"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Aug 132017


DVD/TVOD Follows September 5th From Maxim Media Marketing


John Dunning sees the dead. Now they see him.”

Revelator Films and Maxim Media Marketing today announced a theatrical and TVOD/DVD release for J. Van Auken’s high-concept, lo-fi ghost story Revelator. The film will premiere at on August 25 at Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills, while the film’s digital and DVD launch comes courtesy of Maxim Media Marketing on September 5th with Blu-Ray to follow.

Starring J. Van Auken, Mindy Rae, Alex Klein, Greg Lucey, Josh Robert Thompson, Nicholas Thurkettle and Phil Miler, Revelator is a visually stylized take on the ghost story genre. Described as a mixture of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Sixth Sense, Revelator is a twisted look into the arcane world just beneath the surface of our own, blending elements of horror, mystery and thriller genres in a new, exciting way.

This film has been a long time coming for me and is truly a labor of love for myself and the cast,” said Van Auken. “I’m looking forward to our theatrical and VOD release and sharing it with audiences.”

The film centers around John Dunning (Van Auken), a disgraced psychic detective who is thrust into the midst of the mysterious Bellvue family empire—whose future fortunes rely on a vast secret island cache of water—and must investigate the suspicious death of the troubled Jacob (Nicholas Thurkettle), the last heir to the family fortune, while being dogged by a suspicious journalist (Mindy Rae) and a feckless, ruthless young family member Elias (Alex Klein). When John is accused of the murder that he himself is investigating, he must venture into the depths of madness to uncover the truth about the family and their power, before he loses his mind, his life – or worse.

A cinematographer and colorist, Van Auken has worked on dozens of films in both capacities. The film’s visual style is stylized, graphic, gritty and as it takes in both industrial, seaward headlands and desert locations. REVELATOR takes its name from the traditional blues/gospel song "John the Revelator" based on the apocalyptic last book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation. The song has been widely recorded over nearly a hundred years, from Blind Willie Johnson’s 1930 recording to contemporary versions from Warren Haynes (Gov’t Mule) and the Forest Rangers, whose rendition graced the soundtrack for the hit TV series "Sons of Anarchy." The film closes with a performance of the song, which samples an original recording by Son House, and is performed by J. Van Auken.

Bonus features on the DVD include:

  • Full feature film of REVELATOR (available in both 4K and 1080p HD)
  • Director Audio Commentary Track
  • Official Trailers
  • Outtakes Compilations
  • Behind the Scenes Stills Gallery


Cast: J. Van Auken, Mindy Rae, Alex Klein, Greg Lucey, Josh Robert Thompson

Nicholas Thurkettle and Phil Miler

Director: J. Van Auken

Written by: J. Van Auken

Producer: J. Van Auken

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Running Time: 109 mins

Rating: Unrated

Language: English

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1

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