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New Release: MGM Limited Edition DVDs

Due September

27 Classic Films Coming to DVD
For The First Time Ever

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Announces Classics Available Through Online Retailers

During the Month of September

LOS ANGELES (September 6, 2011) – Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s “manufacturing on demand” (“MOD”) program continues to expand with the newest selection of films as part of MGM’s Limited Edition Collection.  These 27 films will be available through major online retailers.  This group of releases features classics from 1942 to 1993 including performances by Hollywood’s greats – Sterling Hayden, Barbara Stanwyck, , Malcolm McDowell, and Vanessa Redgrave to name just a few.


Enjoy your favorite movies from across the decades including:


·       The Living Ghost (1942) - James Dunn stars as Nick Trayne, a retired detective, hired to look for missing banker Walter Craig. During the investigation Craig shows up in a zombie-like state and murders his brother-in-law. But is the banker the killer or is someone controlling him? The trail leads Nick to the real culprit, a mad scientist, who has been conducting experiments on Craig. Stars James Dunn; Joan Woodbury; Paul McVey. Directed by William Beaudine.

·       Campus Rhythm (1943) - A radio songstress runs away from her sponsor and guardian to enroll in college under an assumed name. Stars Gale Storm; Robert Lowery; Johnny Downs. Directed by Arthur Dreifuss.


·       No Escape (1953) - An innocent couple, seeking to clear themselves of a homicide charge, discover that a jealous enraged detective is the murderer. Stars Lew Ayres; Sonny Tufts; Marjorie Steele; Gertrude Michael. Directed by Charles Bennett.

·       War Paint (1953) - A commissioner delivering a treaty to the Indians is murdered by a fanatic who later becomes a guide for unsuspecting American troops. Stars  Robert Stack; Joan Taylor; Charles McGraw; Peter Graves. Directed by Lesley Selander.

·       Top Banana (1954) - Phil Silvers stars as "the funniest man on television," a top comedian who meddles once too often and gets outsmarted by himself in this hilarious adaptation of the smash Broadway production. Stars Rose Marie; Phil Silvers. Directed by Alfred E. Green.

·       The Quatermass Xperiment (aka Creeping Unknown) (1955) - A spacecraft returns to earth with only one terrified passenger left aboard...and a creeping monster. Stars Brian Donlevy; Margia Dean; Jack Warner; Richard Wordsworth. Directed by Val Guest.

·       Top Gun (1955) - A gunman accused of murder is cleared and elected marshal. Stars Sterling Hayden; William Bishop. Directed by Ray Nazarro.

·       The Dalton Girls (1957) - The four daughters of a slain notorious outlaw decide to continue in their father's footsteps--with a life of banditry and robbery. Two of the daughters soon want out. The other two love it. Cornered, all four will have to gun their way to freedom. Stars John Russell; Penny Edwards. Directed by Reginald LeBorg.

·       Trooper Hook (1957) - A woman, scorned by the whites for living with the Apaches and having a child by the chief, begins anew with a cavalry sergeant. Stars Joel McCrea; Barbara Stanwyck. Directed by Charles Marquis Warren.

·       Valerie (1957) - An upstanding Civil War vet is tried for the attempted murder of his wife and the murder of her parents. Stars Sterling Hayden; Anita Ekberg; Anthony Steele. Directed by Gerd Oswald.


·       Cage of Evil (1960) - A detective falls in love with the diamonds--and the girlfriend--of a thief he's pursuing. Stars Ronald Foster; Pat Blair. Directed by Edward L. Cahn.

·       Five Guns To Tombstone (1961) - Lots of action animates this Western saga of a fugitive who must convince his retired gunslinger brother to join him in a bank heist. The brother agrees, but goes undercover to foil the robbery and his brother. Stars James Brown; Walter Coy; Della Sharman; John Wilder; Robert Karnes. Directed by Edward L. Cahn.

·       The White Bus (1967) - An impassive young girl is taken from her suicidal London life, back to her home in North England on a bizarre bus trip. Seen through the poetic eye of the camera, this is a commentary of doomed British morbidity, and a prelude to director Lindsay Anderson's much acclaimed If. Stars Arthur Lowe; John Sharp, Patricia Healey. Directed by Lindsay Anderson.

·       The Savage Seven (1968) - A band of motorcycle outlaws descend upon an Indian reservation, and all hell breaks loose between bikers, Indians and corrupt town officials who want the Indians out. Stars Robert Walker Jr.; Adam Roarke; Max Julien; John Garwood; Larry Bishop; Richard Anders; Joanna Frank. Directed by Richard Rush.



·       The Christine Jorgensen Story (1970) - The true story of the first sex-change operation which changed "George" into "Christine" in 1950s Denmark. Stars John Hansen; Joan Tompkins; Quinn Redeker; John W. Hines. Directed by Irving Rapper.

·       Mrs. Pollifax -- Spy (1971) - A bored widow looks for excitement--and finds it when she begins working for the CIA. Stars Rosalind Russell; Darren McGavin; Nehemiah Persoff; Harold Gould. Directed by Leslie Martinson.

·       The Music Lovers (1971) - Ken Russell directs Richard Chamberlain and Glenda Jackson as ill- matched lovers in this divine bio-pic of the great musician Peter Tchaikovsky -- a lavish film filled with brilliant Tchaikovsky music selections. Stars Richard Chamberlain; Glenda Jackson; Max Adrian; Christopher Gable. Directed by Ken Russell.

·       Little Cigars (1973) - On the lam from her sadistic gangster boyfriend and his two henchmen, a gun moll becomes involved with a team of midgets who are, in reality, crooks. Stars Angel Tompkins; Billy Curtis; Jerry Maren; Frank Delfino; Emory Souza; Felix Silla. Directed by Chris Christenberry.

·       Act of Vengeance (1974) - Five raped women band together to form a "Rape Squad" avenge themselves on the sadistic man who attacked them and who gets off by forcing the women to sing "Jingle Bells" as he assaults them. Stars Jo Ann Harris; Jennifer Lee; Connie Strickland. Directed by Bob Kelljan.

·       Sugar Hill (1974) - "Sugar Hill" avenges the mob's murder of her fiance.  To accomplish her deed, she gets help from a man skilled in voodoo who conjures up black zombies from the grave. Stars Marki Bey; Robert Quarry; Don Pedro Colley; Betty Anne Rees; Richard Lawson; Zara Cully. Directed by Paul Maslansky.

·       Greyeagle (1978) - In this variant of 1956's The Searchers, a tough frontier trapper tracks the young Cheyenne warrior who kidnapped his daughter. Stars Ben Johnson; Iron Eyes Cody; Lana Wood; Jack Elam; Paul Fix; Alex Cord; Jacob Daniels. Directed by Charles B. Pierce.

·       The Passage (1979) - During World War II, a Basque peasant smuggles a French scientist and his family into Spain. They are pursued by a brutal German SS officer. Stars Anthony Quinn; James Mason; Malcolm McDowell. Directed by J. Lee Thompson.


·       Beer (1985) - A Madison Avenue ad-agency executive devises a highly successful commercial campaign to sell beer. Stars Loretta Swit; Rip Torn. Directed by Patrick Kelly.

·       Consuming Passions (1988) - A satire about what happens when three men are accidentally shoved into a vat of chocolate in a candy factory...and chocolate lovers favor the resulting confections. Stars Vanessa Redgrave; Jonathan Pryce; Tyler Butterworth; Freddie Jones; Prunella Scales; Sammi Davis; Thora Hird. Directed by Giles Foster.


·       Dark Angel (1990) - A police detective must stop the murderous rampage of a criminal alien who's addicted to human endorphins. Stars Dolph Lungren; Betsy Brantley; Brian Benben. Directed by Craig R. Baxley.

·       Bright Angel (1991) - A teenaged Montana boy, shaken by events at home, agrees to take a runaway girl to Wyoming so she can bail her brother out of jail. Stars Lili Taylor; Dermot Mulroney; Burt Young; Bill Pullman; Delroy Lindo. Directed by Michael Fields.

·       Love, Cheat & Steal (1993) - A beautiful young woman who has recently married a wealthy older man feels that she has finally eluded her wild past. However, when her ex-husband, an escaped convict, finds her, she realizes her happy new life could be shattered by her secrets she thought were buried forever. Stars John Lithgow; Eric Roberts; Madchen Amick. Directed by William Curran.

Important Note: These films have been manufactured from the best-quality video master currently available and have not been remastered or restored specifically for these DVD releases.