"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jun 042019
Kanopy, the premium, free-to-the-user entertainment streaming platform, has a new lineup of films available in June! Not accessible through Netflix or Hulu, these films are available for free to library card holders at partnered university and public libraries nationwide.
Below you’ll find a list of the streaming platform’s newest titles this month. Top hits include the 1993 Oscar®-nominated drama What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, starring Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio; the 1999 dark humor comedy Election, starring Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon; Letter From Masanjia, a documentary about one of China’s labor camps; and the literature drama Colette, starring Keira Knightly and Dominic West.
New to Stream on Kanopy: JUNE
Available 6/4
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
Election (1999)
Combat Obscura (2018)
The Hole in the Ground (2019)
Infinite Football (2018)
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949)
Our Beloved Month of August (Aquele Querido Mês de Agosto) (2008)
Letter From Masanjia (2018)
Rodents of Unusual Size (2017)
Available 6/11
The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament) (2015)
S.O.S. Titanic (1979)
Available 6/18
Araby (2017)
Available 6/25
Colette (2018)
Bottle Shock (2008)
Un Coeur en Hiver (A Heart in Winter) (1992)
Rider on the Rain (La Passager de la Pluie) (1970)
Kanopy is a premium, free-to-the-user entertainment streaming platform through universities and libraries with a focus on thoughtful entertainment. Through partnerships with organizations such as A24, Criterion Collection, HBO Documentaries, San Francisco MOMA and The Goethe-Institut, among others, Kanopy’s critically-acclaimed catalog provides thousands of the world’s finest documentaries, award-winning titles, must-see classics, world cinema, contemporary favorites and kids programming to public library members, students and professors at participating institutions, funded through state-aided supplementary programs and tuition. The Kanopy app is available on all major streaming devices. For more information, please visit www.kanopy.com.
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