"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jun 282018
Kino Lorber Studio Classics
Announces its July 2018 Home Video Releases

The Jericho Mile (TV Movie, 1979)
Brand New HD Restoration from the Original Camera Negative!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 3, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Drama/Crime | 97 min | NR | Color

Director: Michael Mann
Starring: Peter Strauss, Brian Dennehy, Ed Lauter, Roger E. Mosley, Geoffrey Lewis, Billy Green Bush, Richard Lawson, Beverly Todd, William Prince, Richard Moll

Synopsis: Legendary filmmaker Michael Mann (Thief, Heat, The Last of the Mohicans) made his feature-length directorial debut with this classic TV movie starring the incredible Peter Strauss (Rich Man, Poor Man) as Rain Murphy, a man serving a life sentence for killing his father. A man whose home is Folsom Prison, a place where only the toughest breed of criminals – murderers, rapists and armed robbers – are sent. His passion is running… he runs to escape the mean and hopeless life he must lead; to free himself from the inmate tensions and power struggles. Then he’s given a chance… a chance to train for the Olympics… a chance at glory and freedom. The stellar cast includes Richard Lawson (Poltergeist), Roger E. Mosley (TV’s Magnum, P.I.) Brian Dennehy (F/X, F/X2), Geoffrey Lewis (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot), Billy Green Bush (Monte Walsh), Ed Lauter (Breakheart Pass), Beverly Todd (Lean on Me), William Prince (The Gauntlet) and Richard Moll (TV’s Night Court). Winner of three Emmy Awards including Best Actor and Teleplay (Patrick J. Nolan and Michael Mann) and Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Drama or Comedy Special.

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Historian Lee Gambin | Trailer (No audio)

Prefontaine (1997)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 3, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $19.95
DVD SRP: $11.95

Drama/Biography | 106 min | PG-13 | Color

Director: Steve James
Starring: Jared Leto, Ed O’Neill, R. Lee Ermey, Lindsay Crouse, Breckin Meyer, Amy Locane, Kurtwood Smith

Synopsis: He beat the odds… and became a legend! Inspirational and entertaining, Prefontaine is another acclaimed success from the makers of Hoop Dreams. It’s the true-life story of legendary track star Steve Prefontaine (Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club), the exciting and sometimes controversial “James Dean of Track,” whose spirit captured the heart of the nation. Cocky, charismatic, and tough, “Pre” was a running rebel who defied rules, pushed limits and smashed records, in an incredible against-all-odds quest for Olympic gold. The strong supporting cast includes R. Lee Ermey (The Siege of Firebase Gloria), Ed O’Neill (Disorganized Crime), Breckin Meyer (Road Trip), Lindsay Crouse (Iceman), Amy Locane (Cry-Baby) and Kurtwood Smith (RoboCop). The triumphs and heartbreaks of this unforgettable champion will have you riveted from beginning to end.

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Writer/Director Steve James | 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo | Original Theatrical Trailer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 10, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Adventure/Family | 168 min | NR | Color

Director: Norman Taurog
Starring: Tommy Kelly, Walter Brennan, May Robson, Jackie Moran, Margaret Hamilton, Victor Jory, Ann Gillis

Synopsis: This special edition includes both the original 91-minute cut and the 77-minute reissue! In this glorious adaptation of the Mark Twain classic, young Tom Sawyer (Tommy Kelly) is a big troublemaker. When he’s not tricking others into doing his work, he’s upsetting his aunt Polly (May Robson), or wooing his young love, Becky (Ann Gillis). But sometimes Tom’s mischief gets him in over his head, and when he and his pal, Huckleberry Finn (Jackie Moran), witness a murder, they take a vow of silence and head down the river on a raft. The whole town believes they’re dead, so when the boys return they’re in a world of trouble. Norman Taurog (Don’t Give Up the Ship) directed this David O. Selznick (Duel in the Sun) production featuring Walter Brennan (Dakota), Victor Jory (Canadian Pacific) and Margaret Hamilton (Driftwood).

Special Features: Includes both 90 minute cut and 77 minute 1954 reissue | Theatrical Trailer

A Bill of Divorcement (1932)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 10, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Drama/Romance | 70 min | NR | B&W

Director: George Cukor
Starring: John Barrymore, Katharine Hepburn, Billie Burke, David Manners, Henry Stephenson, Paul Cavanagh

Synopsis: David O. Selznick (Nothing Sacred) produced this witty romantic comedy starring screen legends John Barrymore (Topaze) and Katharine Hepburn (The Lion in Winter) in her screen debut. After fifteen years in a mental asylum, Hilary Fairfield (Barrymore) has suddenly regained his sanity, escaped from the institution and come home. But a few things have changed in his absence. For one, his strong-willed daughter Sydney (Hepburn) has grown up and is planning to marry. For another, his wife (Billie Burke, The Young in Heart) has divorced him and is planning to re-marry. It’s enough to drive a man crazy – or a woman, for that matter. Especially when Sydney learns it wasn’t “shell shock” that send her father to the asylum, as she’d been told, but family madness – and now she’s sure she’s inherited it. A mixture of comedy, pathos and farce is handled brilliantly by master director George Cukor (The Philadelphia Story).

Fire Birds (1990)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 10, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $19.95
DVD SRP: $11.95

Action/Adventure | 86 min | PG-13 | Color

Director: David Green
Starring: Nicholas Cage, Tommy Lee Jones, Sean Young, Dale Dye, Peter Onorati, Mary Ellen Trainor, J.A. Preston

Synopsis: Here’s one of the most exciting, nonstop action-adventure hits since Top Gun! When an international enemy turns to high-tech weaponry, the U.S. Army enlists the aid of the Apaches – America’s elite airborne task force specially trained for aerial assault! Flying the world’s most advanced attack helicopters, these hot-shot Fire Birds battle an evasive foe – hovering, diving and dodging death on dangerous secret missions inside hostile territory. Nicolas Cage (The Rock), Tommy Lee Jones (Blown Away) and Sean Young (Blade Runner) star in this explosive action-epic, full of aerial gunfights and combat acrobatics… audiences will be blown away by every thrilling second of Fire Birds! Directed by David Green (Buster).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Director David Green | 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo | Original Theatrical Trailer

One Good Cop (1991)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 10, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $19.95
DVD SRP: $11.95

Action/Crime | 114 min | R | Color

Director: Heywood Gould
Starring: Michael Keaton, Rene Russo, Anthony LaPaglia, Rachel Ticotin, Benjamin Bratt, Kevin Conway, Tony Plana

Synopsis: Michael Keaton (Batman) delivers a critically-acclaimed performance as Artie Lewis, an honest and dedicated police detective in this suspenseful, action-filled movie. Keaton becomes the legal guardian of three orphaned girls when his partner is killed in a drug raid. During his investigation of the vicious drug ring responsible, Keaton finds his life – and his family’s life – on the line. He’s determined to protect them at all costs, and in a fiery climax, he learns what it takes to be One Good Cop. Written and directed by veteran screenwriter Heywood Gould (Rolling Thunder, Fort Apache the Bronx) and featuring a stellar cast that includes Rene Russo (Big Trouble), Anthony LaPaglia (Betsy’s Wedding), Kevin Conway (F.I.S.T.), Rachel Ticotin (Total Recall), Tony Plana (¡Three Amigos!) and Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Director Heywood Gould, moderated by filmmaker Heather Buckley | 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo | Original Theatrical Trailer

Irma La Douce (1963)
Brand new HD master from a 4K scan of the original camera negative!
Blu-ray Street Date: July 17, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95

Comedy | 143 min | NR | Color

Director: Billy Wilder
Starring: Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Lou Jacobi, Herschel Bernardi, Hope Holiday, Tura Satana, Bill Bixby

Synopsis: The stars and director of The Apartment reunite in the bawdy, charming and romantic farce about a French policeman (Jack Lemmon, Avanti!) who falls in love with a prostitute (Shirley MacLaine, What a Way to Go!). Meet Nestor (Lemmon), a young man with a very complicated love life. To keep his beloved, the proud and profitable lady of the streets Irma la Douce (MacLaine), off the streets, he disguises himself as Lord X, who immediately becomes Irma’s sole client and means of support. But what’s a jealous boyfriend to do when the illustrious Irma claims that the man she’s really in love with is not the smitten Nestor, but the dotty old Lord himself? The wonderful character actors Lou Jacobi (Cotton Comes to Harlem) and Herschel Bernardi (Love with the Proper Stranger) co-star in this classic comedy co-written and directed by the great Billy Wilder (One, Two, Three). André Previn (Elmer Gantry) won an Oscar for his rousing score. The film also received Oscar nominations for Best Actress in a leading role (MacLaine) and Best Cinematography, Color (Joseph LaShelle, Marty).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Historian Joseph McBride, author of How Did Lubitsch Do It? | Audio Commentary by Film Historian Kat Ellinger | Original Theatrical Trailer

Frank McKlusky, C.I. (2002)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 17, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $14.95
DVD SRP: $11.95

Comedy/Slapstick | 86 min | PG-13 | Color

Director: Arlene Sanford
Starring: Dave Sheridan, Dolly Parton, Randy Quaid, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Pollak, Cameron Richardson, Andy Richter, Kevin Farley, Enrico Colantoni, George Lopez, Adam Carolla, Molly Sims, Lou Ferrigno, R. Lee Ermey, Chad Everett, Scott Baio, Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis

Synopsis: In the tradition of the Inspector Clouseau films – comedian Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie) stars as a clumsy insurance claims investigator who goes undercover to expose a conspiracy. Frank McKlusky (Sheridan) is a risk-avoiding adult who lives with his parents and always wears protective gear. After an insurance fraud wipes out the family finances and he suspiciously loses his partner on the job, Frank becomes a master of disguise and take on a sexy new partner to bust up the biggest insurance scam going. The wonderful cast includes Randy Quaid, Dolly Parton, Cameron Richardson, Tracy Morgan, Andy Richter, Kevin Farley, Kevin Pollak, Enrico Colantoni, George Lopez, Adam Carolla, Molly Sims, Lou Ferrigno, R. Lee Ermey, Chad Everett, Scott Baio, Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis and wrestling legend Chyna.

Special Features: Original Theatrical Trailer

The Associate (1996)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 17, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $14.95
DVD SRP: $11.95

Comedy | 114 min | PG-13 | Color

Director: Donald Petrie
Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, Dianne Wiest, Eli Wallach, Bebe Neuwirth, Tim Daly, Austin Pendleton, Lainie Kazan

Synopsis: Whoopi Goldberg (Sister Act) handles business her own way in this outrageous comedy hit! Whoopi plays a fast-track executive who starts her own company after a backstabbing co-worker nabs her promotion. But when she’s locked out of the stuffy corporate world, she invents a dazzling male business partner to sell her ideas! Her wacky plan soon spins wildly out of control, however, and when her bogus “associate” becomes Wall Street’s hottest financial whiz, Whoopi herself must now impersonate him. Donald Petrie (The Favor) directed this hilarious comedy co-starring Dianne Wiest (Parenthood), Eli Wallach (Tough Guys), Tim Daly (Spellbinder), Bebe Neuwirth (Malice), Austin Pendleton (Two Much) and Lainie Kazan (The Crew).

Special Features: Original Theatrical Trailer

I Walk Alone (1947)

Brand New HD Master – From a 4K Scan of the 35mm Safety Dupe Negative by Paramount Pictures Archive!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 24, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Film Noir/Crime/Thriller | 97 min | NR | B&W

Director: Byron Haskin
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Lizabeth Scott, Wendell Corey, Mike Mazurki, Marc Lawrence

Synopsis: Byron Haskin (The War of the Worlds, Too Late for Tears) directed this classic film noir about two bootleggers on the lam. Partners Frankie (Burt Lancaster, Elmer Gantry) and Noll (Kirk Douglas, The Devil’s Disciple) split up to evade capture by the police. Frankie is caught and jailed, but Noll manages to escape and open a posh New York City nightclub. Years later Frankie is released from the clink and visits Noll with the intention of collecting his half of the nightclub’s profits. But Noll, who has no intention of being so equitable, uses his ex-girlfriend Kay (Lizabeth Scott, Pitfall) to divert Frankie from his intended goal. Co-starring Wendell Corey (Desert Fury) and legendary noir baddies Marc Lawrence (The Asphalt Jungle) and Mike Mazurki (Murder, My Sweet).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Historian Troy Howarth

A Strange Adventure (1956)
Brand New HD Master – From a 4K Scan of the 35mm Original Negative by Paramount Pictures Archive!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 24, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $24.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Film Noir/Crime/Thriller | 70 min | NR | Color

Director: William Witney
Starring: Ben Cooper, Joan Evans, Marla English, Nick Adams, Jan Merlin

Synopsis: Legendary serial and western director William Witney (Sunset in the West, Daredevils of the Red Circle) directed this film noir about a trio of armored-car robbers who make their getaway by forcing a young hot-rodder (Ben Cooper, The Last Command) to be their driver. The vicious criminals take over a mountain cabin for a hideout after overpowering its occupants. The suspenseful crime drama co-stars Joan Evans (No Name on the Bullet), Marla English (Voodoo Woman), Jan Merlin (Cole Younger, Gunfighter) and Nick Adams (Invasion of Astro-Monster). Beautifully shot in black-and-white by Bud Thackery (Coogan’s Bluff).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Historian Toby Roan and Jay Dee Whitney
Tiger by the Tail (1970)

Brand New HD Master – From a 4K Scan of the 35mm Original Negative and Interpositive by Paramount Pictures Archive!
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 24, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $29.95
DVD SRP: $19.95

Crime/Thriller | 99 min | NR | Color

Director: R.G. Springsteen
Starring: Christopher George, Tippi Hedren, Dean Jagger, Charo, R.G. Armstrong, Lloyd Bochner, Skip Homeier, John Dehner, Alan Hale Jr, Dennis Patrick

Synopsis: The final directorial effort by veteran filmmaker R.G. Springsteen (Singing Guns). A Vietnam War veteran (Christopher George, The Devil’s 8) returns home to restore his relationship with his estranged brother (Dennis Patrick, TV’s Dark Shadows), a principal shareholder of a California racetrack. Upon arrival, he discovers that his brother has been murdered during a robbery. After being framed for his brother’s murder, he looks up his old flame (Tippi Hedren, The Birds) to assist him in solving the robbery and murder. The ex-lovers are now caught in the callous greed of corrupt and vicious shareholders responsible for the cover-up and his brother’s murder. The stellar cast includes Dean Jagger (Rawhide), Lloyd Bochner (Point Blank), Skip Homeier (The Gunfighter), R.G. Armstrong (White Lightning), John Dehner (Support Your Local Gunfighter), Alan Hale Jr. (TV’s Gilligan’s Island) and introducing Charo (TV’s Chico and the Man).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Historians Howard S. Berger and Nathaniel Thompson

Mr. Destiny (1990)
Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 31, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $19.95
DVD SRP: $11.95

Comedy/Drama/Fantasy/Romance | 110 min | PG-13 | Color

Director: James Orr
Starring: James Belushi, Michael Caine, Linda Hamilton, Jon Lovitz, Jon Lovitz, Hart Bochner, Courtney Cox

Synopsis: Imagine if one day, out of the blue, your wildest dreams came true. That’s exactly what happens to junior executive Larry Burrows (James Belushi, Taking Care of Business) when he bumps into a mysterious stranger (Michael Caine, The Whistle Blower). Instantly, Larry’s ho-hum life becomes his ultimate fantasy – huge mansion, beautiful wife, cars galore. But before long, his new lifestyle isn’t so enchanting. Ultimately, Larry discovers it’s going to take a lot more than wishful thinking to get back to where he once belonged. Mr. Destiny is a delightful old-fashioned rags-to-riches comedy brimming with totally magical entertainment. James Orr (3 Men and a Baby) co-wrote, produced and directed this romantic comedy-fantasy, featuring Linda Hamilton (The Terminator, Terminator 2), Jon Lovitz (Happiness), Hart Bochner (Die Hard), Rene Russo (Big Trouble) and Courtney Cox (TV’s Friends).

Special Features: Audio Commentary with Star James Belushi and Director James Orr | Original Theatrical Trailer

Taking Care of Business (1990)

Blu-ray and DVD Street Date: July 31, 2018
Blu-ray SRP: $19.95
DVD SRP: $11.95

Comedy | 108 min | R | Color

Director: Arthur Hiller
Starring: James Belushi, Charles Grodin, Hector Elizondo, Veronica Hamel, Mako, Loryn Locklin

Synopsis: James Belushi (Mr. Destiny) is Jimmy Dworski, a happy-go-lucky convict who breaks out of prison and finally gets a life — somebody else’s. When Dworski finds the daily planner book that literally runs the life of ultra-organized executive Spencer Barnes (Charles Grodin, The Couch Trip), all hell breaks loose. With newfound cash, credit cards, and the keys to a Malibu mansion, the imposter Dworski embarks on an all-expense-paid trip to “Easy Street” while posing as the high-powered Barnes. Meanwhile, Spencer’s life is turned upside down as he hunts through the jungles of Los Angeles for his beloved book. When these oddball opposites finally meet, it’s a comedic collision you won’t soon forget. Arthur Hiller (The In-Laws, The Hospital) directed this screwball comedy written by Jill Mazursky (Gone Fishin’) and J.J. Abrams (Super 8) and featuring Loryn Locklin (Fortress), Hector Elizondo (Young Doctors in Love), Veronica Hamel (Cannonball!) and Mako (An Eye for an Eye).

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Screenwriter Jill Mazursky, moderated by Filmmaker Douglas Hosdale | Original Theatrical Trailer


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