"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jul 282018


Source: Arrow via Facebook

Warner Home Entertainment has revealed plans to bring Season 6 of “Arrow”to Blu-ray and DVD on August 14th. In uncharacteristic fashion for the fastest man alive, “The Flash” will be taking a little longer to get there as Season 4 is expected to arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on August 28. Not even the most devout DC fan could have anticipated the longevity of these two shows, but their unique aesthetic and style have made them essential television viewing for superhero fans. While their movies may see DC playing catch-up to Marvel indefinitely, their television packages are where their heroes flourish.

The first season of “Arrow” was released in 2012, bringing a character to prominence who would usually get overshadowed by the heavy-hitters on DC’s roster. Critics praised the action sequences and Stephen Amell’s performance in the leading role, while the dark tone felt appropriate rather than overbearing like recent DC movies. When “The Flash” arrived on the scene in 2014, it felt like the antithesis of “Arrow.” Grant Gustin’s speedster explored more comedic territory than Amell’s brooding Oliver Queen, attracting a different set of fans in addition to the comic book die-hards.

“Justice League,” released on DVD in 2018, marked a step in the right direction for DC. The camaraderie of the heroes felt reminiscent of the crossover episodes from the television shows. While there are still teething problems, it felt like a small but significant move in closing the gap to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. DC has a multitude of instantly recognizable characters. One only needs to look at the selection of slot games available at William Hill to get an appreciation of DC’s mass appeal; players can look to use online casino promotions to deploy their bonuses on games such as Justice League, Superman II and Batman Begins. These games are directly inspired by DC movies and testify to the popularity of their superheroes.

Source: Justice League Movie via Facebook.

Perhaps then it shouldn’t be a surprise that “Arrow” and “The Flash” have not only survived but excelled for so long. Although these characters exist in a different universe from that of the movies, making it slightly off-putting to see Ezra Miller playing The Flash in “Justice League,” they still retain the star power of DC’s mightiest heroes. As “Arrow” has progressed through seasons, its tone has lightened at times to bring it in alignment with “The Flash.” Similarly, “The Flash” is not afraid to make jarring transitions from levity to moments of intense drama.

Overall, the two comfortably occupy the same universe and crossover in ways that always feel justified rather than contrived. “Arrow’s” DVD release will contain five discs and 960 minutes of footage, while “The Flash” offers a running time four minutes longer. These shows are now stalwarts of The CW’s roster, and are giving DC the edge over their rivals Marvel in terms of television. With the recent Marvel shows on Netflix witnessing a decline in quality, perhaps now is the time for DC to become the most super.

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