"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Sep 222017
Five Years in the Making!
PORKY PIG 101 (1935-43) New to DVD – many shorts never before seen on home video!
That's NOT all, Folks! Warner Bros. first cartoon super-star and everyone's favorite pants-less porcine, Porky Pig, takes center-stage. From his humble beginnings as the break-out star of a schoolhouse talent show in "I Haven't Got a Hat" to his slimmer, slap-happy sidekick stage alongside Daffy Duck in "Porky Pig's Feat", across Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes, in two-strip Technicolor and scintillating Black-and-White, Porky's ascent from rascally school gang member to superstar spokespig is fully on display in this 5-Disc, 101 (plus some bonuses) cartoon collection. Presented in chronological order, with key commentaries on select shorts of significance, this tome contains all the toons you need to become a true professor of Porky Pig-ology. Please note that Porky Pig 101 is intended for the adult collector and may not be suitable for children.

Want to learn more? Check out the special one hour Porky Pig Podcast featuring the Warner Archive crew and animation historian Jerry Beck chatting in depth about the history behind the character and what went into creating this amazing collection! Listen now!

Here's a complete list of all the shorts! Disc One: I Haven't Got a Hat; Gold Diggers of '49; Boom Boom; Alpine Antics; Blow Out; Westward Whoa; Plane Dippy; Fish Tales; Shanghaied Shipmates; Porky's Pet; Porky the Rain-Maker; Porky's Poultry Plant; Milk and Money; Porky's Moving Day; Little Beau Porky; The Village Smithy; Porky in the North Woods; Porky the Wrestler; Porky's Road Race; Picador Porky. Disc Two: Porky's Romance; Porky's Duck Hunt; Porky and Gabby; Porky's Building; Porky's Super Service; Porky's Badtime Story; Porky's Railroad; Get Rich Quick Porky; Porky's Garden; Rover's Rival; The Case of the Stuttering Pig; Porky's Double Trouble; Porky's Hero Agency; Porky's Poppa; Porky at the Crocadero; What Price Porky; Porky's Phony Express; Porky's Five & Ten; Porky's Hare Hunt; Injun Trouble. Disc Three: Porky the Fireman; Porky's Party; Porky's Spring Planting; Porky & Daffy; Wholly Smoke; Porky in Wackyland; Porky's Naughty Nephew; Porky in Egypt; The Daffy Doc; Porky the Gob; The Lone Stranger and Porky; It's an Ill Wind; Porky's Tire Trouble; Porky's Movie Mystery; Chicken Jitters; Porky and Teabiscuit; Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.; Polar Pals; Scalp Trouble; Old Glory. Disc Four: Porky's Picnic; Wise Quacks; Porky's Hotel; Jeepers Creepers; Naughty Neighbors; Pied Piper Porky; Porky the Giant Killer; The Film Fan; Porky's Last Stand; Africa Squeaks; Ali-Baba Bound; Pilgrim Porky; Slap Happy Pappy; Porky's Poor Fish; You Ought to Be in Pictures; The Chewin' Bruin; Porky's Baseball Broadcast; Patient Porky; Calling Dr. Porky; Prehistoric Porky. Disc Five: The Sour Puss; Porky's Hired Hand; The Timid Toreador; Porky's Snooze Reel; Porky's Bear Facts; Porky's Preview; Porky's Ant; A Coy Decoy; Porky's Prize Pony; Meet John Doughboy; We, the Animals – Squeak!; The Henpecked Duck; Notes to You; Robinson Crusoe Jr.; Porky's Midnight Matinee; Porky's Pooch; Porky's Pastry Pirates; Who's Who in the Zoo; Porky's Café; Confusions Of A Nutzy Spy; Porky Pig's Feat
INNOCENT BLOOD (1992) New to Blu-ray with a 2017 1080p HD Remaster
John Landis revisits vampire flicks with the same revisionist wit he brought to bear on werewolves in the classic An American Werewolf in London ; this time bringing a French vampire to the wilds of the Steel City, Pittsburgh. Anne Parillaud plays Marie, la femme fangita with a penchant for desanguinating wise guys. Undercover goombah Joe Gennaro (Anthony LaPaglia) searches for answers while Marie continues her bloody takedown of Salvatore "Sal the Shark" Macelli (Robert Loggia) mob. Sal proves himself a shark as he's the one snack Marie fails to finish, making it time for La Cosa Nosferatu. Gore, laughs and romance abound as cop, vampire and mob head on a collision course where more than one kind of sparks fly. Landis assembles a true cast of characters that includes Don Rickles, Angela Bassett, David Proval, Tony Sirico and Luis Guzman. Contains scenes not previously seen in North America and shows off its midnight shine as never before thanks to it's new blood-curdling 1080p presentation. 16×9 Widescreen
THE ILLUSTRATED MAN (1969) New to Blu-ray with a 2017 1080p HD Remaster
Jack Smight directs then-married Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom in this intriguing and intrepid adaptation of American master-storyteller Ray Bradbury's beloved anthology-cum-novel The Illustrated Man . Bringing a decidedly ahead-of-its-time low-fi sensibility to the Sci-Fi elements of the tale, Smight underscores the character drama and the phantasmagoria of Bradbury while simultaneously delivering a style that is very much a reflection of its post-Summer of Love era. Thanks to the two leads, and their co-star Robert Drivas, this less-is-more approach is as mannered and painterly as the illustrations upon Steiger's skin, and as savage as the wrath of children threatened with the loss of their toys. A drifter (Robert Drivas) encounters the illustrated man (Steiger, "Don't call them tattoos!") who is hunting for the witch (Claire Bloom) that painted his skin. As the drifter dares to stare at the strange design they come to life, telling three haunting tales that presage the drifter's own fate. Thanks to this stunning Blu-ray 1080p presentation, these tales truly comes to illustrious, illustrative life. 16×9 Letterbox
It's definitely a "singles thing" when six upwardly-mobiles allow you to come into their Brooklyn brownstone and eavesdrop on their lives, loves and attitudes. Khadijah James (Queen Latifah) runs her own magazine with a little help from her roommate and cousin, Synclaire (Kim Coles), who also works as her assistant. Khadijah's friend Overton (John Henton) is barely navigating through life and her best friend Maxine (Erika Alexander), once a successful divorce attorney, now faces new challenges at work. Her other roommate Regine (Kim Fields) has to work on her own romantic entanglements as she begins dating a man with whom she doesn't share much in common. Plus, the roommates' bond is tested when secrets are revealed. These very different women celebrate Living Single with success, love, laughter, and friendship. 3-Disc, 27-Episode Collection.


NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection, WB Shop.com, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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