‘A Chef’s Voyage’ Gets Underway on Digital Nov. 24

First Run Features is proud to present the Streaming-VOD release of A Chef’s Voyage, starting November 24, 2020.

The film follows Emmy (Mind of a Chef) and James Beard award-winning Chef David Kinch and his team from their 3 Star Michelin restaurant, Manresa, in California for a one of a kind collaboration with three legendary chefs at their iconic restaurants in Paris, Provence, and Marseille.

A Chef’s Voyage begins in Los Gatos, California, as Kinch and the Manresa team close the famous restaurant for a month so that they can travel to France to celebrate their fifteenth anniversary. Planning the trip has been going on for months. In order to represent the refined Californian cuisine of Kinch in France, the team must bring some of the characteristic ingredients of Manresa, such as seasonings, sauces that take days to make and Pacific seafood such as abalone.

As soon as they arrive in France, the crew prepares to cook alongside chefs from three of the country’s best restaurants: Le Taillevent, L’Oustau de Baumanière and Le Petit Nice. Even for Kinch’s well-oiled team, it’s difficult to navigate their host kitchens and represent Californian gourmet cuisine on Michelin’s home turf while jetlagged, on a tight schedule, and with a language barrier.

A Chef’s Voyage takes us behind the scenes as they stage nine amazing meals over the course of just 10 days in the world’s most cinematic venues, observing culinary superstars and their young and diverse supporting cast, and ultimately create something much more than food.

“A Delicious Escape to France!
It’s a feast, not just for the food shown in exquisite detail, but for the images of the countryside, the shore, and the streets and markets.”
– Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

“A culinary masterpiece…superb!”
– Janet Walker, Haute-Lifestyle.com

“This culinary documentary basks in sumptuous food shots,
takes you behind the scenes into buzzing French kitchens and offers stunning scenes of differing French landscapes. But its true heart rests with the chef and his team who set out on an odyssey to discover the love of creating and enjoying culinary creations.”
– Bryan Alexander, USA Today

“A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of one of America’s upper-echelon restaurants – and, a tour through the heart of bucolic Provence, bustling Paris, and the gorgeous coastline of Marseille.”
– Elizabeth Brownfield, Forbes


Featuring Chef David Kinch and legendary French Michelin starred chefs:
Alain Solivérès (2 star)
Jean-André Charial (3 star)
Glenn Viel (3 star)
Gerald Passedat (3 star)

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