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DVD Brief: Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy

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Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy
Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy

Paramount Home Video
98 minutes
Widescreen 2.35:1
Enhanced for 16 x 9
Dolby Digital mono
Interactive menus
Languages: English, French
Extras: Theatrical trailer
Suggested retail price: $29.99
Director: Roger Vadim
Writer: Terry Southern
Cast: Jane Fonda, John Phillip Law, Marcel Marceau, David Hemmings, Ugo Tognazzi, Anita Pallenberg

Description: Before she was a political activist against the war in Vietnam, before her days as an exercise guru, before her days as dutiful wife to media mogul Ted turner, Jane Fonda was a futuristic sex kitten. In this big screen adaptation of Jean-Claude Forest's French cult comic strip of the mid-1960s, Fonda (married at the time to director Vadim) slinks around as Barbarella, a Five-Star Double-Rated Astronauticatrix sent by the Earth's president to ferret out a missing scientist (named Duran Duran) who has developed a new positronic ray gun that threatens the "loving union of the universe." In order to track him down, Barbarella must journey to a decadent city and fight off animated dolls, leather robots, a wicked Black Queen, and all sorts of men who desire her. There's even a blind angel who comes to her aid. Fonda appears in various costumes and states of undress -- the film's opening has her do a weightless space-suit striptease -- set against flashy fur, leather and chrome psychedelic sets. It's all fun and games and soft-core sex -- it was campy in 1968 and it's campy now.

Image:A very fine transfer, with true renditions of the heaps of flesh, metal and fur that predominate the action in the film.

Sound:With a mono soundtrack, don't expect earth shaking music or sound effects. The score (part rock, part-pop, part-pseudo-electronic, part orchestral noodlings popular in the period) stays behind the action.

All DVDs are screened on a reference Onkyo DV- S717 third-generation DVD player.

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