"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Nov 152016
Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Time and Travels

TIME AFTER TIME (1979) on Blu-ray with New 2016 1080p HD. Remaster When novelist and screenwriter Nicholas Meyer borrowed a page from the Preston Sturges' playbook to parley a pulse-pounding premise into his directorial debut, an instant Sci-Fi Romance Crime Social Satire classic was born. The streets of London in 1893 are under siege by … More

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Nov 142016
Warner Archive Collection New Releases: The Goodbye Girl!

THE GOODBYE GIRL (1977) New 2016 1080p HD Remaster. Neil Simon pens an acerbic Valentine for then wife Marsha Mason and hands a young Richard Dreyfus a breakout career-defining role in this wise and witty romance for grown-ups. Up-and-coming Chicago thespian Elliot Garfield (Dreyfus) lands the lead in a decidedly off  off-off Broadway production of … More

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Nov 032016
Warner Archive Collection New Releases Nov. 1: 'Doc Savage'

DOC SAVAGE (1975) on Blu-ray with a New 2016 1080p HD Remaster Michael Anderson (Around the World in 80 Days, Logan's Run) directs the great George Pal's final production, an adaptation of the first adventure of Lester Dent's seminal pulp hero. Trained to the peak of physical and mental perfection, Dr. Clark Savage, Jr. (Ron … More

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Oct 182016
Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Wheeler, Woolsey & The Pod People

BODY SNATCHERS (1993) on Blu-ray. Arthouse maverick Abel Ferrara trains his indie eye upon Jack Finney's always relevant masterpiece of paranoia for this third go-round with the pod people in this 1990s' take on The Invasion of The Body Snatchers. Eschewing the previous installments focus on suburban commie conformity and new age urban thought blight, … More

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Oct 062016
Warner Archive Collection New Releases:  On Dangerous Ground

ON DANGEROUS GROUND (1951) on Blu-ray Nicholas Ray's fervid Film Noir classic gets a new chiaroscuro contract on life thanks to this scintillating 2016 4k master created from the original camera negative. And while our eyes can feast on the visionary camerawork from Ray and director of photography George E. Diskant (They Live By Night, … More

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Sep 272016
Warner Archive Collection New Releases:  Midnight With The Originals

MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL (1997) on Blu-ray Director Clint Eastwood serves up Savannah in style with one of his most confident, accomplished and elegiac offerings. Based on the non-fiction book phenomenon by John Berendt, the narrative revolves around the murder trial of local Savannah socialite Jim Williams (Kevin Spacey) and Williams … More

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Aug 092016
Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Hanging With Maggie the Cat

CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1958) on Blu-ray Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman scorch the screen to cinders with this adaptation of Pulitzer prize-winning Tennessee Williams' play despite the then-enforced production codes squeamishness. And if the exact nature of Brick’s difficulties with desire remain a tad more opaque on the big screen, the two … More

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Jul 282016
Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Vengeance in Blu

THE DEADLY TRACKERS (1973) on Blu-ray Richard Harris takes on Rod Taylor in this tale of a peace-loving Irish-American sheriff turned vengeance crazed killer. A band of outlaws, consisting of Frank Brand (Rod Taylor), Choo Choo (Neville Brand), Schoolboy (William Smith) and Jacob (Paul Benjamin), ride into town and rob the bank. As Sheriff Kilpatrick … More

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