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More News: 2000

Artisan Home Entertainment has announced a January 23 release date for the VHS release of the Sci Fi Channel's massive version of "Dune," with a suggested retail price of $39.98; a special edition DVD will be available in March. Paramount has moved the release of "Wonder Boys" from January 9 to an unspecified date in February. Fox will release Alec Baldwin-Meg Ryan starrer "Prelude to a Kiss" on DVD on January 9. New sell-through: Fox will release "The Beach" ($14.98) on January 9; Paramount will release "The Next Best Thing Special Edition" on January 16 and "Snow Day Special Edition" on January 23 at $14.95 each; Fox will release "Where the Heart Is" at $14.98 on February 6. (Posted December 25, 2000)

Whet your appetite on these upcoming releases: February 6: "Dr. T and the Women," "Digimon the Movie"; February 13: "The Contender," "Get Carter," "Woman on Top"; February 20: "Blair Witch 2," "Highlander: Endgame," "The Watcher"; February 27: "The Original Kings of Comedy," "Lost Souls"; March 6: "The Little Vampire"; March 13: "The Legend of Drunken Master," "The Crew," "The Tao of Steve"; March 20: "The 6th Day"; March 27: "Charlie's Angels." And note the following changes: Universal has pushed back the releases of "Bring It On" and "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle" to February 13. Happy holidays. (Posted December 18, 2000)

On January 2, PBS Home Video and Warner Home Video will release Ken Burn's 18 hour, 10 installment look at Jazz, set to air on PBS beginning January 8, as a 10-VHS and 10-DVD set: $149.88 and $199.92 respectively. New DVD releases: On January 9 Fox will release "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete First Season," a three-disc set of all 12 season one episodes, for $59.98. On January 16 Paramount will release new DVDs of Brian De Palma's "The Untouchables," "Death Wish" starring Charles Bronson, director Ernest Dickerson's "Juice," and cult favorite "The Warriors," directed by Walter Hill. Also on that day Anchor Bay will release John Woo's "A Better Tomorrow" and "A Better Tomorrow II," starring Chow Yun-Fat. VHS sell-through: Warner has set January 16 for a priced-to-own edition of Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday" ($19.98), while on that day New Line will release "Final Destination" ($14.98), "Magnolia" ($19.98) and "Boiler Room" ($14.98). (Posted December 11, 2000)

Widescreen Review, the monthly magazine that has devoted itself exclusively to covering home theater (first Laserdisc and now DVD) has just released its 2001 issue of "The Ultimate Widescreen DVD Movie Guide." This 556-page special issue includes some 1,700 reviews of DVDs; a DVD player guide (with comprehensive reviews of 19 players and comparisons of 187 players); articles on DVD-ROM enhancements and goodies, DVD special editions and widescreen TV viewing; DVD FAQs; discographies of the best DVDs based on sound and image quality; listings of Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS Digital Surround and THX-certified discs; and a filmography of 70mm theatrical releases. The issue has a cover price of $9.99 and is available at most major newsstands and retail chains (Tower, Best Buy, Hollywood Video, Suncoast and Amazon.com). For more information: <"http://www.widescreenreview.com">. (Posted December 4, 2000)

New sell-through: Paramount has scheduled a December 5 release date for the sell-through version of "Angela's Ashes." The Special Edition -- featuring cast and crew interviews -- will sell for $14.95. On January 2, Milestone Film & Video will release a restored version of Marcel Ophuls' 1969 documentary on the Nazi occupation of France, "The Sorrow and the Pity." The film has been unavailable on video for 15 years, and will be released for the first time in a subtitled version. The two-cassette VHS set (available through New Yorker Video) will sell for $94.98; a DVD version will be distributed by Image Entertainment. Also on that day Milestone will release "Woman in the Dunes," mastered from the original negative, with new subtitles, on VHS at $29.95. Date change: "What Lies Beneath" has been pushed forward to a January 30 release date. (Posted November 27, 2000)

New releases: John Travolta's interpretation of L. Ron Hubbard's "Battlefield Earth" will fly to home video on January 16. Comedy-thriller "Bait," starring Jamie Foxx, will saunter home January 23. Teen horror-thriller "Urban Legends: Final Cut" will arrive February 13, as will spooky "Bless the Child." Date change: Sex comedy "Whipped" has been bumped from December to February 13. Repricing: To capitalize on the first-quarter release of "Hannibal," MGM has re-released "The Silence of the Lambs" on VHS for $9.94, on January 9. Also on that date Columbia TriStar will release sell-through versions of "What Planet Are You From" and "Drowning Mona" for $14.95 each. (Posted November 20, 2000)

New DVD releases: Oliver Stone's "Wall Street," starring Michael Douglas and Martin Sheen, arrives November 7; Ridley Scott's "Legend" will arrive November 21 in a two-disc Director's Cut Special Edition featuring both the never-before-released director's cut (with Jerry Goldsmith's original score) and the U.S. theatrical release (featuring Tangerine Dream's score), as well as other goodies; "Princess Mononoke" will be available December 19; "When Harry Met Sally," featuring commentary by director Rob Reiner and 11 minutes of deleted scenes and outtakes, will arrive January 9. (Posted November 13, 2000)

New releases: Woody Allen's "Small Time Crooks" perambulates to home video December 19; Wesley Snipe's exciting "The Art of War" smashes home on December 26; "What Lies Beneath," starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer, scares home on January 2; January 23 will see cheerleading adventure "Bring It On," cartoonish "Rocky and Bullwinkle" and John Water's "Cecil B. Demented" making their way to home video; and beauty pageant dramedy "Beautiful," starring Minnie Driver, arrives February 20. (Posted November 6, 2000)

New DVD releases: The second season of "The X-Files" will be released on a seven-DVD gift set by Fox on November 14. All 25 episodes will be included, as well as such bonus material as a new 15-minute documentary "The Truth About Season Two," interviews with creator Chris Carter, deleted scenes, nine one-minute "Behind the Truth" spots, and promo spots; $149.98. On December 12, HBO will release "The Sopranos: The Complete First Season" in a four-disc DVD set with audio commentary on the pilot episode by series creator David Chase and actor/director/writer Peter Bogdanovich, an interview with Chase, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and an episode index; $99.98. Paramount has scheduled a December 12 DVD release for Francis Ford Coppola's "The Conversation," highlighted by commentary by Coppola, commentary by film editor Walter Murch, and a "Close-Up on The Conversation" featurette. (Posted October 30, 2000)

Fantastic "Fantasia": Disney will release on November 14 three "Fantasia" DVD packages: The "Fantasia 60th Anniversary Special Edition," which includes the uncut, restored 1940 theatrical version with original intermission and narration, commentary by Walt Disney (created from interviews), unseen "Clair de Lune" segment, "The Making of Walt Disney's Fantasia" featurette, and more; 1999's "Fantasia 2000" with commentary by Roy E. Disney and James Levine, "The Making of Fantasia 2000" featurette, animated shorts "Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom" and "Melody," and more; and the incredible "Fantasia Anthology," a three-disc set with "Fantasia," "Fantasia 2000" and "The Fantasia Legacy," which includes all the extras in the single discs and features rare and never-before seen content, including story reels from five unproduced segments presented with original classical music ("Clair de Lune," "The Ride of the Valkyries," "The Swan of Tuonela," "Adventures in a Perambulator" and "Invitation to the Dance"), storyboards and conceptual art, isolated music tracks, behind-the-scenes looks at each segment, still frame galleries, deleted sequences, and more. (Posted October 23, 2000)

Columbia TriStar Home Video is giving a special treatment to the DVD release of the 1958 classic "The Bridge on the River Kwai." David Lean's epic, starring Alec Guiness and William Holden, will be released in two editions: a standard DVD with a few extras (trailers, talent files) and a limited edition two-disc set featuring four documentaries/short films (including "The Making of the Bridge on the River Kwai," "The Rise and Fall of a Jungle Giant" featurette, a USC short film narrated by William Holden, an appreciation and discussion by filmmaker John Milius), photo montage of international posters and lobby cards, behind-the-scenes footage and DVD-ROM features; due November 21. Also out on DVD November 21: John Hughes' "She's Having a Baby" and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." (Posted October 16, 2000)

This just in: Disney will release summer animated smash "Dinosaur" on January 30. The DVD version will come in standard and collector's editions, with the latter including all kinds of supplemental material.

New release announcements: Due December 19 are indie film "Chuck & Buck"; "Saving Grace," starring Brenda Blethyn and Craig Ferguson; "Loser," directed by Amy ("Fast Times at Ridgemont High") Heckerling and starring Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari; "Where the Money Is" with Paul Newman and Linda Fiorentino; and Sofia Coppola's "The Virgin Suicides." Welcoming the New Year on January 2 is Paul Verhoeven's sci-fier "Hollow Man," starring Kevin Bacon and Elisabeth Shue. Arriving January 16 are "Coyote Ugly" and Bruce Willis-starrer "Disney's The Kid." Also scheduled are "Godzilla 2000" on December 26, "Autumn in New York" on January 2 and "Wonder Boys" on January 9. (Posted October 9, 2000)

DVD releases: Tim Robbins' political tale "Bob Roberts" will arrive October 17, just in time for the elections, from Artisan Entertainment. Beware "The Blob!" The original 1958 teen thriller starring Steve McQueen will get the Criterion special edition treatment on October 17. Sell-through: "The Talented Mr. Ripley," starring Jude Law, Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow, will arrive November 7 for $14.95. Fans of the TV series "The Prisoner" (the original paranoid-don't- trust-the-future TV series) starring Patrick McGoohan, need wait no longer for the series to return to video: A&E Home Video will release on October 31 the first two sets of videos and DVDs of episodes of the acclaimed show: "The Prisoner Set 1" and "The Prisoner Set 2", each containing three episodes. Changes: Columbia TriStar has delayed indefinitely the DVD releases of "Bossa Nova" and "Time Code." (Posted October 2, 2000)

New release announcements: Martin Lawrence comedy "Big Momma's House" will come to home video on November 14 VHS and November 28 DVD; "Pokemon the Movie: 2000" will arrive VHS & DVD on November 14; Jim Carrey-starrer "Me Myself & Irene" will be released to DVD and VHS on December 5; four films will arrive day and date VHS and DVD on December 19: thriller "The Cell" (starring Jennifer Lopez), "The Way of the Gun," "Chuck and Buck" and "Saving Grace." Changes: The release date for Jackie Chan's "Shanghai Noon" has been moved up to October 10. Universal has pulled the 57-minute documentary "Reconstructing Evil: The Making of Touch of Evil" from the VHS and DVD editions of the October 31 release of the restored Orson Welles classic "Touch of Evil." No reason was given. (Posted September 25, 2000)

Subversive comedy "But I'm a Cheerleader," starring Natasha Lyonne, arrives October 3; horror spoof "Scary Movie" arrives December 5; animated "The Road to El Dorado" trips home December 12; exciting action thriller "Gone in 60 Seconds," starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, and "Shaft," starring Samuel L. Jackson, speed home on December 12; and teen comedy "Road Trip" motors into stores December 19. Warner Bros.' "The Perfect Storm," scheduled for a November 14 release, will be available in pan-and-scan and widescreen versions at a sell-through price of $14.95. (Posted September 18, 2000)

Columbia TriStar will release on October 3 a DVD edition of Orson Welles' "Lady From Shanghai" (1948), with commentary by Peter Bogdanovich. Luc Besson's "La Femme Nikita" (1991), starring Anne Parillaud, gets the DVD treatment by MGM on October 3. And the latest set of James Bond special edition DVD releases (with director's commentary and documentaries) are set for an October 17 release date, also by MGM: "Diamonds Are Forever," "From Russia With Love," "The Living Daylights," "Octopussy," "A View to a Kill" and "You Only Live Twice," available individually or in the "James Bond Gift Set Vol. 3" ($134.96).(Posted September 11, 2000)

Fox Home Entertainment has announced the reissue of the "Star Wars Trilogy," a three-cassette set with the added feature of a 10-minute sneak peak at "Episode II" (due for theatrical release the summer of 2002) for $39.98 (pan-and-scan and widescreen). New to sell-through: "Fight Club," "Anna and the King," and "Anywhere but Here," due October 31 at $14.98 each; Martin Lawrence's "Blue Streak," due November 7 at $14.95. (Posted September 8, 2000)

New DVDs: Universal will release on October 31 a 20th Anniversary Edition of the time travel romance "Somewhere in Time," starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour ... Miramax will scare DVD owners on September 26 with "The Ultimate Scream Collection," a four-disc set containing all three "Scream" thrillers as well as a bonus disc containing never-before-seen treasures from the "Scream Vaults," $89.99 ... Warner will release George Cukor's classic 1954 "A Star Is Born," starring Judy Garland and James Mason, on September 19. New to video: "The Skulls" on Ocotber 3 (DVD: October 24); "Pitch Black" on October 10 (DVD: October 24); "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" and "Gossip" on October 31; "Chicken Run" on November 14; "X-Men" on November 21; "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" on December 5; and "Gone in 60 Seconds" on December 12. (Posted September 5, 2000)

Spinal Tap revival: MGM will re-issue 1984's classic rock "mockumentary" "This is Spinal Tap" on September 12, coming on the heels of a massive promotion that includes a new single, appearances on VH1, a concert at Los Angeles' House of Blues, a theatrical re-release on September 8 and such merchandise as 12-inch dolls of band members, posters, lunch boxes, stickers, trading cards, lighters, shot glasses, limited edition art, T-shirts and embroidered baseball caps and visors. The VHS ($14.95), remixed and restored, will contain extra footage and a video banned by MTV; the DVD ($29.98) will feature a variety of extras, including outtakes, commentary by band members, an interview with director-star Rob Reiner, and much much more ... Universal has just announced a September 26 release date for "The Flintstones" Viva Rock Vegas" in both DVD and VHS-rental only versions. And time paradox sci-fier "Frequency," starring Dennis Quaid, will come to DVD and VHS on October 31.(Posted August 28, 2000)

"Titan A.E," the long-awaited but disappointing-at-the-box office sci-fi animated feature, will arrive on home video October 31 in VHS and DVD versions. Tin Burton's creepy "Sleepy Hollow Special Edition" (with cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes featurette) will arrive in VHS sell-through for $14.95. Also new to sell-through is 1980's cult classic "The Hollywood Knights" for $14.95. MGM has put together a package of 10 "Midnite Movies" releases due September 5; the titles, at $12.95 each, include such wild cult classics as Edgar G. Ulmer's "The Amazing Transparent Man," "Killer Klowns From Outer Space," "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" and "The Vampire Lovers." Image Entertainment has released to DVD the complete 1976 BBC 11-hour "I, Claudius," on three discs (with a bonus docu, "The Epic That Never Was," on Alexander Korda's ill-fated, never-completed 1937 screen adaptation that starred Charles Laughton and Merle Oberon), $89.99. (Posted August 21, 2000)

Home Vision Cinema and Criterion are releasing a Criterion Collection edition of Brian De Palma's long-missing-from-the-video-marketplace cult-classic slasher horror drama "Sisters" (1973), starring Margot Kidder, on September 19 in VHS ($19.95) and DVD ($29.95). MPI has gathered together four Beatles films - - "Help!" "Magical Mystery Tour," "The First U.S. Visit" and "You Can't Do That: The Making of a Hard Day's Night" -- in a special boxed set with supplemental material, on four discs for $79.98, timed to arrive this fall to take advantage of the release of the "Beatles Anthology" book. Universal will release the restored version of Orson Welles' classic "Touch of Evil" in a two-cassette VHS gift set featuring never-before-seen outtakes and a 57-minute documentary "Reconstructing Evil: The Making of Touch of Evil" ($19.98) and a special edition DVD featuring the outtakes, documentary and 58-page memo Welles wrote to Universal requesting changes to the 1958 theatrical release ($29.98), due October 31. Changes: Columbia TriStar Home Video has delayed indefinitely the sell-through releases of "All About My Mother," "Red Dwarf," "Sweet and Lowdown" and "American Movie." (Posted August 14, 2000)

After decades of being stalled in legal complications, the 1950 musical classic "Annie Get Your Gun," starring Betty Hutton and Howard Keel, finally wends its way to home video, on VHS and DVD. The VHS edition will include performances by Judy Garland (originally cast as Annie before bowing out -- after recording the score and several numbers -- because of health and emotional problems); the DVD will also feature audio commentary by director George Sidney, a bonus recording session of the original cast performing "There's No Business Like Show Business," and a rare production dailies gallery of Garland; due November 14. From Winstar Home Video comes a pair of John Woo masterpieces: "Hard Boiled" and "The Killer," both starring Chow Yun-Fat, will be released as separately ($29.98 each) and as a double disc ($49.98), with commentary tracks, subtitle control, film notes; due October 3. (Posted August 7, 2000)

Slapstick comedy "Snow Day" will hit video stores October 3; religious comedy "Keeping the Faith," starring Edward Norton, Ben Stiller and Jenna Elfman, will arrive October 10 ... New sell-through: "Girl, Interrupted" makes its low-priced debut October 17 at $19.95; "Next Friday" and "House on Haunted Hill" come to sell-through on August 29 at $14.95 each; "The End of the Affair," starring Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore, arrives October 17 at $19.95 ... Paramount Home Video has announced three chilling and thrilling DVD releases: Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" and "The Dead Zone," due September 19, and Roman Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby," with retrospective interviews with Polanski, Robert Evans and Richard Sylbert, as well as a 1968 23-minute featurette on the making of the film, due October 3. (Posted July 31, 2000)

Release dates: "Rules of Engagement" October 17; "The Patriot" and "U-571" October 24; "Return to Me" October 31; "Mission: Impossible -- 2" November 7; "The Perfect Storm" and "Fantasia 2000" November 14; "The Gladiator" November 21 ... Miramax's VHS home video release of animated "Princess Mononoke" has been changed to August 29; the DVD version has been postponed indefinitely ... New sell-through: On October 10 Columbia TriStar will release "All About My Mother" and "Sweet and Lowdown" for $21.96 ... MGM is releasing a never-before-seen R-rated DVD version of "Supernova" (with deleted scenes, alternate beginning and ending that dramatically alters the film) day and date with the PG-13 version August 22. (Posted July 24, 2000)

Oliver Stone's meditation on football, "Any Given Sunday," is set for release on September 1. Teen terror flick "Final Destination" is due September 26. Julie Taymor's Shakespeare adaptation "Titus" is due August 15 ... Sell-through: 1999's "The Thomas Crown Affair" arrives for $14.95 on August 1; "Best Laid Plans," "Boys Don't Cry," "Brokedown Palace" and "Drive Me Crazy" are all due September 5 at $14.98 ... New DVD announcements: the Clint Eastwood DVD Collection ("Dirty Harry," "The Outlaw Josey Wales Special Edition," "Unforgiven," "In the Line of Fire," "Bronco Billy" and "The Beguiled") is due August 1 for $99.92; "The Sound of Music 35th Anniversary Five Star Special Edition" is due August 29; "Edward Scissorhands" and "The Omen Gift Set" (all four "Omen" outings) is due September 5; "The Craft Special Edition" is due September 12; "Anna and the King" is due in a Special Edition on October 31. (Posted July 17, 2000)

DreamWorks has announced an October 24 release date for the much anticipated "American Beauty: The Awards Edition," in DVD and VHS sell-through. The DVD version features both Dolby and DTS sound on the same disc, commentary by director Sam Mendes and writer Alan Ball, a storyboard feature with commentary by Mendes and cinematographer Conrad L. Hall, "The Making of American Beauty" featurette, production notes, DVD-ROM split screen feature with the film on one side, a scrollable screenplay on the other, trailers and more; the VHS edition ($24.99) includes the storyboard feature with commentary by Mendes and Hall and "The Making of American Beauty" featurette. (Posted July 10, 2000) Two classics of the 1950s weave their way to DVD in August: On August 15 Paramount Home Video will release George Stevens' "Shane" (1953) and on August 29 Warner Home Video will release Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" (1959). And two offbeat cult films will soon resurface on DVD: On September 5 Fox will bring to DVD Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands Special Edition" and on October 3 Fox will release "The Rocky Horror Picture Show 25th Anniversary Special Edition" as a two-disc set with all kinds of goodies. New to sell- through: Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" will be rericed to $19.98 while Paramount will reprice "Double Jeopardy" to $19.95. (Posted July 3, 2000)

The folks at Disney have announced an October 17 date for the release of the much anticipated DVD versions of "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2." The company will package the films in three configurations: as separate titles; in a two-disc, two-film set; and in a three-disc "Ultimate Toy Box" set with both films and a host of goodies. Paramount has announced several high-profile DVD releases: the "Naked Gun" trilogy and "Nashville" on August 15, and "Braveheart" on August 29. (Posted June 21, 2000)

An October 10 release date has been set for the DVD editions of Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park Collector's Edition" and "The Lost World: Jurassic Park Collector's Edition." Both titles, from Universal Studios Home Video, will have all sorts of extra goodies, including deleted scenes, making-of documentaries, behind the scenes footage, dinosaur encyclopedias, and more. And both titles will be available in separate Dolby Digital and DTS editions ($26.98). Fox has scheduled an August 15 release date for its "Planet of the Apes: The Evolution" limited edition DVD box set, featuring all five films as well as a two-hour documentary, "Behind the Planet of the Apes," on six discs for $99.98. (Posted June 19, 2000)

New release announcements: Universal will release "The Flintstones in Viva Las Vegas" on August 1 and Columbia TriStar will release the Kim Basinger starrer "I Dreamed of Africa" August 29, both in VHS and DVD versions. Disney's "Toy Story 2" will play through to home video on October 17 on VHS only while the company's "The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea," a direct-to-video sequel, will swim to both VHS sell-through ($26.99) and DVD ($29.99) on September 5. And MGM will release VHS and DVD special editions of 1984's "This Is Spinal Tap" ($14.95 and $29.98 respectively) on September 12. (Posted June 12, 2000)

DTS digital sound is finally making its way to the DVD market this summer on several releases by Warner Home Video, Universal Studios Home Video and Columbia TriStar Home Video. Coming June 6 are DTS Digital Surround Sound encoded versions of all three "Lethal Weapon" films, "Interview With the Vampire" and "Twister" followed by the July 11 release of "Jaws" and the September 5 release of "Men in Black." DTS has been one of three competing digital stereo sound systems in movie theaters -- along with Dolby Digital and Sony's SDDS -- but the DVD market has been dominated by Dolby. Many audiophile magazines, however, consider DTS to be a superior sound encoding system than the other three, and better than Dolby for home video. Let the competition begin. (Posted June 5, 2000)

Dimension Home Video will release John Frankenheimer's "Reindeer Games," starring Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise and Charlize Theron on August 8; blockbuster "Erin Brockovich" starring Julia Roberts will arrive on August 15 from Universal at $22.98 sell-through; Disney's animated "The Tigger Movie" arrives August 22; Madonna-Rupert Everett starrer "The Next Best Thing" comes home August 29 from Paramount; romantic comedy "High Fidelity," starring John Cusack and Lili Taylor, arrives September 19 from Buena Vista; and sci-fi adventure "Mission to Mars," starring Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle, Jerry O'Connell, Tim Robbins and Kim Delaney, flies home September 12 from Buena Vista; all on VHS and DVD. (Posted May 27, 2000)

Denzel Washington starrer "The Hurricane" arrives on July 11; teen comedy "Whatever It Takes" comes home August 1; fabulous drama "The Cider House Rules" will hit video August 15; and sci-fi adventure "Supernova" will defy gravity on August 22; all on VHS and DVD. New to sell- through: "Runaway Bride Special Edition," starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, featuring a music video by the Dixie Chicks, has been announced for a June 27 release with a $19.95 VHS price tag; Martin Lawrence action-comedy "Blue Streak" will arrive July 25 for $19.95 VHS, and will feature a Heavy D music video. (Posted May 20, 2000)

Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer "The Beach" arrives to video on July 25 in both VHS and DVD ... The release date for director Paul Thomas Anderson's opus "Magnolia" has been changed to July 25 (in VHS on two tapes) and August 29 (as a New Line Platinum Series two-disc DVD with deleted scenes, a feature-length "making of" documentary, trailers, TV spots, and the "Save Me " music video directed by Anderson, $29.98). Also on August 29 New Line will release Anderson's "Boogie Nights" as a Platinum Series DVD two disc set with commentary by Anderson and cast members, deleted scenes, the "Try" music video, and more, also for $29.98. (Posted May 13, 2000) New for June-July-August: Barry Levinson's growing-up-in-the-'50s "Liberty Heights" is due June 20. On July 11 "Hurricane," "Boiler Room," and crime comedy "The Whole Nine Yards" arrive to home video. Roman Polanski's "The Ninth Gate" scares its way to video release on July 18; comedy "What Planet Are You From?" also arrives on that day. And blackmail drama "Simpatico," starring Jeff Bridges, Nick Nolte and Albert Finney, is scheduled for an August 8 release. Priced to own: Three 1999 thrillers will be released for a June 6 sell-through: "Deep Blue Sea" ($19.98), "Chill Factor" ($14.95) and "The Astronaut's Wife" ($14.98). (Posted May 6, 2000)

According to reports in the Hollywood trades, Steven Spielberg has finally came aboard the DVD bandwagon and will allow several of his smash films to be transferred to the digital medium ("Saving Private Ryan," released last fall, has been the only Spielberg DVD release to date). First up is 1975's "Jaws," which will be released by Universal July 11 in a special 25th anniversary edition. Other Spielberg hits expected to make it to the silver disc soon: "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial," "Jurassic Park" and "Schindler's List" ... Teen rock 'n' roll comedy "Detroit Rock City" will come to VHS sell-through on May 23 with a $14.98 suggested retail price ... Warner Home Video has launched a massive Stanley Kubrick Web site (featuring a virtual Kubrick film studies course, a new docu on the filmmaker, galleries of rare Kubrick photos and more) at www.kubrickfilms.com. (Posted April 31, 2000)

Fox Home Entertainment's DVD version of "Fight Club," scheduled for release June 6 (the VHS version is due April 25) will be a two disc Special Edition (housed in a gorgeous cardboard slipcase with visually stunning graphics and a nifty collector's booklet) with four separate commentary tracks (including one with director David Fincher and one with Fincher, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter), production vignettes, behind-the-scenes visual effects, storyboards, deleted scenes/outtakes, a stills gallery and more; $34.98. To celebrate the first arrival of TV's "The X-Files" to DVD, Fox is packaging the first season (24 episodes) in a specially designed seven disk gift pack featuring such goodies as a "The Truth About Season One" documentary, a new interview with creator Chris Carter, added footage, "Behind the Truth" segments and a DVD-ROM game; $149.98, due May 9. And don't forget sex: HBO's "Sex and the City" is arriving to video in two incarnations: "The Complete First Season" (12 episodes) on two DVDs in a Collector's Box ($39,98) and "The Complete First Season" on three VHS videos ($39.92), due May 23. (Posted April 24, 2000)

June and July releases: Suspenser "Light It Up," a tale of the takeover of a high school, starring Forest Whitaker, will arrive June 13. June 27 will see the release of cell phone comedy "Hanging Up," starring Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan and Lisa Kudrow. "Scream 3" will scare up video rentals on July 4. Academy Award winning director Pedro Almodovar's "All About My Mother" will arrive June 11; also on that day comes family film "My Dog Skip" and college comedy "Down to You." Alan Parker's adaptation of Frank McCourt's "Angela's Ashes" will come to home video on July 18, followed on that day by "Diamonds," starring Kirk Douglas and Dan Aykroyd, and Jane Austen costume drama "Mansfield Park." And "Drowning Mona," starring Danny DeVito and Bette Midler, will sink into stores July 25. (Posted April 17, 2000)

Priced to own: The VHS version of "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" will arrive May 16 from Paramount at $14.95. Disney will release its Gold Classic Collection edition of "Pocahontas" (basically the VHS version taken off moratorium) for $22.99 day and date with the new DVD "Pocahontas" edition ($29.99). Home Vision/Criterion will release on DVD the restored original uncut version of Roger Vadim's "... And God Created Woman" (1956) starring Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Louis Trintignant on June 13 for $29.95.(Posted April 10, 2000)

Other new releases: Director Atom Egoyan's thriller "Felicia's Journey" will arrive May 16 from Artisan. USA has set June 13 as the release date for director Mike Leigh's "Topsy-Turvy." Also on that date comes Buena Vista's Robin Williams starrer "Bicentennial Man" and Ron Shelton's boxing adventure "Play It to the Bone," starring Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas. On June 20 Buena Vista will release Paul Thomas Anderson's lengthy "Magnolia." Also on June 20 Fox will release "Anna and the King" starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-Fat. And "The Talented Mr. Ripley," starring Matt Damon, will arrive June 27.(Posted April 3, 2000)

Comedy "Man on the Man," starring Jim Carrey, and art-house drama "Snow Falling on Cedars," will arrive May 30 from Universal. Ice Cube's urban comedy sequel "Next Friday" comes to home video June 6, from New Line. (Posted March 26, 2000)

New VHS sell-through: Columbia TriStar will release two offbeat films on June 6: The satirical look at politics in the 1970s White House, "Dick" ($14.95) and the sleeper (and unconventional) "Run Lola Run" ($19.95). On May 2 Paramount will release "The General's Daughter" at $19.95 and Universal will release "American Pie" and "The Haunting" at $14.98 each. (Posted March 26, 2000)

Paramount will release Tim Burton's scary "Sleepy Hollow," starring Johnny Depp, on May 23. Buena Vista will release Rob Schneider-starrer "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" on June 20. (Posted March 20, 2000)

Academy Award-winner"American Beauty" has been confirmed for a May 9 release date on VHS and DVD. "Anywhere But Here," starring Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman, will arrive on VHS and DVD on May 2. Other May releases: "The Straight Story" (5/9), "Mystery, Alaska" (5/9), "Cradle Will Rock" (5/16) and "Eye of the Beholder" (5/23). (Posted March 6, 2000)

The long, long-awaited home video release of cult darling "Hollywood Knights," the 1980 teen comedy classic that has been one of the most-requested films for transfer to video, has been set by Columbia TriStar for May 9 in both VHS rental and DVD ($24.95). The film stars Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer (both in their first major feature roles), Fran Drescher and Robert Wuhl. Columbia TriStar has also announced a collector's series/special edition DVD of "Men in Black" for September 5. And Fox has announced a May 16 date for a Special Edition release of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," featuring rare production footage, making of documentary, talent interviews, and more; $14.98 VHS and $29.98 DVD. (Posted March 6, 2000) Outer space comedy "Galaxy Quest" will arrive May 2 from DreamWorks at the sell-through price of $22.99; a day-and-date DVD will include behind the scenes footage, trailers, and sports three languages: English, French and alien Thermian. (Posted February 27, 2000)

MGM will release the latest James Bond film, "The World Is Not Enough," in pan-and-scan and widescreen editions on May 16 at $19.98; a Special Edition DVD will feature a documentary, audio commentaries, and an alternate video option enabling viewers to switch between the movie and special "making- of" mini-docs during key action sequences. Martin Scorsese's "Bringing Out the Dead," starring Nicolas Cage, will arrive on VHS and DVD on May 9 from Paramount. "Flawless," starring Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman, will arrive on April 25 while comedy "Mumford" will be out April 18; both in VHS and DVD. (Posted February 27, 2000)

New sell-through: On March 7 Paramount will release the Matthew Broderick-Reese Witherspoon comedy "Election" as well as "Varsity Blues Special Edition" (with a behind-the-scenes featurette and music videos), each for $14.95. On March 15 Fox will release "Entrapment," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "Never Been Kissed" and "Pushing Tin" for $14.98 each.(Posted February 27, 2000)

Warner Home Video has introduced a Video Club Web site offering movie fans special deals on WHV's library of films, plus sweepstakes, rebates, special offers on merchandise, and trivia and facts about WHV releases. Check it out at Warner Home Video Club.(Posted February 7, 2000)

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