4 (Dec. 7), The Trials of Jimmy Rose starring Ray Winstone (Dec. 14), Aussie period drama A Place to Call Home, Season 3 (Dec. 21-Jan.11), BBC’s Prisoners’ Wives (Dec. 28).

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