"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
May 072018



Stars BEN RAPPAPORT, STACEY MALTIN and Features the Last On-Screen Performance of Morgan Freeman’s Late Granddaughter, E’DENA HINES

Makes its Debut on DVD, Digital and VOD

May 15, 2018


Random Media and Bold Compass Films—co-founded by award-wining filmmakers Dani Tenenbaum and Stacey Maltin—proudly announce the debut of the acclaimed dramatic feature, LANDING UP, on DVD, digital and video-on-demand (VOD), May 15, 2018.   The award-nominated film is from director Dani Tenenbaum and stars Ben Rappaport (ABC’s “For the People,” USA’s “Mr. Robot”) and the film’s writer/producer Stacey Maltin (“Stronger Together,” “Big Exit”).  The dramatic and edgy story features two female friends living on the streets of New York and how their troubled world changes when one finds love.  It also stars Dov Tiefenbach (“Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, “Homeland”), Theodora (Woolley) Miranne (“The Blacklist: Redemption,” “Blue Bloods”), Jay DeYonker (“Royally,” “Puerto Ricans in Paris”), and has the last on-screen performance of E’dena Hines (“5 Flights Up,” “Moll Flanders”).

Just one month after principal photography wrapped, the film’s co-star, E’dena Hines, was murdered by her boyfriend on the streets of New York.  The story made national headlines. LANDING UP is Hines’ last on-screen performance.  The film’s tragic circumstances have been a challenging aspect of bringing the film to light.  

Because of this violent act, and because the film tackles homelessness, the filmmakers felt it was paramount to give their audience a call to action. For the World Premiere, they raised awareness by partnering with the non-profit organizations Midnight Mission, which offers paths to self-sufficiency to men, women and children who have lost direction, and LA Family Housing, which helps people transition out of homelessness and poverty.

Producer and star Stacey Maltin says, “E’dena was an incredible and loving human being who illuminated any room she entered. She had so much talent and this energy that was so raw and magnetic. She really gave herself over to playing Cece and it’s reflected in her performance. We miss her every day and wish she could have seen what she created with us. I considered her my friend and losing her impacted all of us very deeply.”

Director Dani Tenenbaum adds, “It’s a sad coincidence that our film’s release date is so close to the trial of E’dena’s murder. We are hoping that this project, and E’dena’s incredible performance in it, can be a bright spot amidst this tragic real life situation. We are doing everything in our power to pay tribute to her on-screen performance, which shows her dynamic abilities. Her contributions to ‘Landing Up’ were invaluable, and we are honoring the positive impact she had on the people around her. Our hearts go out to her family.”

LANDING UP had its World Premiere as an Official Selection in Competition Features at Dances With Films in June 2017 in Hollywood.  The East Coast Premiere was held later that month as an Official Selection of the Soho International Film Festival in New York City where it was nominated for Best Actress and Best Feature. Family and friends of the much beloved Hines were in attendance at both screenings, including Morgan Freeman, producer Lori McCreary and the mother of Hines, Deena Adair.

Maltin explains, “The film exists in two worlds: Chrissie’s life on the street and her romantic life with David. Chrissie’s life on the street is gritty and dangerous, but when Chrissie meets David, her world explodes into color. He’s everything she always wanted and the film jumps in tone and style to almost a romantic comedy feel. Her life is so far outside his realm of comprehension that he never suspects her secret.”

Tenenbaum adds, “Our aim was to present the idea that you wouldn’t even know that someone is living on the streets, as it is something that many people intentionally and successfully hide. Chrissie’s carefully crafted lies lead her to very real feelings of love for David, which cause extreme and disturbing behavior. The real question we are asking is: Can you ever really know someone?

The next projects from Tenenbaum and Maltin include “Linked,” a dramedy series exploring how a group of seemingly fragmented people are connected through sex, loneliness, and transaction; and “Head,” a feature film about a gay millennial on the brink of full-time adulthood and dismayed to see all of his friends pairing up instead of getting off. The short film version of “Head” was chosen for a curated screening of the Best of NewFest 2016, and is currently streaming on REVRY TV, “the best in queerated entertainment.” Other projects from Bold Compass Films include Maltin’s short “Stronger Together,” which Shoreline Entertainment just acquired for worldwide rights. Tenenbaum has been at the forefront of virtual reality filming and is working on the VR short, “Funeral 2.0.”

Synopsis:  Chrissie (Stacey Maltin) is young, wild, and living on the streets. She and her best friend Cece (E’dena Hines) use their youth and good looks to their advantage, playing a con game with strangers to put a roof over their heads, while all the time fantasizing about having enough money to score their dream apartment. When Chrissie meets David (Ben Rappaport), a funny, genuine guy who works his way into her heart, she falls for him and must decide whether to confess the real circumstances of her life or continue her carefully crafted lie at all costs.

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