"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Oct 172016




The Shocking And Bizarre Documentary Arrives On Digital EST November 1
From Magnolia Home Entertainment


“Miss this at your own peril. Prepare to have your mind blown by this utterly fascinating and ultimately scary documentary.” −      PAPER 

“Captivating and jaw-dropping. A fascinating, stranger-than-fiction exposé.”  −  The Hollywood Reporter

“A must-see documentary. Tickled is not at all what it seems. A secret world full of villains and victims, power and deceit, and shocks and surprises—you just can’t make this stuff up.” −      Yahoo! Movies

Experience a truly exhilarating documentary surrounding the peculiar sport of competitive tickling when TICKLED arrives on Digital EST on November 1 from Magnolia Home Entertainment. Investigating the little-known “sport,” New Zealand journalist David Farrier and co-director, Dylan Reeve, dive into an eerie world to find the source of strange activity in this eccentric yet “spectacular tale” (Village Voice) of deceit, homophobia and strange addiction.

 After watching a collection of odd videos featuring endurance tickling, Farrier requests more information from the videos’ production company, Jane O’Brien Media, to only receive a shockingly homophobic response. Sparking the “brain exploding” (MTV) journey that is TICKLED, Farrier and Reeve journey to learn as much as they can about the mysterious company that is seemingly at the center of this unusal world. A fascinating example of investigative journalism, TICKLED weaves together a complex story into a story that is at times both entertaining and dark. Exposing “quirky subculture,” (Esquire) TICKLED reveals an untold truth that is “terrifically entertaining” (The New York Times), while keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with mystery.

Featuring additional content such as a deleted scene and commentaries from both the directors and hosts Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds from the popular podcast “The Dollop,” TICKLED will be available on Digital EST on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video CinemaNow and additional digital retailers on November 1, 2016.


After stumbling upon a bizarre “competitive endurance tickling” video online, wherein young men are paid to be tied up and tickled, reporter David Farrier reaches out to request a story from the company. But the reply he receives is shocking—the sender mocks Farrier’s sexual orientation and threatens extreme legal action should he dig any deeper. So, like any good journalist confronted by a bully, he does just the opposite: he travels to the hidden tickling facilities in Los Angeles and uncovers a vast empire, known for harassing and harming the lives of those who protest their involvement in these films. The more he investigates, the stranger it gets, discovering secret identities and criminal activity.

Discovering the truth becomes Farrier’s obsession, despite increasingly sinister threats and warnings. With humor and determination, Farrier and co-director Dylan Reeve summon up every resource available to get to the bottom of this tickling wormhole.

Special Features*

  • Deleted scene
  • Video of directors and others being tickled
  • Commentary with live audience and directors
  • Commentary with “The Dollop” guys, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

*Select platforms offer special features.

Digital HD

Street Date: November 1, 2016

Running Time: 93 minutes

Genre: Documentary/Thriller

Rating: R


Trailer: bit.ly/tickledmovie

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